Putin’s Invitation for Sudan’s al-Bashir Coincided ICTY Trial of Balkan Butcher Mladic

Putin’s Invitation for Sudan’s al-Bashir Coincided ICTY Trial of Balkan Butcher Mladic  
By Mahmoud A. Suleiman

On Wednesday 22 November 2017, the Court sentenced the Bosnian Serb General Ratko Mladic to life imprisonment and convicted of involvement in genocide and other crimes during the Bosnian war. The verdict came after 20 years of the war that tore apart former Yugoslavia. The international judiciary finally handed down its verdict on the former military commander of the Bosnian Serbs known as the “Balkan butcher”, in a move that will turn a page of conflicts in that region. The war during the period 1992-1995 had left more than 100,000 people dead and displaced 2.2 million people. The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) has handed a life sentence to Ratko Mladic, who is accused of being the “mastermind behind the deaths of thousands of people” and on charges of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. 

On the other hand, the likes of Ratko Mladic of criminals such as Marshal Omer Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir of Sudan has been indicted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) at The Hague, the Netherlands, for crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide he has committed in the region of Darfur and remains fugitive from the international justice since 2009.

At this window of opportunity and In this context, I write about the trial of the Balkan butcher, Ratko Mladic, after 20 years later to add my voice, saying that the legitimate rights will neither go unheeded through longevity nor fall off by the passage of age of time and that justice will take its course no matter how long it takes and to say woe to those who committed the heinous crimes in Darfur and are still at large carrying the blood of the victims and survivors of the wars of attrition waged by Omer Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir and his oppressive National Congress Party (NCP) regime.

Russian President Vladimir Putin received the genocidal criminal Omer Hassan Ahmed Bashir in Moscow on Thursday 23 November 2017, one day after the sentence to life impoundment of the Balkan butcher Ratko Mladic at The Hague. Worse is that Russia is a Permanent Member of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and one of the Big FIVE who Monopolise the Right of the Mighty VETO which by Just raising the Index Finger and say either (Yes which in Russian is да Or No which in Russian is Нет) and the Resolution would become accepted or becomes null and void respectively! The Sudanese citizens in Darfur will shout “Shame on you the Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, former KGB counterintelligence Officer for your betrayal of the souls of the 300000 victims. It seems we live today in a world where interests prevail over all human values ​​and double standards are the Principles which determine the international politics. The unethical, inhumane ” the Doctrine of End Justifies the Means” attributed to Niccolò Machiavelli seem to have been driving the decisions of politician to the extent that a head of state like Russia receives a person who is indicted with 5 counts of crimes against humanity, 2 counts of war crimes and 3 counts of genocide against civilian Sudanese citizens in the Darfur region since 2009. Accordingly, what Putin has done by embracing the Génocidaire Omer Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir at the Kremlin, the former home of the Great Union, of the Soviet Socialist Republics, abbreviated USSR, is nothing but a travesty of international justice at the extreme. It is high time for the world to live to its pledges and slogans of NEVER AGAIN.

The “RT” Channel reported that the Sudanese President Omer al-Bashir said before his visit to Moscow, in an interview: “This visit will be a qualitative leap in the relations between Sudan and Russia.” Moreover, Bashir has added and said that Sudan highly valued the Russian role in the United Nations (UN) and in the Security Council (UNSC), stressing that this role saved Sudan from conspiracies. Omer al-Bashir to explain that his visit will be a new start in all areas which include economic and military pointing out that, despite the failure of the supply of Russian weapons in recent years for political reasons, but the weapon of the Sudanese army as a whole are Soviet and Russian made. Sudan has reached an agreement with the Russian Defense Ministry on assistance in upgrading its armed forces, President Omar al-Bashir said at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday in Sochi. Sudan finds the situation in the Red Sea worrisome, al-Bashir said, adding that “US interference in these affairs is also a problem,” TASS reports. The Sudanese president said that US intervention was “to blame for Sudan’s split” into two states. “As a result we need protection from aggressive actions by the US. We believe that what is happening in Syria now is an effect of US interference. https://www.rt.com/newsline/410775-sudan-protection-us-russia/

Sudanese President Omer al-Bashir said during a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the city of Sochi that his country’s position was consistent with Russia’s position on the Syrian issue. “Our positions in Syria are identical and we believe that peace is not possible without Assad,” Bashir said during a meeting with Putin. Bashir said in his speech that “what is happening in Syria is the result of American intervention there. “Source: RT quoted by the Sudanese electronic journal Sudanile.


It was surprisingly learnt that one of the outcomes of Bashir visit to Russia is that Russia will significantly increase its grains exports to Sudan, President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday during negotiations between the Russian Government and Sudan’s President Omer al-Bashir, according to the Russian Ministry of Agriculture. “By the end of this marketing year Russia will export to Sudan up to 1 million MT of grains,” Putin was quoted as saying. At the moment the main commodity exported to Sudan from Russia is wheat. The countries plan to increase wheat exports, as well as those of corn and barley. At the moment Sudan is one of the 10 biggest importers of Russian grains. In the 2017-18 marketing year Sudan imported around 635,000 MT of grains as of this Tuesday, up 282,000 MT in comparison with the 2016-17 marketing year.

Source:–Sofia Likhacheva, sofia.Likhacheva@spglobal.com


Worse is the news that the Sudanese President Omer al-Bashir has been reported asking the Russian Putin for ‘protection’ from ‘aggressive’ US! The genocidal criminal Omer al-Bashir began to flatter in a humiliating manner when addressing his new master of grace, the President of the Republic of Russia, Vladimir Putin, in naive words in which he seeks protection from the United States of America (USA). In doing so, Omer al-Bashir as if he forgot that he is the head of state of Sudan at the moment when he was humbly begging Putin for help. What was surprising was that his entourage kept silent while Bashir was braying out his Expressions of praise and reverence for Putin. Omar al-Bashir’s delegation members accompanying him seemed as if they did not believe that the opportunity was given to them to meet a head of state such as Russia, which was once the Muslim Brotherhood Movement (MBM) in Khartoum in the 1990s saying in their slogans that the end and demise for Russia has arrived with condemnation. Apparently, they were not imagining that they were guests of Russia meeting with Putin in the Black Sea resort of Sochi! Bashir continued his praise for Putin but accusing the United States (US) of fomenting the conflict in Sudan and added saying: “We Need Protection from the U.S. aggressive Actions.’’! Bashir here seemed to have turned a blind eye to the services of the Administration of the New US President Donald Trump, who lifted the economic and trade sanctions imposed on Sudan since 1997 by former President Bill Clinton. 

The people of Sudan are facing a farce era of governance led by a miserable president who Lacks wisdom and knowledge of politics and the foundations of global diplomacy. The Sudanese people deserve to be governed by a fair and respected president from the countries of the world. Unfortunately, Omer al-Bashir remains a scandalous symbol of embarrassment for the people of Sudan in front of the eyes of all the peoples of the civilised world.

It seems clear that the timing of Omer al-Bashir’s visit to Russia coincides with the sentencing to life imprisonment of the Balkan butcher Ratko Mladic where there is a symbol meaning for what Bashir expects on one day a similar verdict by the Judges of the International Criminal Court (ICC) at The Hague in the Netherlands. However, the outcome of the Trial of Ratko Mladic restores hope to the victims and survivors of Omer Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir’s crimes against the Sudanese civilian citizens in the region of Darfur. Sadly, those Crimes are still ongoing in Internally Displaced Persons Camps (IDPs) by the notorious Janjaweed militias which have been cloned to become the so-called Rapid Support Forces (RSF), mercenaries and army of Omar al-Bashir since the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued an order to arrest Omer al-Bashir in 2009. Omer al-Bashir considers the IDP camps symbolise the crimes committed by him and his entourage as evidence and testimony before international justice. Furthermore, Omer al-Bashir has launched a campaign to collect arms from the citizens of Darfur as an excuse and a pretext to evacuate the internally displaced camps (IDPs) such as Kalma Camp, Zamzam camp and other camps spread across the wide swaths of the Five States in the war-torn region of Darfur in Western part of Sudan. A campaign to collect weapons and emptying the internally displaced persons’ (IDPs) camps in Darfur in a timely concurrent manner to prepare for the concealment of the heinous crimes of Omer al-Bashir against the people of Darfur.

Thus, the first warrant for arrest for Omer Hassan Ahmad Al Bashir was issued on 4 March 2009, the second on 12 July 2010. The suspect is still at large. The case was transferred to the seat of the Court in The Hague; the case will remain in the Pre-Trial stage. 

 Pre-Trial Chamber I found that there are reasonable grounds to believe that Omar Al Bashir acted with specific intent to destroy in part the Fur, Masalit and Zaghawa ethnic groups.


The United Nations Security Council (UNSC), whose Five Veto Wielding Permanent Members include the Russian Federation headed by Vladimir Putin, who welcomed the fugitive criminal of international justice Omer Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir on Thursday November 23, 2017, without feeling the political responsibility or embarrassment and the humanitarian responsibility of the lives of 300,000 victims in Darfur; Illustrates that the Personal Interests of the individual (UNSC) Members conflict with the human values ​​enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations. The Charter of the United Nations (UN) was signed on 26 June 1945, in San Francisco, at the conclusion of the United Nations Conference on International Organization, and came into force on Wednesday 24 October 1945.


Oscar Levant the American pianist, composer, author, comedian, and actor has been quoted as saying 😦 A politician is a man who will double cross that bridge when he comes to it.    http://www.wiseoldsayings.com/double-standard-quotes/
Dr. Mahmoud A. Suleiman is an author, columnist and a blogger. His blog is https://thussudan.wordpress.com/


ذكرياتي عن ثورة ٢١ أكتوبر1964المجيدة الشعبية السودانية


ذكرياتي عن ثورة ٢١ أكتوبر1964المجيدة الشعبية السودانية

My memories of the October 21 1964 Glorious Sudanese Revolution

بقلم محمود أبكر سليمان


السبت 21 أكتوبر 2017 يصادف الذكرى ال 53 لثورة أكتوبر المجيدة في السودان بنعوتها المتعددة والتي أطلق عليها (ثورة

أكتوبر المجيدة)، و(أكتوبر الأخضر) وتغنى لها الفنانون بأناشيد منه

” هبت الخرطوم فى جنح الدجى ضمدت بالعزم هاتيك الجراح

وقفت للفجر حتى طلعا مشرق الجبهة مخضوب الجناح

والتقينا في طريق الجامعة مشهداً يا موطني ما اروعا “

كلمات الشاعر والسفير عبد المجيد حاج الامين غناء الفنان عبدالكريم الكابلى

وكما ألهمت شاعرنا الدبلوماسي “محمد المكي إبراهيم”، فكان ميلاد قصيدة (أكتوبر الأخضر) التي برع في تلحينها ومن ثم أدائها الموسيقار محمد عثمان وردي

باسمك الأخضر يا أكتوبر الأرضُ تغني

والحقول اشتعلت .. قمحاً ووعداً وتمنـي

والكنوز انفتحت .. في باطن الأرض تنادي

باسمك الشعب انتصر .. حائط السجن انكسر

والقيود انسدلت جدلة عـُرس في الأيادي

 وتغنى بها الفنان “محمد الأمين” ويقول مطلعها:

أكتوبر واحد وعشرين

يا صحو الشعب الجبار

يا لهب الثورة العملاقة

يا ملهم غضب الأحرار


و غيرها – وكما ألهمت الشعراء و كتاب أخر الذين كتبوا عنها كأمجد ثورة في تاريخ السودان الحديث ضد الدكتاتورية والاستبداد كما وصفها مفجروها أمثال الأستاذ الربيع حسن أحمد رئيس إتحاد طلاب جامعة الخرطوم الذى تولى مهمة رئاسة الاتحاد ضد نظام الجنرال الرئيس ابراهيم عبود بعد قوات الأمن إعتقلت جميع أعضاء اللجنة التنفيذية لإتحاد طلاب جامعة الخرطوم بما فيهم رئيس الإتحاد و أودعوا فى السجن. و فى هذه السانحة يمكننا أن نردد مقتبسين بيت شعر الشاعر الفذ و العنصرى المليئ بالسخط أبى الطيب المتنئ أحمد بن الحسين الذى قال يهجو كافورالإخشيدى بأهاجيه المرة الساخرة في يوم عرفة قبل مسيره من مصر بيوم واحد سنة خمسين وثلاثمئة متساءلاً: عيدٌ بأيّةِ حالٍ عُدتَ يا عيدُ, بمَا مَضَى أمْ بأمْرٍ فيكَ تجْديدُ؟ و إننى فى هذه السانحة لست فى وضع من يلوم ثورة أكتوبر المجيدة بأى حال من الأحوال و لكننى فى وضع من يتحسر و يلوم نفسه كفرد من شعب السودان حيث فشلنا كأجيال عبر تلك السنين حول تماسك بلدنا السودان الذى إنشطر الى دولتين فاشلتين جنوب و شمال بفعل النظام الدكتاتورى العسكرى الباطش الذى جاء عن طريق الانقلاب العسكرى و قوض الحكومة المنتخبة ديمقراطياً و ظل يحكم فجعل أهل السودان بين المطرقة والسندان ففصل الجزء الجنوبى من البلاد و أشعل الحروب الاستنذافية فى كل أنحاء ما تبقت من أرض السودان و ارتكب نظام حزب المؤتمر الوطنى جرائم ضد الانسانية و جرائم الحرب و جرائم الإبادة الجماعية فىإقليم دارفور و أصبح رئيسه مطلوباً للقبض عليه من قبل المحكمة الجنائية الدولية و هو معتبر هارباً من العدالة الدولية و ملفوظاً دولياً ليصبح أول رئيس دولة تقاضيه المحكمة الجنائية الدولية أثناء وجوده في السلطة. كما تم إشعال الحرب فى جنوب كردفان منطقة جبال النوبة ثم فى الانقسنا فى مناطق جنوب النيل الأزرق و قائمة الجرائم تطول ويضيق المجال لاحتوائها. و من المساخر المؤلمة أن النظام الذى يعرف بالإنقاذ و بأسمائه المتعددة الأخرى قد بدأ منذ الآن الإعداد لما تسمى إنتخابات عام 2020 و تحدث وزير الداخلية عن التصويت عبر الهاتف عن استخدام البطاقة الجديدة في انتخابات عام 2020 .. و أن بإمكان الناخب أن يدلي بصوته من منزله هاتفياً باستخدام رقم البطاقة عند التصويت! و هكذا ليستمبر النظام التعسفى من دون نهاية لضمان حماية رئيسها من قبضة المحكمة الجنائية الدولية و لصرف الانظار عن اخفاقاته و تغطية جرائمه المستمرة باستغلال الشائعات لالهاء الشعب بعيداً عن القضايا القضايا التي تهم الجمهور و للأسف أن المعارضة السياسية السودانية مدنية كانت أم مسلحة تظل منشقة متشاكسة فى تفاخر البعض منها حول من هو الأفضل ومن يمتلك الشرعية والقوة فيما جمهور شعب السودان يرزح تحت ويلات الحروب و الفقر و الامية و المرض و انعدام الأمن و السلام و فضلاً على هجرة الشباب الى أصقاع العالم تحت ظروف قاهرة عبر الصحراء الليبية أو عبر البحر الأبيض المتوسط ضحايا مافيا الاتجار بالبشر أو الغرق من على القوارب المطاطية. و مع هذا واجب على شعب السودان الا يتجاهل الشائعات التى يطلقها أجهزة أمن النظام فاقد الشرعية و المأزوم الآن بصراعات مراكز القوى و لكن على الرغم من ذلك كلنا أمل فى قوى التغييرو المقاومة الجادة فى العمل الجاد إلى زوال نظام الإبادة الجماعية هذا وإلى الأبد. 

بعد هذه الصورة القاتمة السابقة للحياة فىيما تبقى من السودان دعونا نتناول قصة ثورة أكتور 21 1964 المجيدة ثورة كل شعب السودان فى عيدها الثالث و الخمسين. 

ثورة اكتوبر ٢١ السودانية إندلعت عام ١٩٦٤ في عهد حكم الجنرال ابراهيم عبود العسكرية و كانت ثورة شعبية عارمة لا يمكن أن تدعي ملكيتها علي انفراد اي جهة محددة و لكن هنالك أسباب موضوعية و دوافع تزامنت و عجلت بقيامها.

من دون شك قد تناول الكثيرون من الكتاب موضوع ثورة اكتوبر من خلال زوايا متعددة ذاكرين الأسباب و ما لازمت الثورة من أحداث و التضحيات و فضلاً علي ذكر اسماء بعض الشخصيات و مؤسسات كانت لها حضور قبيل و أثناء الثورة و بعدها في تسلسل زمني تاريخي. و من أهم الأسباب المباشرة التي أدت الي إندلاع الثورة الشعبية السودانية في 21 أكتوبر ١٩٦٤ قضية جنوب السودان التي تفاقمت و ازدادت حدتها نتيجة إصرار حكومة الجنرال عبود حسمها عسكرياً و منع الجهود السياسية و أهمها ما كان يطلق عليها حوار المائدة المستديرة و فضلاً علي محاولات وزارة الداخلية منع الندوات السلمية حول قضية جنوب السودان عن طريق فرقة الشرطة الخاصة هذا بالإضافة الي السبب الاساسي الا و هو كراهية الشعب السوداني للنظام العسكري الشمولى القمعي الذي تسبب في الإطاحة في ١٧ نوفمبر ١٩٥٨ بالحكومة المنتخبة ديمقراطيا بعد إستقلال السودان من الحكم الاستعماري الثنائي.

أهم المبررات و الأسباب التى قادت الى اندلاع ثورة اكتور 21 المجيدة الشعبية السودانية حسب رأئى و قد كنت طالباً بكية الطب جامعة الخرطوم و مشاركاً فى كل مراحل الثورة:

أسباب عامة أو العوامل المهيئة لقيام الثورة Predisposing Factors 

1) يروز مشكلة جنوب السودان بصفة لافتة حيث قررت الحكومة طرد القساوسة الأوروبيين من الكنائس و استبدالهم بقساوسة جنوبيين و فضلاً على قرار تعريب المناهج الدراسة فى الجنوب

2) إزدياد تعسف الحكومة العسكرية فى وأد الحريات بحل الأحزاب السياسية و زج بعض قادتها السجون

3) سعى نظام عبود الى إلغاء إستقلالية جامعة الخرطوم و ضمها تحت إدارة وزراة المعارف و هنالك حدث مهم و هو مشاركة الرئيس إبراهيم عبود في حفل التخريج الذي أقامته جامعة الخرطوم لطلابها فما كان من الطلاب إلا وأن قاموا بهتافات ضد حكومة 17 نوفنبر 1958 فأحدثوا شغب الأمر الذى دمر الحدث بشكل جذرى. علماً أن إتحاد طلاب جامعة الخرطوم كان غير راض عن تعديل أحدثته إدارة الجامعة لإحدى بنود قانون الجامعة خاص بالإتحاد تحت مسمى البند التاسع فى النظام الأساسى Statute 9 و كان ذلك البند المشار إليه و الذى تريد إدارة الجامعة فرضهو تقول إن إتحاد طلاب جامعة الخرطوم ليس سياسياً و لا طائفياً.

4) الندوات حول مشكلة جنوب السودان وأول ندوة كانت فى قاعة إمتحانات جامعة الخرطوم و حضرها مجموعة من السياسيين و أساتذة الجامعة و على قائمتهم الدكتور حسن عبد الله الترابى فى يوم 30/ 9/ 1964م و كانت الخلاصة أن حل مشكلة الجنوب لن يتأتى إلا بحل مشكلة السودان الذي يحتاج الى الديمقراطية والحرية بزوال الحكم العسكرى الدكتاتورى.

أسباب مباشرة أو العوامل المعجلة لقيام الثورة Precipitating Factors 

1) قرار الحكومة منع قيام ندوة بمشاركة الأحزاب السياسية يدار إتحاد طلاب جامعة الخرطوم و لما تقدمت اللجنة التنفيذية للإتجاد بمذذكرة لوزرة الداخلية تم اعتقال أعضاء اللجنة التنفيذية لاتحاد طلاب جامعة الخرطوم كاملاً بقيادة حافظ الشيخ الزاكي فى يوم 10 /10/ 1964م

2) و لما كان طلاب الإتجاه الإسلامي – الإخوان المسلمين – لهم الأصوات الأعلى أسندت رئاسة اللجنة البديلة إلى الطالب بكلية القانون ربيع حسن أحمد. فقرر إتحاد الطلاب برئاسة ربيع حسن أحمد إقامة ندوة في دارر اتحاد طلاب جامعة الخرطوم مع عدم دعوة الأحزاب السياسية حرصاً على عدم تعرض قادتها الى الاعتقال وكانت الاتجاهات الممثلة في الندوة تشمل الأخوان المسلمين (الإتجاه الإسلامى) والجبهة الديمقراطية (الشيوعيون) والجبهة الاشتراكية واتجاهان آخران و طبعاً و الأهم جمهور طلاب جامعة الخرطوم من كل الكليات الوسط و الطرفية مثل شمبات و كلية الطب و كلية الصيدلة و لكن إدارة جامعة الخرطوم أغرقت ميادين اتحاد طلاب الجامعة بالماء الأمر الذى أدى إلى عدم إمكانية إقامة الندوة في دار الاتحاد محاولة لإلغاء الندوة بطريقتها الخاصة إلا أن إتحاد الطلاب برئيسه البديل ربيع حسن أحمد قرر تحويل موقع الندوة الى ميادين داخليات البركس وأقيمت الندوة الشهيرة فى ليلة الأربعاء 21 أكتوبر 1964 بين داخليتى كسلا و القاش وأول ما بدأ المتحدث الأول داهمت الشرطة ساحة الندوة و أمطرت الحضور بالقنابل المسيلة الدموع و الضرب الهراوات.

العوامل المساعدة Cofactors 

(1) إلتفاف الشعب السودانى فى كل قطاعاته و أطيافه السياسية حول مبادئ الحرية و الديمقراطية التى نادت بها ثورة أكتوبر المجيدة.

(2) من العوامل التي ساهمت في نجاح ثورة أكتوبر فى وقت مبكر أن نظام الجنرال إبراهيم عبود لم يكن متعطشاً للدماء مثل الأنظمة العسكرية العقائدية التي جاءت بعده. وتشمل الأنظمة الشائنة اثنين على وجه التحديد نظام 25 مايو 1969 بقيادة جعفر محمد نميري ونظام الجبهة الإسلامية القومية (حزب المؤتمر الوطني) بقيادة عمر حسن أحمد البشير منذ 30 يونيو 1989 حتى الآن.

و هكذا علي الرغم من استمرار القمع و التشديد علي الحريات العامة من قبل حكومة الجنرال عبود الا ان التحدي استمر بإقامة الندوات في نادي طلاب جامعة الخرطوم حيث تم تفريق الندوة و اعتقال اللجنة التنفيذية لاتحاد طلاب جامعة الخرطوم الذي كان يرأسها ة حافظ الشيخ الزاكى منذ العاشر من أكتوبر 1964 و عندئذ قرر الطلاب بإقامة ندوة تحدي موقعها داخليات الطلاب التي تسمي براكس و كان رئيس الاتحاد الربيع حسن أحمد و قد ألزمت لجنة الاتحاد جميع طلاب جامعة الخرطوم من جميع المجمعات السكنية حضور ندوة التحدي و تشمل التجمعات الوسط و شمبات و داخليات طلاب الطب و داخليات الطالبات و في نفس الوقت كان الشرطة الخاصة علي استعداد بمداهمة الندوة لأن مقر تلك الفرقة من الشرطة بالقرب من داخليات بركس.

و سرعان ما بدأت الندوة داهمت قوة من الشرطة مدججة بالسلاح و القنابل المسيلة للدموع لفض تجمع الطلاب و إيقاف استمرار الندوة فحدثت مواجهة حادة في شكل كر و فر بين مجموعات الطلاب و قوة الشرطة يتخللها غاز مسيلة الدموع و رمي الطلاب الشرطة بالحجارة. 

مساهمة الطالبات فى مواجهة الشرطة

كما ساهمت مجموعة من الطالبات علي الرغم من قلة عددهن في جامعة الخرطوم في تلك الحقبة و قد كانت الطالبات يرشن المكان بالماء مستعملين خراطيم الماء لتقليل اثر القنابل المسيلة للدموع علي الطلاب المتظاهرين ضد الشرطة.

إيواء الطالبات بداخلية مجمع كسلا

من خطط إتحاد طلاب جامعة الخرطوم عند ما داهمت قوة الشرطة ندوة ليلة ٢١ أكتوبر ١٩٦٤ إيواء الطالبات اللاتى اشتركن في الندوة في داخلية الطلاب التي تسمى مجمع كسلا في البراكس من اجل سلامتهن.

معركة الفر و الكر و القذف بالحجارة و قذف القنابل المسيلة للدموع

و استمرت معركة الكر و الفر و القذف بالحجارة و قنابل المسيلة للدموع حتي شعر الشرطة أنهم قد ارهقوا حيث قرر القاضي الذي كان برفقتهم و أمر بإطلاق النار لردع الطلاب و بالفعل وقفت مجموعة من الشرطة المدججين بالسلاح في طابور و أطلقوا النار و لكن الطلاب ظنوا إن الذخيرة كاذبة – فشتك – و لكن سرعان ما أصيب عدد من الطلاب بإصابات بالغة و كان من ضمن الطلاب الذين أصيبوا إصابة مميتة الشهيد أحمد القرشي طه. في تلك الليلة بجانب الشهيد القرشي أصيب إصابات بالغة بطلق ناري الطالب بابكر عبد الحفيظ من حي ود دورو بمدينة امدرمان و كما تم جرح الطالب خالد و عامل من عمال الجامعة و اسمه مبيور من ابناء جنوب السودان.

معركة الكر والفر بين الطلاب والشرطة استمرت حتى بعد منتصف الليل عندما انسحبت قوات الشرطة الخاصة وغادرت. وأعقب ذلك قرارتجمع الطلاب المشي على الأقدام إلى مستشفى الخرطوم التعليمي وقضاء بقية الليل في شارع المستشفى أمام المشرحة لحراسة جثمان الشهيد القرشي حتى لا يتم تهريبه من قبل السلطات الحكومية وإرساله إلى أسرة الشهيد أحمد القرشي في قريتهم التى تدعى آلقراصة في منطقة النيل الأبيض لتجنب احتمال الطلاب أخذ الجثمان كشرارة لاندلاع ثورة شعبية. كما تجدر الإشارة إلى حقيقة أن رجال الشرطة حاولوا تحريض و إقناع أسرة الشهيد وطلبوا منهم أن يحملوا الجثمان إلى القرية، وقالوا لهم ما معناه إن الطلاب غالباً سيتظاهرون فى الشوارع العامة حيث تكون العواقب غير معروفة للجثمان الذى ربما يلقى فى قارعة الطريق عند مداهمة الشرطة لهم ثم يهربوا! ولكن تمت طمأنة عم الشهيد وقيل له إنه سيكون هناك موكب منظم يشترك فيه اتحاد طلاب جامعة الخرطوم وكل الجامعات، بما في ذلك أساتذة الجامعات لتشييع جنازة الشهيد فاقتنعت أسرة الشهيد.

المثل الشعبي ييقول إن الشيئ بالشيئ يذكر و يؤدي إلى الشيء الآخر ذات الصلة. ففي هذا السياق، وأعتقد أنه من المناسب الإشارة إلى حقيقة أن الشهيد أحمد القرشي طه كان زميلاً لي في مدرسة الفاشر الثانوية. كل منا وزملاء آخرون قد نجحنا فى إمتحان الشهادة السودانية و الدخول فى كلية العلوم في جامعة الخرطوم.. و بعد أن أمضينا سنة واحدة بكلية العلوم و بعد الإمتحان النهائى بقى الشهيد أحمد القرشى في كلية العلوم بينما انتقلت أنا إلى كلية الطب بجامعة الخرطوم. و كثيراً ظل بعض الناس يتساءل عن هذه الحقيقة و يستفسرون عن كيفية إلتحاق الشهيد القرشي الذي أصله من منطقة النيل الأبيض ليصبح زميلاً لطلاب مدرسة الفاشر الثانوية في مديرية دارفور في غرب السودان.. والحقيقة هي أن والد الشهيد أحمد القرشى طه كان تاجرا فى مدينة الدلتج في جبال النوبة و لذلك درس في مدرسة دلنج الريفية الوسطي التابعة لمعهد تربية الدلنج و منها جلس لامتحان الشهادة للدخول للمدارس الثانوية فنجح و تم قبوله طالباً في مدرسة الفاشر الثانوية و بذلك أصبحنا زملاء دراسة في نفس الفصل ثم قضينا سنوات الدراسة الأربع معا و نجحنا في امتحان الشهادة السودانية لدخول جامعة الخرطوم و تم قبولنا في كلية العلوم..و تجدر الإشارة الى أن في العصر الذى أتحدث عنه، كان هناك عدد قليل جداً من المدارس الثانوية الحكومية في السودان. وكانت تعتبر كل تلك المدارس “اقومية “بالمعنى الحقيقي! و كانت المدارس الثانوية الحكومية حينئذ تشمل مدرسة الثانوية الفاشر في مديرية – دارفور و ا المدارس الثانوية الشقيقة الأخرى تشمل مدرسة خورطقت الثانوية في مديرية كردفان، و مدرسة حنتوب الثانوية في مديرية النيل الأزرق، و مدرسة وادي سيدنا الثانوية في مديرية الخرطوم ومدرسة بورسودان الثانوية في مديرية كسلا ومدرسة الخرطوم الثانوية في مديرية الخرطوم و كانت كل المدارس الثانوية الحكومية الرئيسية تعتبر قومية متاحة على قلتها لكل الناجحين من خريجي المدارس المتوسطة وفق التنافس الحر على دخولها مجاناً. أحمد القرشى طه كان معه مجموعة من الطلبة تنتمى أصولهم إلى منطقة جبال النوبة بصفة خاصة و مديرية كردفان بصفة عامة عند مجيئه الى مدرسة الفاشر الثانوية. و بذلك نقلوا معهم تراث جبال النوبة فى شكل أغانى و رقصات الكمبلة و المصارعة و ألعاب القوى كما تلقوا بالمقابل ثقافات اهل دارفور و حدث التعارف والانسجام و الوحدة القومية.

الطالب أحمد القرشى طه قد درس المرحلة الثانوية بمدرسة الفاشر الثانوية فى مديرية دارفور بغرب السودان.



صورة تذكارية أخذت لطلبة الصف الرابع بفصل أبوبكر فى مدرسة الفاشر الثانوية فى عام 1963 و يظهر فى الصورة الطالب أحمد القرشى طه و زملاؤه و ناظر المدرسة الأستاذ أحمد هاشم و مدرس اللغة الإنجليزية مستر رينويك و هو اسكتلندى بريطانى. 

ميدان عبد المنعم أو ميدان المولد

و عند صبيحة اليوم تم نقل جثمان الشهيد القرشي علي عربة الي ميدان المولد أو ميدان عبد المنعم الذي أصبح مقرا لما يسمي الآن نادي الأسرة في الخرطوم جنوب يتبعه جموع الطلاب في موكب حزين مهيب حيث وقف الحضور الكثيف في شكل دائري حول الميدان و نظراتهم متوجهة الي العربة التي تقل النعش. فتمت الصلاة علي جثمان الشهيد و قد أم صلاة الجنازة السيد الصادق صديق عبدالرحمن المهدي. و بعد الفراغ من الصلاة علي جثمان الشهيد القرشي بدأت مخاطبة الجمهور بساحة الميدان فابتدر الحديث الدكتور حسن عبدالله الترابي و في نهاية كلمته قال: (إنفضوا أيها الطلاب و سنقتص من القتلة )! و في الحال قاطعه رئيس إتحاد طلاب جامعة الخرطوم بالإنابة الطالب ربيع حسن أحمد لأن رئيس الإتحاد ما زال معتقلا مع طاقم اللجنة التنفيذية – قائلاً: ( لن نتفرق و نعلنها ثورة)! و عندئذ بدأت شرارة ثورة أكتوبر ٢١ الشعبية السودانية و اندلعت بمشاركة جمهور الطلاب و الحضور من مكونات الشعب السوداني متجهة صوب مركز مدينة الخرطوم حيث توجد الأسواق المختلفة السوق العربي و السوق الإفرنجي و مكاتب الدولة تتخلل المواكب الهتافات التي تندد بالطغمة العسكرية الدكتاتورية و تنادي بالحرية و الديمقراطية و زوال حكم العسكر و القصاص لأرواح الشهداء..

الأسطورة أن الشهيد قرشي كان متجهاً لحمام المساء عندما أطلقت الشرطة عليه النار

تضاربت الأقوال عن استشهاد القرشي أول شهداء ثورة أكتوبر، فمنهم من قال بأنه كان ذاهباً إلى استحمام مسائي حاملاً بشكيراً ومنهم من قال بأنه كان قريباً من الحمام وأصيب هناك فما هي الحقيقة؟

قصة أنه كان ذاهباً للحمام بحاملاً شكير غير صحيحة، لأن الوقت لم يكن وقت حمام، فهي مبالغة في الوصف، فهو أصيب بالقرب من الحمام ليس لأنه كان في الأصل هناك، ولكن عندما تفرق جموع الطلاب من الميدان و دخلوا وسط الداخليات، حيث توجد مباني مختلفة، والحمامات كانت أمام الداخليات وكانت هناك مطاردات، فتفرق الطلاب إلى مظاهرات فى مجموعات صغيرة ويبدو أنه في تلك المنطقة حاولت مجموعة من الشرطة أن تجعل الحدث حدثاً طبيعياً غير مقصود. – حسب تحليل ربيع حسن أحمد فى مقابلة مع صحيفة آخر لحظة على الرابطhttp://www.tawtheegonline.com/vb/showthread.php?t=41221 يقول البعض إنها كانت محاولة غير شريفة من بعض الحاقدين الغيورين الذين يريدون الا تكون شرف الشهادة للشهيد الأول لثورة اكتوبر المجيدة الشهيد احمد القرشى طه.

مساهمة طلاب المعهد الفنى فى الخرطوم إبان إندلاع ثورة أكتوبر

إنه جدير بالتنويه الي حقيقة أن لطلاب المعهد الفني في الخرطوم مساهمة و مشاركة مقدرة إبان إندلاع ثورة أكتوبر ٢١، ١٩٦٤ و لا سيما فعاليات الثورة أثناء و بعد تشييع جنازة الشهيد أحمد القرشي طه.

الي القصر حتى النصر

بعدما عمت مظاهرات الاحتجاج جميع أنحاء البلاد و المتزامنة مع تحرك جبهة الهيئآت و مكونات الأحزاب السياسية قرر الجنرال عبود حل المجلس الأعلي للقوات المسلحة و بقي هو رئيساً لإدارة شئؤن السودان. باتفاق مع القوي السياسية التي كانت تفاوضه نيابة عن الشعب. و لكن جموع الشعب لم تقبل بقاء عبود في السلطة و اعتبروه بمثابة رأس الحية يجب إستئصاله!

و استمرت المظاهرات الهادرة في مديرية الخرطوم و في باقي أنحاء السودان شارك فيها كل القطاعات الشعبية و في يوم الأربعاء ٢٨ أتوب ١٩٦٤ تحركت الجماهير من أمام نادي أساتذة جامعة الخرطوم بشارع الجامعة و اتجهت الي القصر الجمهوري للمطالبة بتنحي الجنرال ابراهيم عبود و حاشيته من العسكر يهتفون قائلين:(الي القصر حتي النصر) و حينما وصلت المظاهرة بالقرب من القصر الجمهوري أطلق الجيش الذي كان يرابط في مقدمة سور القصر اطلق النار الكثيف علي المتظاهرين فجرح أعداد كبيرة من المواطنين و توفي عدد من الشباب المشاركين في مقدمة المظاهرة فسقطوا في ما يسمي ساحة القصر حيث التقاء شارع القصر مع شارع الجامعة. و تم نقل للجرحي الي قسم حوادث مستشفي الخرطوم فيما نقلت جثامين الموتي الي مشرحة المستشفي.

ليلة المتاريس Night of barricades

و بعد تكوين حكومة ثورة اكتوبر و رئيس وزرائها سرالختم الخليفة الذي كان يعمل في وزارة التربية و التعليم و اشتملت الحكومة وزراء أعضاء في لجنة جبهة الهيئات النقابية و الاحزاب السياسية المعارضة راجت إشاعة بالليل عبر إذاعة الراديو أمدرمان علي لسان وزير الإعلام فاروق أبو عبسى بأن هنالك مؤامرة إمبريالية تحاك ضد مكتسات ثورة أكتوبر الشعبية بإنقلاب عسكري فخرجت الجماهير من كل أحياء مدن عاصمة السودان الخرطوم التي تشمل مدينة الخرطوم و امدرمان و الخرطوم بحري و ضواحيها و أقام المواطنون متاريس حول الكباري و الطرق المؤدية الي القصر الجمهوري و مباني مجلس الوزراء و كان مشهداً فريداً و استمر تلك المظاهرات طول الليل حتى صدر تصريح آخر يطمئن المواطنين أن الوضع تحت السيطرة فعادت جماهير الشعب الي منازلهم الا أن شوارع المدينة امتلأت بفروع الأشجار و غيرها من المتاريس.

و الي هنا أكتفي بهذه الذكريات التي إعتبرتها تكفي لإبراز أهم الأحداث التي لازمت ثورة أكتوبر ٢١ المجيدة الشعبية السودانية وأعتقد أن تلك الحقائق ستساعد الأجيال الجديدة الحالية و القادمة على فهم ثورة أكتوبر المجيدة مثل كيفية حدوثها وكيف كانت الوسائل و ما تلاها بعد ذلك من الأحداث السياسية التى تعد مسلسل ماراثوني ما لا نهاية له و هو التاريخ و ليس سوى تاريخ! ستبقى ثورة أكتوبر رمزاً للنضال من أجل الحرية والكرامة والديمقراطية ومفجرة لثورة الإبداع الوطني.

دكتور محمود أبكرسليمان هو مؤلف و كاتب أعمدة و مدون

و الرابط لمدونته كالآتىhttps://thussudan.wordpress.com/


Animosity of the Khartoum regime for America went with the wind by lifting Sanctions

Animosity of the Khartoum regime for America went with the wind by lifting SanctionsBy Mahmoud A. Suleiman

This article comes in the aftermath of the calming and fading away the heavy dust triggered by the event of lifting the decades long US economic and trade sanctions on Sudan on Friday, October 6, 2017. The purpose of the article is to explore these decisions and their immediate and future implications on the two countries. In this context, it is worth mentioning the statements of the charge d’affaires of the US embassy in Khartoum after the decision to lift the trade and economic sanctions on Sudan. The charge d’affaires of the US embassy in Khartoum was explicit in his statements that included his knowledge of the policies of the ruling regime of the National Congress Party (NCP) and its tendency to manipulate agreements and non-compliance with them. It goes without saying, everyone knows well through experience as to how deceptive the NCP/NIF were famous for reneging agreements signed with parties in disputes. On the other hand, the lifting of sanctions is not something for granted. In other words, there are still e remaining terms and conditions which the NCP regime needs to abide by. Implicitly it means the five tracks that stress Sudan’s commitment to UN resolutions on North Korea, fighting terrorism, working against the LRA, peace in the South Sudan, peace in Sudan, and the unfettered arrival of humanitarian relief and assistance to civilians in war zones. Despite this latest action, Sudan will remain on the US State Sponsors of Terrorism list. It also remains subject to separate United Nations Security Council (UNSC) sanctions related to its violent crackdown on opposition groups in Darfur, for which Sudan’s President, Omar al-Bashir, faces International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecution on charges of crimes against humanity, war crimes including genocide.

State Department Spokeswoman Heather Nauert said in a statement Friday. “Furthermore, the United States is prepared to use additional tools to apply pressure if the Government of Sudan regresses on progress to date in the five areas noted above or takes negative actions on other areas of concern. http://edition.cnn.com/2017/10/06/politics/us-to-lift-sanctions-sudan/index.html

Going forward, we’re going to engage the government of Sudan to ensure that there’s no regression on its positive actions to date,” the official said, “and secondly, to work for continued progress, both on the issues in the five track areas, and to advance additional administration priorities. “Any further normalization of ties will require continued progress by the Government of Sudan,” State Department Spokeswoman Heather Nauert said. Furthermore, the Democratic Representative of the US House of Representatives Jim McGovern said the decision to lift sanctions would “legitimizes the killings committed by the government of Sudan” and warned that “any setback will likely prompt Congress to re-impose sanctions.” US Republican McGovern Condemns Trump Sanctions Relief for Sudan. https://mcgovern.house.gov/news/documentsingle.aspx?DocumentID=397129

Thus, lifting sanctions is not just a gift without follow-up. Without a doubt, the follow-up will be accurate and cannot be circumvented and manipulated by the Khartoum regime as it used to do with the conventions. The lifting of the US sanctions is not a gift in the bowl of gold as they say. On the contrary, there is a high price to be paid to the Americans who expect it on an ongoing basis and under close scrutiny.

Washington said that some Sudanese officials are subject to separate sanctions. US officials said Sudan would remain on the US list of state sponsors of terrorism (with Iran and Syria), a situation that – according to Reuters – imposes a ban on arms sales and restrictions on US aid to it.

Prior to lifting the sanctions, President Trump exempted Sudan from the ban imposed on citizens from majority Muslim countries. The US Administration sources attributed the decision to drop Sudan from the ban to the country’s co-operation with the American government on national security and information-sharing, the Washington Post reported. Nevertheless, others have suggested the choice was in fact politically motivated. Ryan Grim, Washington bureau chief at The Intercept, wrote on Twitter: “Sudan getting dropped from the travel ban comes as the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been lobbying hard for them in DC in exchange for mercenary support in Yemen”.

Background of enmity of NIF for the US

During the summit of their arrogance in the 1990s, the Muslim Brotherhood movement, the Khartoum branch, which called itself the National Islamic Front, decided to declare enmity and hatred against the United States of America and carried out a hollow campaign of slogans saying that the destruction of America had come close and decided to harbor terrorist organizations, Jihad against the infidels, headed by America and was among the hosts of the National Islamic Front Osama bin Laden, the founders of Al Qaeda and Carlos the Jackal international terrorist the Venezuelan terrorist currently serving a life sentence in France for the 1975 murder of an informant for the French government and two French counter-intelligence agents. Furthermore, the war in southern Sudan was at its summit in the name of jihad against the infidels and the worse was still to come and that was when the National Islamic Front (NIF) elements were involved/ implicated in the explosions in the US embassies in Tanzania and Kenya, which made US President Bill Clinton to impose economic and trade sanctions on the Khartoum regime, as well President Clinton ordered missile strike that hit al-Shifa pharmaceutical plant in Khartoum in 1997.

The enmity of the National Islamic Front of the United States continued in the form of chanting slogans of arrogance, intransigence and dodging, without taking into account the consequences of their actions. They remained at the top of their screech, saying that America had condemned its torment and that it was under the shoes of Omar al-Bashir. Examples of their hollow arrogance that harmed the Sudan and its people and the misfortune of the Muslim Brotherhood movement are that their memory is weak and they do not take the lessons and lessons from their previous fatal mistakes and they commit the same mistakes over and over again as they are said to be like the French royal family who repeat the same mistakes as the history tells.

Now that the conditions of their economic regime have deteriorated due to corruption and failure in the administration of the Sudan, Omar al-Bashir and his entourage tried to please the United States by all means to lift the trade and economic sanctions. They offered Washington all sorts of concessions and gave America intelligence about their Islamic accomplices and all the terrorists. They presented all that the US administration wanted. The result was the announcement by Donald Trump to lift the sanctions on Sudan, which made the ruling National Congress Party (NCP) officials dance as if they had achieved whatever they wanted to achieve despite the limited benefits of lifting US sanctions. This is more so in the presence of the epidemic of corruption and the systematic chronic nepotism that remaining steadily developing in the joints of the State ruled by the genocidal criminal fugitive from the international justice of Omar Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir.

The lifting of US Sanctions on Sudan is not a magic stick to reduce the suffering of the Sudanese citizens


With the announcement of lifting US sanctions on Sudan, jokes, pranks and humorous anecdotes provoking laughter about the event emerged.

A satirical comic said that those who have been cheering and chanting for the lifting of sanctions on Sudan have been fasting for a decade but will break their fasting by a piece of an onion!

Another one made the following statement: Greetings to the jealous Sudanese citizen, who is keen and desirous of protecting his homeland’s security, dignity, sovereignty, history and cultural heritage. Furthermore, the sarcastic comments have come one after another in succession about the lifting of US sanctions on Sudan and over the unbridled rejoicing of members of the NCP ruling regime as follows:

• A popular tale from Darfur would apply to the position of the (NCP) regime from fierce Confrontation to total surrender and full submission. The popular story was said to have taken place under reign of the Sultan of Darfur, Sultan Ali Dinar. The story was about a thief who was caught red-handed steeling a sack of onions. Sultan Ali Dinar ordered the thief to choose one of three options: to eat all the onions or instead to endure one hundred lashes or to pay a fine of one hindered Dinars. The thief immediately opted for the eating of all the onions! He began eating but he soon gave up after just finishing eating four onions and requested to endure the one hundred lashes of whipping. However, after twenty floggings/ lashes and blood gushing from his wounds, he begged the executioners to stop the lashing ordeal and give him the last chance of paying the fine of one hundred dinars! Here an analogy could be drawn between the position of the onion thief and the elements in the National Congress Party (NCP) regime in their dealings with US sanctions and their overall positions against the American Administration and their current submission to orders and the harsh conditions America has demanded from the ruling regime of the (NCP)!

• Omar al-Bashir, during the height of his hostility and confrontation with the West said defiantly: (I would not be subject to America, Britain and France and all of them under his shoes)!

• One Sudanese said was not it logical for Omar al-Bashir and his entourage to surrender since 1997 to his American masters instead of entering the whole of Sudan into a losing battle against the countries of the world. Then he comes today scrambling and surrenders in subjugation and loss of Sudan’s economic and commercial investments in return for empty slogans after 20 lean years. Here, the tale of the onions thief applies to them right and the world is the best witness on it.

• When the Sudanese people were questioned in a public opinion survey about their views regarding lifting the US sanctions on Sudan one of the Sudanese citizens replied and said: Sanctions for me are such as the ritual tent of condolence, whether raised or not lifted in the end, the dead person will not return alive!

AS of the 1990s the NCP/NIF regime’s’ enmity for the United States of America (USA) and the Western countries that included Britain and France was at the height of the summit. Their slogans were calling for the destruction of America and chanted that America’s demise was imminent and their rule would include that country, America! All these slogans are now hollow without substance and went unheeded. Ironically, now they remain begging and jogging behind the gaining the satisfaction of America, which they considered to have been demised by all means.

The hostile chanting accompanied by flags written on them Slogans that America has come close to torment and demise. Furthermore, they chanted that the arrogance of America and the Great Satan in the streets of Khartoum. However, today the picture is quite different and there is no such a thing called singing or dancing. The elements of (NIF)/(NCP) regime surrendered to their once archenemy and they began praising US President Donald Trump!

The political project of political Islam and all the superstitions and empty words that almost nearly pierced and deafened the ears for 28 years should not fool the acumen of the Sudanese people again or continue playing the same game to mock at the simple people of the country. The people have known the truth the hard away and how much they have been betrayed and bamboozled for so long through exploiting the Islamic religion in order to mislead them. The poverty-stricken marginalised Sudanese people now have realised the hypocrisy and the corruption of the NIF/NCP regime hidden behind the mulberry leaf that they were covering has fell down apart and exposed everything hidden has been uncovered. And people would say that their supplications for the curse of Allah on the hypocrite liars who deceived the Sudanese public for decade in the name of Islam have responded to their calls and prayers. And then they were far from the teachings of the True Religion and marching with the accursed Satan.

The US Administration of the President Donald Trump in its attempt to converge and deal with the National Congress Party (NCP) regime in Khartoum by lifting the economic and trade sanctions on it recently under conditions, he seems as if he were betting on a losing horse. This is because the regime will not abide by the covenants and agreements. Moreover, the regime is callous and unrepentant. Worse, the elements in it do not take lessons from its mistakes. They continue committing the same crimes. Thus, soon after the lifting of the sanctions on Sudan, the regime had unleashed its security apparatus before the ink with which the Washington Executive Order (EO) had dried up. The infamous security apparatus, National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) has prevented travel the Sudanese political opposition leaders from travelling abroad to attend an important meeting to find ways and means to achieve just and sustainable peace in Sudan, a country ravaged by intransigent wars, poverty, cholera and the displacement of its citizens. Sudan’s National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) on Monday 9 of October 2017 prevented the deputy president of the opposition National Umma Party (NUP) Dr. Mariam al-Sadiq al-Mahdi from travelling to Paris to participate in the meetings of the rebel umbrella Sudan Revolutionary http://www.sudantribune.com/spip.php?article63714

That is in addition to continuing persecution of Christians in Sudan: the arrest of eight church leaders. The Security forces, (NISS) have arrested eight church leaders in recent weeks, according to the World Watch Monitor. The arrests included Mahjoub Abotrin, a senior leader of the Church of Christ of Sudan, who was arrested from his home in Omdurman on September 22, 2017. In August 2017, seven prominent church leaders, including Rev. Kuwa Shimal, Rev. Ayyub Matan, Abdul Bagi Ali Abdul Rahman, Amin Hassan Abdul Rasoul, Yacoub Naway and Moussa Kodi were arrested. Sudan under the rule of the (NCP) regime is the fifth of the countries that most persecuting Christians in the world, according to the 2017 Open Doors Index.



The writer Ahmed Witchi – ويتشي – wrote by the following remarks about the US lifting of the sanctions on Sudan: (Slowly and slowly, the irrational joy of the lifting of the sanctions imposed on the Bashir regime by the US administration will be dispelled in part. Many observers have written a pessimism about the situation and optimistic about improving the situation. Despite my wish for improvement in my country, nevertheless the facts of reality, my wishes, will remain mere velvet and they will not see the light, pessimism is the master of the situation)! http://www.sudanjem.com/

Non-fulfilment of covenants is inherent in the ruling regime of the (NCP) led by the genocidal criminal, fugitive from the international justice, indicted by the International Criminal Court (ICC), Omer Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir. A renunciation of agreements concluded with the parties remained over the decades inherent and a registered trademark with the descendants of the National Islamic Front (NIF) in Sudan.

Elwyn Brooks “E. B.” White the American writer, contributor to The New Yorker magazine and a co-author of the English language style guide The Elements of Style, which is commonly known as “Strunk & White”, has been quoted as saying: (There is nothing more likely to start disagreement among people or countries than an agreement).

Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/e/ebwhite117807.html?src=t_agreement

Dr. Mahmoud A. Suleiman is an author, columnist and a blogger. His blog is https://thussudan.wordpress.com/


Lifting the US Sanctions on Khartoum regime begs the Questionرفع العقوبات الأمريكية على نظام الخرطوم يطرح السؤال

Lifting the US Sanctions on Khartoum regime begs the Questionرفع العقوبات الأمريكية على نظام الخرطوم يطرح السؤال

Lifting the US Sanctions on Khartoum Needs Revisiting and Proper Evaluation

رفع العقوبات الأمريكية على الخرطوم يحتاج إلى إعادة النظر والتقييم السليم

By Mahmoud A. Suleiman

People of Sudan in Darfur call the lifting of the US sanctions on Khartoum regime to be accompanied by progress in the unfettered relief delivery to war-affected citizens and sustainable peace tracks.

  America is Moving fast and Heading towards Lifting Sanctions on Sudan. However, opposition to that remains widespread. Sudanese activists in the United States of America called for a rally in front of the Capitol Hill, the seat of the legislature, the House of Representatives and the Senate, in Washington, DC on Thursday 14 November 2017, to protest the planned visit of the Sudanese Foreign Minister Ibrahim Ghandour to the US on Thursday and Friday to complete an agreement to lift US sanctions on the regime. The Protest organisers say they are protesting against the visit of a genocide engineer who has lost the lives of millions of Sudanese and destroyed their country. They also send a message to the US Administration and the Congress that they oppose lifting the sanctions unless human rights and peace in Sudan are guaranteed. The activists called for making the visit of Ibrahim Ghandour an opportunity to besiege Ghandour and reject normalization of relations with the Khartoum regime at the expense of peace and freedoms and the killing of Sudanese civilians in the war zones and the blood of the Darfuri University students who were spilled on the eve of Eid al-Adha.

Time is passing fast towards the fool’s day deadline 12 October 2017 set by the US administration of President Donald Trump for likely permanent lifting of the decades’ long trade and financial sanctions on the Khartoum regime. The preparation of the way for a permanent lifting of the US sanctions on the genocidal regime in Khartoum is racing fast despite the blatant continuation of the regime to deny access of humanitarian assistance to civilian population in the war affected zones in Darfur, Nuba Mountains, Ingessana in the Blue Nile territories, let alone its violation of seize fire. The regime has turned the entire Sudan into a tinderbox. Previous diplomatic efforts for the resolution of the chronic Sudanese crises were stymied by the NCP regime’s long track record of rights abuses, obduracy and intransigence. Bashir’s tendency to derogate and deride the parties in the dispute with arrogance based on nothing but mere stubborn stupidity, tyranny and oppression as cover up for his chronic frustration over his indictment by the International Criminal Court (ICC) and because of its chase of him.

It is just a few weeks before the US administration to determine its position on renewing the decision to lift the sanctions on the Sudanese regime headed by al-Bashir. It is not known exactly what the President Trump Administration will take in this regard, but the certain thing is that a resolution aimed at laundering the hands of al-Bashir from the crime of creating, sponsoring and caring for terrorists is nothing but a blatant ignorance of the New US Administration who is blindfolded to see the state of the continuing heinous crimes of the NCP regime. Moreover, the rosy picture of the ruling National Congress Party (NCP) regime conveyed by the former US Envoys inspired the imagination of international policymakers in Washington in the past during their handling of the Sudanese issue, so the current US Administration should not be bamboozled by the foregoing in its decision taking on October 2, 2017.

The (NCP) regime of Marshal Omer Hassan Ahmed Al-Bashir is being sought after by some quarters in America and the West to give him a patent of acquittal. Al-Bashir lacks competence in almost every field except for the suppression of public freedoms and his boring cat-and-mouse (Tom & Jerry Tales) like game with the International Criminal Court (ICC)! His failure to achieve peace and political stability is best illustrated by his ongoing proxy wars waged by the cloned Janjaweed militias –aka Rapid Support Forces (RSF) against the Sudanese civilian citizens and conflicts that strike throughout the country and his deliberate obstruction of peaceful efforts. Omar al-Bashir continues to commit all these crimes to enable him to stay in power in Sudan, protecting him from the grip of the (ICC) which has been chasing him since 2009.

It is clear and leaving no room for doubt that Omer al-Bashir and his gang are the main tools to implement carefully the externally devised plan aimed at destroying Sudan and plundering its capabilities. This conviction has been confirmed by the total destruction of the country and its people. The foregoing has to some extent reinforced by the rosy picture bestowed upon the regime sometimes through crony reporters. This behavior is no stranger to some envoys of international organizations, who tend to write lengthy reports to beautify the image of the Sudanese regime, which is so ugly in its treatment of the Sudanese people throughout the blood-stained lean years of its oppressive rule.

The Americans have recently visited the war-ravaged Darfur region as part of their assessment of the possibility of lifting the sanctions on Sudan as of October 12, 2017. The infamous Thabo Mbeki Committee has expressed its interest in resuming its talks with General Abdul Aziz al-Helu, who turned the table on the old leadership guard of the SPLM-North in the Nuba Mountains. However, perhaps the most important activity was the activity in which the Americans were involved. They started re-evaluating the situation in Sudan in preparation for a final decision within a month from now on lifting the sanctions on Sudan. For the purpose on a fact-finding mission to Sudan, Mr. Mark Green has visited the Darfur region, gave a look at the unhindered arrival of humanitarian assistance that the government promised to remove all the obstacles the Americans used to complain about. Mr. Mark Green monitored the development. The (NCP) regime allowed, for the first time in seven years for relief workers to access the Jebel Marra area, which the Government had barred from entering. Washington’s top aid official, Mark Green, visiting Sudan’s North Darfur state, stressed on Monday August 28, 2017 the importance of unfettered humanitarian access as a key demand for easing U.S. sanctions against the government of President Omar al-Bashir. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-aid-sudan/in-war-torn-darfur-new-u-s-aid-chief-stresses-need-for-humanitarian-access-idUSKCN1B825W

During this visit, the US high-level envoy stressed that the United States is willing to normalize its relations with Sudan and expects the Sudanese government to continue its efforts to remove obstacles to normalization, stressing that steps have been taken by the government to address the five issues agreed upon. Nevertheless, the envoy urged the government to expedite the removal of obstacles, stressing that the final decision on the lifting of sanctions is with the President of the United States and his Secretary of State Rex Wayne Tillerson. The US Administration needs to put into account Khartoum’s long history of backtrack on its commitments which remain, should President Trump opts for sanctions relief on the 12th October 2017. The National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) Draconian Oppressive laws against Public Freedoms in Sudan are continuing. The (NCP) regime affiliated Janjaweed militia; Rapid Support Forces (RSF) waged war against the armed groups, Sudan Liberation Army/Movement of Minni Minnawi (SLA/M-MM) in North and East Darfur states on May 2017. And thus the Sudanese regime violated the cease-fire declared by both parties. Furthermore, there is evidence according to AL Hamish Voice electronic Journal that LRA forces are still present with the knowledge of the Government of Sudan in areas of South Darfur. Former LRA commander Peter Kadika, who surrendered himself to Ugandan and US troops in central Africa, said that the LRA leader Joseph Kony was in Sudan’s Darfur region –Bahr Al-Arab locality – after being expelled from South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and Central Africa Republic (CAR) for several years. http://www.alhamish.com/%E2%80%AB%D8%B2%D8%B9%D9%8A%D9%85-



To make bad matters worse for the (NCP) regime, The New York Times said: ( While the United States is considering lifting sanctions on the government of Sudan, the South’s accusations against its counterpart Khartoum continues providing the southern opposition with weapons as one of the most sensitive issues for sanction lifting. Moreover, an Associated Press report indicated that the rebel fighters from the South Sudanese opposition who were returning to South Sudan government forces said arms were flowing from Sudan to the South Sudan Opposition fighters who were fleeing to the Sudanese side of the border in search of safe haven. On the other hand, weapons experts say the Sudanese government has provided the South Sudan Opposition with weapons, which is a cause for concern as the Trump administration is considering lifting the sanctions on Sudan’s government in October after 20 years of imposing it for gross human rights violations. For its part, the US State Department says the United States will continue to urge the Government of Sudan to continue to cooperate with Washington in dealing with the conflict in southern Sudan and to try to stop the historical patterns of revenge of supporting the armed opposition by Sudan and South against each other.


The five tracks US conditions include:

• Giving more access to humanitarian workers in war zones

• Counter-terrorism cooperation

• An end to hostilities against armed groups in Sudan in the “Two Areas” (South Kordofan and Blue Nile) and Darfur.

• And halting support for insurgents in neighbouring South Sudan.

• Cooperation with the US-backed counterinsurgency efforts against the threat of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) of Joseph Kony.

However, Washington has begun pressing further for religious freedom in Sudan as the prospect of lifting sanctions against Khartoum approaches. The United States raised the issue of religious freedom during talks on easing sanctions on Sudan, the US Agency for International Development (USAID) director Mark Green said on during his recent visit to Sudan. Green held talks in Khartoum with senior Sudanese officials at a time when the US government is considering whether to ease the 20-year-old sanctions on Sudan, a decision to be made by October 12.

“The regime in Khartoum has not complied with any of the American conditions. The war in Darfur has not taken any truce but instead has escalated remaining at its ferocity. The Janjawid militia forces, now known as, the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) continue to wreak havoc on earth and commit atrocities in Darfur. Human rights violations in Sudan have increased and the public freedoms have been denied. South Kordofan (aka Nuba Mountains) region is still suffering from hunger and disease because of the siege the (NCP) regime government has been wracking it since the war began nearly six years ago. Would the US Administration of President Donald Trump lift finally the sanctions on the regime in Khartoum despite its non-compliance with its conditions and despite its continued support of terrorist organizations and groups in the world? This is what the next few weeks will reveal; Mutasim Ahmed Saleh said. http://www.sudanjem.com/2017/09/%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%B9%D9%82%D9%88%D8%A8%D8%A7%D8%AA-%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%A3%D9%85%D8%B1%D9%8A%D9%83%D9%8A%D8%A9-%D8%B9%D9%84%D9%89-%D9%86%D8%B8%D8%A7%D9%85-%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%A8%D8%B4%D9%8A%D8%B1-%D8%A8%D9%8A-2/#more-134935

Sudan hired lobbyists Squire Patton Boggs to lobby Washington for sanctions relief paying $40,000 a month.


These are all harbingers of the predetermined intention of the US administration to total lift permanently the 20-year-old sanctions from the Sudan, whether the Sudanese people in the Darfur region opposed it or not as a fait accompli. Furthermore, and to make bad matters worse for the Darfurians that the United Nations (UN) “aka Report Writers” have allegedly reported progress in the opening of aid corridors by Sudan’s military to get food and medicine into once tightly-controlled areas of Darfur. The people in Darfur reiterate that they have been saying that the influential members of the National Congress Party (NCP) regime in Darfur tended to play tricks before the visits of international official to Darfur by telling the visitor that everything is going well by preparing mock plays that show that peace and the conditions for lifting US sanctions on Sudan have been completed, which makes the US official lead astray and bamboozled to believe and get convinced. Thus, the boring irksome Sitcom series of the regime continue to increase the suffering of the citizens. Afterwards, the status quo will remain and the regime would stir up tribal tensions with a view to apply its doctrine of divide and rule.in order to distract them away from the issues of concern to them.

The components of the Sudanese political opposition emphasize that what has been achieved so far by the (NCP) regime is nothing more than tactical concessions that did not address the substance and did not rise to the full extent of the real changes desired and there are no sufficient guarantees their sustainability for long.

US aid chief Mark Green said on Monday August 28, 2017 Washington was monitoring Sudan’s progress on conditions for a permanent lifting of sanctions, as he visited Zamzam camp for the Internally displaced Persons (IDPs) in Darfur.

Devotion and manifestation of solidarity of all the Sudanese people is essential and much needed factor for bringing about the demise of the genocidal regime of the NCP. Radical political reform is needed as well as a move to make breakthrough historic move towards ridding of the oppressive ideologized Hippocratic military regime. This approach needs getting out of political bickering that has divided the Sudanese political opposition. Triumph awaits the Sudanese people to make a new calendar of the keyword of solidarity. For achieving that, we need putting our dividing flags into the dustbin and unify under a common banner targeting the arch-foe and archenemy, the genocidal and ethnic cleansing criminal regime of the (NCP). Let us unify the armed resistance to confront the dictatorial regime and let us back our words with action. That is the only way for lifting our country Sudan out of the miserable abyss and the quagmire. Omer al-Bashir and his regime remain responsible for annihilation of over 300,000 civilian Sudanese people in Darfur and internally displaced (IDPs) over 2.5 million from their homes along with the many women, children and elderly who have crossed the borders to the neighbouring Chad since 2003, fleeing the ongoing violence . Therefore, wishful thinking is nothing but a defeat. Moreover, it is the formation of beliefs and making decisions according to what might be pleasing to imagine instead of by appealing to evidence, rationality or reality. It is a product of resolving conflicts between belief and desire and we need to distance from it. https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=whishful+thinking&oq=whishful+thinking&aqs=chrome..69i57j0l5.13013j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

The US President Donald Trump has to understand that dictators like the génocidaire Omer Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir never have and never will be interested in reform. They are stone deaf and impervious to reason.

Dictators including the incumbent one in Sudan are allergic to reform, and they are cunning survivors. They will do whatever it takes to preserve their power and wealth, no matter how much blood ends up on their hands. Furthermore, the dictators are stone deaf and impervious to reason, quoting the Ghanaian economist George Ayittey! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/thor-halvorssen/george-ayittey-how-to-def_b_883549.html

President Trump needs to realize that the regime led by the Dictator al-Bashir in Sudan is a master deceiver and talented manipulator who cannot be trusted to change. The only thing that would deter al-Bashir is surely the loss of Western funding. The US sanctions on Khartoum if remain threatening the (NCP) regime would make Omer al-Bashir thinking twice before taking anyone atrocity. Let the sanctions remain pending drastic reforms to be taken by the dictator al-Bashir and his entourage who are nearing their demise. The sound of their audible fall will soon become resonating and audible worldwide.

The components of the Sudanese people represented by political parties, armed movements and all citizens call on the US administration to US President Donald Trump to link the lifting of economic sanctions with measurable progress in the comprehensive peace process, unhindered delivery of humanitarian aid to all areas, , Respect for human rights, and democratization so as not to employ the expected economic return due to the lifting of sanctions in financing the war and consolidating the pillars of dictatorship.

What are the reasons for US sanctions on the ruling regime of Omar al-Bashir?

• There are different reasons for the US sanctions on Bashir’s regime. The Sanctions have been imposed because of the war waged by the regime in Darfur, human rights violations, the suppression of freedoms, murders and rape, and some of them related to the regime’s support for terrorism.

These reasons can be summarized as follows:

1. The regime’s involvement in crimes of murder, rape, war and genocide in Darfur, including the crimes of the regime and its violations of extrajudicial killings, arbitrary arrests, unlawful detention by the National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) , forced disappearance and aerial bombardment of civilian targets and attacks against unarmed civilians, looting and destruction of civilian villages and houses, mass displacement, attacks on churches, intervention in medical and humanitarian assistance, attacks targeting ethnic and racial groups and mass graves.

2 – The regime’s involvement in supporting international terrorism and embracing terrorists in its territory (Osama bin Laden – Carlos the Jackal – Joseph Kony and the leaders of militant Islamic groups, including the ISIS).

3 – The involvement of the regime in terrorist operations such as the bombing of the vessel Cole and the bombing of the US embassy in Nairobi.

4. The blatant violation of human rights, the imposition of a one-party system by military force, the absence of democracy and the suppression of public freedoms.

The US President Donald Trump Executive Order (EO) has linked the full lifting or extension of Sanctions on Sudan by implementing the following:


• Stop the war and achieve peace in Darfur and disarm the militias.

• Allow humanitarian aid and assistance to reach those in need unconditionally

• Non-interference in the affairs of Southern Sudan (stop supporting Rikk Machar and his followers) and sow discord between southerners.

• lifting restrictions on public freedoms and halting human rights violations;

• Achieving democratic transition and political détente) during the six months ending in June, was extended to October.

What progress has been made so far by the (NCP) regime regarding the demands/conditions for lifting sanctions?

Everything has remained the same since the (“EO 13761”) issued by President Donald Trump (the war in Darfur and the Nuba Mountains, violations of human rights and public freedoms, non-disarmament of militias).

1 – Attacks against the SLM-MM in Ain Siro and South Darfur – Jebel Marra and Golo events and others confirm the continuation of the war.

2 – The continuation of arbitrary arrests (Dr. Mudawi Ibrahim – Amal Habbani – Ibrahim Al – Sheikh … etc) during the previous period – and the suppression of public freedoms and unfair trials (University student Aasim Omar Hassan) and the confiscation of newspapers after printing (confiscation newspapers newspaper – Times.

3. The continued support of Rick Machar and her group to implant the division and diaspora between South Sudan’s ethnic components

4 – The prevention of the arrival of relief to the Nuba Mountains and parts of Jebel Marra.

5 – The prevention of the political activities of parties and centers of enlightenments belonging to politicians on the pretext of inconvenience.

6. No political breakthrough was achieved in the country, and the outcome of the national dialogue was a process of recruitment for the participants. The regime increased its intransigence and hostility to the political opponents. Thus, the government did not fulfill anything that it requested or committed to achieve. The regime fled the political entitlement by resorting to Saudi Arabia And the UAE in the process of mercenary known as the crisis of packages to solve their economic problems and relied on military solutions and security in the face of its opponents and did not meet any of its agreements with the armed movements as well as its commitments with some factions, which led some of them to rebel again.

The lifting of the US sanctions on the regime led by al-Bashir is nothing but enhancing the flow of imported military equipments in the form of arms lending to escalation of war and would unleash the government’s will to commit more atrocities in the war zones, oppression of citizens and political opponents, and further deterioration in human rights and public freedoms. Furthermore, the confiscation of newspapers is unabatedly continued in Sudan. The lifting of the sanctions should be linked to the final cessation of the war, the achievement of peace throughout the country, the achievement of a genuine political breakthrough that would allow unrestricted political practice, the maintenance of human rights and public freedoms, the prohibition of the confiscation of newspapers and the achievement of comprehensive democratic transformation in Sudan. The US Administration needs to listen to the voices of concerned about the (NCP) regime’s malicious plan for systematically and deliberately starving the people of Sudan based on the malicious principle of “starve your dog to follow you”. This has been confirmed without any doubt by the economic deterioration, the deterioration of living conditions, and the hardship of life for the citizens and political strangulation all of which has nothing to do with the US sanctions. The main reasons are the confusion and randomness in economic policies and mismanagement and administrative and financial corruption and embezzlement and nepotism and the absence of accountability. The expected financial benefits from lifting of the US economic sanctions on the Khartoum regime will only increase its repression of the public freedoms and targeting the political opposition and the igniting of more wars and further suffering for the Sudanese citizens. The late Dr. John Garang de Mabior has been quoted as said years ago that (The NCP regime is so deformed that it cannot be reformed). The US President Donald Trump may remember the statements made by the (NCP) regime leader Omer al-Bashir when the International Criminal Court (ICC) indicted him by saying 😦 The US, France & UK are “underneath my shoes)!

Martin Luther King Jr. was an American Baptist minister and activist who became the most visible spokesperson and leader in the Civil Rights Movement has been quoted as say: History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people. Martin Luther King, Jr.). https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/m/martinluth133707.html

Dr. Mahmoud A. Suleiman is an author, columnist and a blogger. His blog is https://thussudan.wordpress.com/


Source of arms to be collected from the Darfur region is the Khartoum regime itself

 Source of arms to be collected from the Darfur region is the Khartoum regime itself

مصدر الأسلحة التي سيتم جمعها من إقليم دارفور هو نظام الخرطوم نفسه

Paradox of paradoxes Par Excellence in the Sudan abducted by the NCP regime

مفارقة المفارقات بامتياز في السودان الذي إختطفه نظام حزب المؤتمر الوطني

By Mahmoud A. Suleiman

This is a review article. The restive region of Darfur in western sudan is no stranger for the NCP regime‘s unabated targeting. This time the regime decided to declare a frenzied campaign to collect arms from the Sudanese civilians in the region, who have suffocated woes of endless civil wars of attrition. The purpose of the term review study is to look at what was recently written about the intention of the National Congress Party (NCP) regime’s timing to collect weapons from the citizens of Sudan in the Darfur region to address some of the written views on this subject so far.

People wonder and ask the President of the regime of the (NCP), Omar Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir, as to which one is of a top priority at this very time, the cholera epidemic that has spread throughout Sudan and hit eleven states or the arms collection campaign in the Darfur region? The current situation so-called arms collection is threatening fierce tribal war woes and causing bitterness among the regime’s two militias groups led by Musa Hilal, leader of the Border Guards Forces (BGF) and Muhammad Hamdan Dogolo Hamedti, head of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF). Omar Bashir and his entourage, led by his Janjaweed Vice President Hassabo Abdul Rahman, remain blind and live in the darkness of their regime, which has failed to properly manage the country and its people. The elements of this regime seem suffering from a syndrome of Immunity against learning from deadly repeated mistakes despite the rule of three lean decades. We seek refuge and resort to God from the evils of the elements in the ruling regime of the (NCP) and their inhumane feelings towards the people of Sudan generally and to the people of Sudan in Darfur in particular.

Furthermore, it was a priority that the (NCP) regime sought to address the floods that swept through Sudan, including Khartoum International Airport, and made the planes sink into the mud! There are lots issues of important priority in Sudan that needs to be addressed, but Omar al-Bashir has chosen instead the awesome intertribal warfare of a catastrophic apocalyptic scale.

As for saying that the source of arms in Darfur is the regime in Khartoum comes from the interest of the regime in weapons, which led to the use of Iran and North Korea in developing its program aimed at developing the manufacture of weapons locally and then the establishment of the Yarmouk factory bombed by Israeli air force. Iran played a major role in the manufacture of Sudanese weapons.

Observes ask as to why the bombing of the Yarmouk factory in Sudan and why the Israeli attempted to weaken Khartoum militarily? The possible answer is that the Yarmouk factory bombardment in the Sudanese capital Khartoum targeted by Israel for an alleged sophisticated weapons shipments was underway at the time.

The Yarmouk military complex located near Khartoum, which was bombed by four Israeli warplanes after 5 minutes on midnight on Oct. 24, 2012 was finally producing Iranian Shihab-type surface-to-surface ballistic missiles under a license from Tehran, military and intelligence sources told the Israeli website Deepak Vaile. But the sources of Western intelligence did not specify what kind of Shahab missiles produced by Sudan … But it is believed that the purpose of the production of the Yarmouk plant is to serve Iran’s strategic stockpile of these missiles in the event of ballistic arsenal suffered an Israeli air strike ???? https://www.facebook.com/TWMDS/posts/611479558935283

Furthermore, China has invested more than $20 billion in Sudan mostly in the oil sector during the past two decades. Beijing provides low-interest loans and weapons transfers in return for oil. This is an extract from the news item regarding China’s Vice-Premier arrives in Khartoum to discuss debt settlement. http://www.sudantribune.com/spip.php?article63341

The (NCP) regime has begun reaping the disastrous results of armament of some tribes in Darfur and sending some of them to the holocaust war in Yemen. The situation in Darfur has been strained as a result of the conflict between the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) and the Border Guards Forces (BGF) as well as the growing tension in the Libyan and Chadian borders.

It is difficult to imagine how on earth that the Administration of US President Donald Trump would make an informed decision and issuing an Executive Order (EO) on 12/13 October 2017 to remove all economic and trade sanctions imposed by former US President Bill Clinton since the year 1997 with the pre-conditions to desist hostilities without independent monitors on the ground. The pre-conditions for permanent sanction removal include: Sudan to allow more humanitarian aid and unfettered access across war zones, counterterrorism cooperation with the United States, an end to hostilities against armed groups in Sudan and halting support for insurgents in neighbouring South Sudan.

Ironically, Sudan under the (NCP) regime Continues to Import and Export Arms despite Embargoes, according to informed sources. https://nubareports.org/sudan-insider-sudan-continues-to-import-and-export-arms-despite-embargoes/

As Salah Jalal, writing in the Hurriyat electronic Newspaper said that the weapons that the National Congress Party (NCP) regime wants to collect from the Darfur region is Achilles’ heel! One would endorse that opinion and reiterate it as nothing but a fait accompli at best and pouring the dust into the eyes at worst. http://www.hurriyatsudan.com/?p=227829

It is noteworthy before going further to pinpoint the following prior to delving into the depth of the upcoming article:

• The blokes in ruling regime of the National Congress Party (NCP) did not occur to their mind during the length of their stay on the helm of Sudan as to why the arms have spread in the Darfur region and how to remove those reasons before starting to collect the alleged weapons.

• We must consider the reasons that led ordinary citizens to acquire and carry arms, and ask ourselves as to whether those reasons have disappeared, and if they still exist, how best to remove them.

• The ruling regime must respond to these questions, which impose themselves before jumping into the dark and trying to collect weapons recklessly lacking scientific and practical outcome.

• The logical question is: Have the right circumstances been created to collect weapons; the logical question posed by an article in the electronic Newspaper of the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) dated


Political analysts say it would have been better for the ruling National Congress Party (NCP) regime to disarm its own militias. They also stressed the importance of taking the step to achieve comprehensive peace in Darfur and beyond prior to launching this campaign which will result in failure as the overall security projects of the regime in the past and perhaps in the future. The people of Sudan in Darfur support the collection of weapons in principle and call on the regime to begin to collect weapons from its militias. The Darfur armed movements will then collect weapons in the hands of their forces once comprehensive peace archived in Sudan, including Darfur. The cherry-picking project of the (NCP) regime is doomed for abject failure similar to its predecessors. Unfortunately, this regime does not take lessons from the repeated the failures of its security projects, which lack wisdom and rationality and have a disastrous outcome for the country and its people. It was also said that the regime of the (NCP), which emanates from the International Muslim Brotherhood Movement (MBM), is like the family of the French Bourbon kings who failed repeatedly to take lessons of their mistakes, as the European history told us.The House of Bourbon e -French Maison de Bourbon. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/House_of_Bourbon

This review article comes as a continuation to what we have started in the previous article on the decision of the NCP ruling regime to collect the alleged unlicensed weapons from the people of Sudan in Darfur. We will continue and try to expose the hidden agenda behind the campaign whose true motives are far from those announced. One of the most important factors for the epidemic proliferation of weapons in the Darfur region is the advent of the ill-fated National Islamic Front (NIF) which carried and brought with it all the disasters and woes that Sudan and its people suffered from.

The attempt by the ruling regime of the National Islamic Front (NIF) to take the militias and mercenaries from the neighbouring countries as a means of proxy war in Darfur has started from the very beginning of its disastrous arrival through the heinous military coup d’état. In order to do that, the regime had to provide the militias with military equipments in the form of machine guns, ammunition, vehicles, uniforms, food and drink and other forms of items subsistence including financial aid. At the same time, the regime under the auspices their member and Governor of the Greater Darfur, El-Tayeb Mohmed Kheir -aka Tayeb Sikha who launched a campaign for arms collection from the civilian population in Darfur at the time but Al-Tayeb Muhammad Khair armed the Arab tribes of Baggara to confront the revolutionary Dawood Yahya Bolad. The martyr Daoud Yahya Bolad has realized the mistake of belonging to the National Islamic Front (NIF). He decided to align to his marginalized people in Darfur that his people by joining the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) led by the late Dr. John Garang Mabior and led his troops to Darfur. However, through conspiracy by some of Darfuri traitors Daoud Yahya Bolad was captured and extra judicially killed. Those who assassinated Bolad had been armed by the (NIF) regime despite his past loyalty to the Muslim Brotherhood Movement (MBM). Ever since the (NCP) regime supplied the Arab militia with arms which it claims that going to collect. Thus the paradox continued unabated.

As early as the year 2007 Sudan under the reign of the National Islamic Front (NIF)/ National Congress Party (NCP) regime has been classified among the failed states. According to arthroscope website http://s1.zetaboards.com/anthroscape/topic/977436/1/ Sudan emerged as the world’s most unstable country according to the 2007 Failed States Index, mainly due to its military dictatorship and the ongoing war in Darfur between farmers and nomadic settlers. In other words, 18 years of oppressive warmongering regime, Sudan had become one of the globally failed states. However, the degree of failure today of the Sudan under the ruling National Congress Party (NCP) led by the genocidal criminal, fugitive from the international justice, chased by the International Criminal Court (ICC) Omar Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir, will be very difficult if not impossible to determine the degree of failure in 2017 today.

The second stage of the racial hatred of Darfur people by the National Congress Party (NCP) regime surfaced when it decided to strip the Darfur Native Administration of its age long powers that kept the region safe place for all the inhabitants. As we know, the Tribal leaders in the region of Darfur’s Civil Administration before the ill-fated coming of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement (MBM)/National Islamic Front (NIF) military coup d’état included Sultans, Kings, Shartay, Umdas(Mayors) and Sheikhs. The Friday 30th June 1989 Military coup d’état took place in the forefront of the goal of dismantling the traditional Darfurian structure and reformulating the Darfur society. It was the first to control the institutions of the local administration by removing the old ones to build the so-called “Umara” or ‘princes’ system instead of the principals, aforementioned. The weakening of the authority of the civil administration in Darfur by the military ruling regimes has accelerated the spread of crime and security chaos and the proliferation of unauthorized weapons in the hands of the lawless individuals among the tribal groups.

The source of arms in Darfur

 The flow of firearms into Darfur initially started as a result of the civil war in the neighbouring republic of Chad and the Chadian-Libyan conflict (Ben Omar forces). The quantities of weapons that were leaked were limited. Their influence was limited to the arrival of arms to some criminal gangs, which were used for armed robbery – the infamous Nahab Musallah.

At the beginning of 2002, the armed political conflict in the Darfur region erupted. The regime decided to confront popular violence with state institutions. For objective reasons, official government violence institutions have not been able to control the popular violence demanding justice in the distribution of wealth and power throughout the marginalized areas of Sudan. The National Salvation – the ruling regime of the National Islamic Front – after several defeats facing the SPLM mobilized counter-popular, and began arming the Arab tribes called Janjawid using the policy of divide the division of the tribes of Darfur to the Arabs and Africans, Arabs against black.

As a result of these political reasons, the tribes considered by the government loyal to the militias armed with the knowledge of the state, and the term of the Rizeigat militia Abla and other armed militias, this reality opened the appetite of the other tribes to arm themselves to defend their property, expanding the arms market and flourished in all the cities of Darfur, In its project, it codified the activity of militias as a legal activity protected by political power. The government formed and armed these militias with different factions, including for example the border guards force (BGF) led by Sheikh Musa Hilal of the Mahameed tribe Arab Mahameed clan, a branch of the Northern Rizeigat tribe many of them are Um Jalloul, Al-Muhajiriya, Al-Iteifat, Al-Ereigat and others from Abla, the camel herders. Musa Hilal is originally Um-Jalloul while Mohmed Hamdan Dogolo Hamitti is originally Mahariya. They maybe cousins descend from the Mahamid or the northern Rizeigat. Both are nomadic camel herders lived in the North Darfur District of Kutum. Generally speaking, the nomadic camel herders had no “hawakir” (land grants)

In addition to support given by the NCP ruling regime in the form of arms, ammunition and transportation for the Janjaweed militias, the (NCP) regime allowed the Janjaweed militias to have exclusive ownership of all the spoils of their ethnic warfare and all the invasions of the citizens’ property, in addition to border trade and livestock trade and national mining. Historically, they are Bedouin engaged in nomadic herding. They are unlike the main Baggara Rizeigat tribes of Darfur were awarded “hawakir” (land grants) by the Fur Sultans in the 1750s.

But the ruling regime of the National Congress Party (NCP), which called itself the National Salvation Revolution, codified militia activity as a legal activity protected by political power. This reality opened the appetite of the rest of the tribes for armaments, the arms market expanded and flourished in all the cities of Darfur. The government entered into its project to commit crimes of genocide to put down the revolution of the people of Sudan in Darfur, who had been demanding only the rights of citizenship in the form of justice and equality.

Musa Hilal revealed his rejection of large amounts of money offered by foreign parties to leave the Sudan and said that the accusations of the Vice President of the Republic of the recruitment of 1,000 people from the Mahamid for the forces of Haftar in Libya malicious and its goal to discredit the Revolutionary Awakening Council.

And since Sheikh Musa Hilal and his militia have some independence in the administration of the establishment of the interests it established, this independence of course did not satisfy the ruling regime of the National Congress Party, which decided to converge on one of the soldiers of Musa Hilal, Muhammad Hamdan Dogolo, -aka Hamitti. Now, Mohammed Hamdan Dogolo, famously known as Hmidty is of the guerrilla of the guerrillas in the official newspapers which published that the commander of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) made a donation of about twenty Landcruzer l vehicles to the elders of the civil administration, and donated to build schools and other maintenance. It is known that Hmidty has been promoted to the military rank of Lieutenant –General. And thus he became part of the Sudan army Force (SAF) he and his militia and take orders only from the President of the ruling regime of the National Congress Party (NCP) Marshal Omar Hassan Ahmed Bashir. Today, Hamedti and his (RSF) militias are only responsible in front of Omar al-Bashir and are considered a red line!

Political observers indicate that the government of the National Congress Party (NCP) decided to step closer to Mohammed Hamdan Dogolo and set up the Rapid Support Force (RSF) led by Hamidati In an attempt to offend the leader of the Border Guard militia, Sheikh Musa Hilal. Al-Bashir’s government chose one of Musa Hilal’s former boys to become a leader of the new militia, to send a message that says in a clear way to Sheikh Moses I am the one who makes the king! According to the press, Moussa Hilal himself came to the spotlight when the former First Vice-President of the National Congress Party, Ali Osman Mohamed Taha, released him from Kober Prison where he was imprisoned for the crime in which he was convicted in 1998 for leading armed robbery against the Central Bank of Nyala in which one policeman was killed. As the Sudan Tribune electronic Newspaper on TUESDAY 22 JANUARY 2008 stated and said “Musa Hilal from a convicted felon to a government official”! http://www.sudantribune.com/PROFILE-Musa-Hilal-from-a,25660

The foregoing excerpts depict the intensity and high degree of rapprochement between the Janjaweed militias that committed the most heinous crimes against the Sudanese citizens in the Darfur region and the genocidal criminal Omer al-Bashir; what happened and continues happening on the ground in Darfur is without a doubt the greatest witness before the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Nevertheless and according to the recent newspaper outlet reports an armed confrontation on the horizon between the government army and Musa Hilal. Matters between the tribal leader, Musa Hilal, and the regime led by Omer al-Bashir have reached the point of no return, amid strong fears of an armed confrontation between the two sides. Al-Bashir’s Vice President Hassabo Abdel Rahman accused Hilal of conspiring with Libyan General Khalifa Haftar to undermine the Khartoum regime. Hassabo has been reported as saying (if we had to face Musa Hilal, we will not leave his conspiring with Haftar).

Musa Hilal, head of the Revolutionary Awakening Council (RAC) told Radio Aafia Darfur station on that he would strongly oppose a government plan aimed at disarming his forces and merging them into the Rapid Support militia. Hilal has been reported as continued describing the members of the Rapid Support (RSF) Militia, as mercenaries coming from outside the border (as he put it). On August 23, 2017 The Sudanese regime President Omer al-Bashir has been reported as has instructed the governor of North Darfur State, Abdul Wahid Yousef Ibrahim to deal decisively with any attempts to destabilize security and saying that the collection of illegal arms is a top priority for the government.

In a situation similar to show of force, thousands of supporters of Musa Hilal gathered in his stronghold of Misteriha in North Darfur state and announced in a speech campaign of readiness to confront the government armies head-on. The parade featured hundreds of four-wheel-drive vehicles loaded with guns. The Sudanese Revolutionary Awakening Council led by Sheikh Musa has been reported to have called on the “sons of the Rizeigat” in the Sudanese government army to join Sheikh Musa Hilal in his area, Misteriha.

For its part, the Sudanese army conducted the largest internal maneuver in its history, under the banner in the name (Meram Taja, the sister Sultan Ali Dinar) near the strongholds of Musa Hilal, with the participation of tanks and the air force. Furthermore, to escalate its campaign of muscle flexion, the (NCP) regime launched the decision to collect arms from citizens in the troubled Darfur region since 2003 amid deep suspicion that the main objective of the government’s campaign is to weaken Musa Hilal and form new power centers.

Thus, on these days Moussa Hilal and the ruling regime of the National Congress Party (NCP) have reached a boiling point where Moussa Hilal led a campaign against the vice-president of the National Congress Party. Musa Hilal, the head of the Awakening Council, continued his attack on government symbols, in particular Hassabo Mohammed Abdul Rahman who is tasked with the collection of weapons from the Darfur region. Moreover, Hilal started his attacks against the commander of the Rapid Support Force (RSF) Mohammed Hamdan Hamiditi. He said that Hamidati and his gang looted millions of dollars allocated by Gulf States to the Rapid Support Forces. As the popular Sudanese proverb says, if the thieves disagree, the stolen one appears. And thus each one of the militia leaders is insulting the other with obscene words that cannot be mentioned in this field. Nevertheless, this is evidence that the relationship between them reached the level of enmity and the point of no return. As they say that the so-called Barragesh committed the crime against itself! The ruling regime of the National Congress Party (NCP) has a habit of finding something that can cause the distraction of the Sudanese people away from the real issues of concern. By doing so, the regime thinks that can help to overcome its endless problems, its chronic failures and its inability to run the country. Moreover, these dilemmas stem from the fossilized mentality that does not take lessons from the history of repeated fatal mistakes, despite the length of time that Omar al-Bashir remained on the helm of Sudan for three decades as absolute dictator. The (NCP) rule of Sudan is without any doubt is a true era of the decadence characterised by hatred, racism, tyranny, Corruption, failure, looting and plundering of the people’s money and heinous crimes against humanity, war crimes and on top the crimes of genocide in Darfur. As they say it is witnessed by a witness from his family: the electronic newspaper – Hurriyat reported that, Brigadier General Salah Mohammed Ahmed Karrar – nicknamed Salah Dollar – One of the leaders who carried out the coup d’état of Friday June 30, 1989, led by the National Islamic Front (NIF) confirmed the validity of the slogan which says “Kizan are thieves and I am among them!” The Sudanese Arabic Kizan is an acronym meaning members of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement (MBM) in Sudan. There is no way out of the chronic dilemmas and the crises in Sudan without the demise of the (NCP) regime by all means available to the people of Sudan.

Oscar Wilde Oscar the Irish playwright, poet and author of numerous short stories and one novel has been quoted as saying: “I hope you have not been leading a double life, pretending to be wicked and being good all the time. That would be hypocrisy.” https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/tag/hypocrisy


Dr. Mahmoud A. Suleiman is an author, columnist and a blogger. His blog is https://thussudan.wordpress.com/



The Paradox of Collection of Weapons from Citizens in the Darfur Region

The Paradox of Collection of Weapons from Citizens in the Darfur Region

مفارقة جمع الأسلحة من المواطنين في إقليم دارفور

By Mahmoud A. Suleiman


As a Sudanese people who long for stability, peace and security, we have no objection to the decision to collect unlicensed weapons throughout Sudan, but our reservation is about trying to collect weapons and selectively confiscate of arms from opponents of the regime and allowing illegal possession of weapons for the government supporters. The latter scenario is likely going to be the outcome of the alleged campaign. Moreover, as a Sudanese person, I have doubts about the objectives of this regime in putting forward this project 16 years after the outbreak of the proxy war by employing the Janjawid militias in the Darfur region and committing the heinous crimes against unarmed civilians.

The regime of the National Congress Party (NCP) announcement of weapons collection in the region of Darfur and the confiscation of unlicensed Boko Haram vehicles continue to generate widespread reactions in the States of the Darfur, the political forces and Sudanese civil society organizations. Such concerns have also been expressed by the Sudanese opposition factions among them the National Umma Party (NUM) who questioned the government’s ability to carry out the task of collecting weapons and dismantling the arsenal of allied tribal institutions. It is worthy to bear in mind that the heavy proliferation of weapons in the war-ravaged region, has contributed to the fragmentation of the social fabric along with the neverending intertribal warfare. Sadly, the continuous tribal fighting between the Rizeigat and Maaliya tribes is a vivid example. Unfortunately, the dreaded war and the tribal conflict between the Rizeigat and al-Maaliya renewed. Without a doubt, responsibility lies in the NCP government, which does not want stability for the people of Sudan in Darfur. Furthermore and according to the Political Bureau of the National Umma Party (NUP) indicated that , 151 tribal conflicts have taken place in the Darfur region since the ill-fated arrival of the military coup of the ruling regime of the National Islamic Front (NIF) and its successor the ruling regime of the National Congress Party (NCP) which contributed to fueling and feeding the factors of conflict and division among the tribes, in the wars of ideology and endless absurd civil wars of attrition.  http://www.hurriyatsudan.com/?p=227304

According to the Sudan Tribune electronic Journal on Sunday, 23 July 2017 reported that al-Bashir’s Vice President Hassabo Abel Rahman announced that his government would launch a campaign to collect weapons in Darfur and reorganise the government militias before the end of the year 2017. Hassabo was reported to have announced that the government would start to implement its plans to collect weapons from civilians unauthorised groups to and called on the religious leaders incite the population to hand over their arms and to contribute to the efforts to stabilise the region. We must leave weapons only for certain purposes,” said the vice president and stressed that this plan is a “strategic project” for peace in Darfur. http://www.sudantribune.com/spip.php?article63065

Furthermore, in press statements, the governor of North Darfur state Abdel-Wahid Youssef, said Abdel-Rahman, who chairs the higher committee tasked with the collection of illegal arms in Darfur and Kordofan, would visit El-Fasher on Monday. Abdel-Wahid was reported to have added saying that  the committee was formed to collect illegal weapons not only from Darfur and Kordofan but from all Sudan’s states. https://www.middleeastobserver.org/2017/08/07/38932/

And in the state of central Darfur, the Vice President of the Republic, Hassabo Mohamed Abdel Rahman, head of the Supreme Committee for the collection of arms and the legalization of cars, stressed on the need to impose the prestige of the state and the rule of law. He added and said that Sudan has become a conduit for weapons that are used in the looting and tribal conflicts. He was also reported to have said during his address to the meeting of the Council of ministers of the central Darfur State government and the Security legislative Council mandate: that  the collection of arms and licensing of Four wheel vehicles SUVs campaign comes in order to eliminate the negative consequences of the war, the psychological, social and economic impact, and added that the first phase of the weapons collection began in Darfur states five Kordofan, Including the whole Sudan, and said: The plan is based on the collection of weapons and vehicles, which have become very negative and destructive of the economy, and is a war machine used in tribal conflict and the transfer of arms and the drug trade.


In general, the availability of fire arms in the hands of tribal militias loyal to the ruling National Congress Party, which seeks to engage citizens in self-conflict away from the main issues of concern to them, is the most important cause of the conflicts and the tribal war in Darfur.

With regard to the decision of the ruling regime of the National Congress Party (NCP) to collect weapons from the hands of citizens in the Darfur region at this particular time and after 28 lean years of its arbitrary dictatorial rule that characterised by crimes against humanity, war crimes and crimes of genocide, it is nothing but a knee-jerk reaction or spilling ashes in the eyes as the saying goes.

The first and the most people concerned with this decision are the Internally Displaced People (IDPs) in the Darfur region. Thus, the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and other Sudanese citizens consider the decision of the National Congress Party (NCP) to collect weapons in Darfur is nothing but propaganda of lies because the arms in the region are only in the hands of the government and its militias and mercenaries. As the saying of the Sudanese people goes, their protector is the thief himself! It is a laughable and raising tear at the same time; of the scourge that stirs up laughter.

The paradox is that the weapons that are now being collected from Darfur are essentially handed over by the government of Sudan (GoS) to the Janjawid militias, which turned into the so-called Rapid Support Forces (RSF), which continues supporting the government’s army to fight the Darfur Movements, killing unarmed civilians and robbing and stealing the unarmed citizens’ property.

In the end, the government will only find weapons in the hands of its militias and mercenaries. Because the (GoS) wants them to be carrying arms day and night to protect it and intimidate citizens so that Security which is a paramount for the regime so as security should not turn into lawlessness and out of control as they believe. The NCP ruling regime has been saying it all the time.

The Paradox of Confiscation and Collection of Weapons in Darfur is nothing but a lie Propaganda. The Displaced people and citizens mocked at the collection of weapons propaganda.


As part of the reactions to the government decisions to collect weapons, the Darfurians mocked the decision as propaganda, since there is no Darfurian citizen carrying a weapon or owning a land cruiser with a Dushka, wearing a skullcap, walking around the market carrying weapons, looting and cutting roads without accountability other than the government Itself and its allies.. An activist for Radio Dabanga from El Fasher said the other day that all those who carry weapons in Darfur are the militias that were formed by the government and supplied with weapons and called them with  many names such as Rapid Support Forces (RSF) and Border Guards and Popular Defence Forces (PDF) other names. The Darfuris  said that the government when it says it will collect weapons from citizens is nothing but a falsehood prevailing par excellence. The (NCP) regime seems to have lost the compass and failed to call things by their names. The correct name was the government’s collection of arms from the hands of its militias and the groups that provided them with arms, not citizens. Moreover, the people in the Displaced Persons Camps stressed that the process of collecting weapons does not need to be talked about too much. The weapon, as one of the activist said, can be collected by reference to the leaders of these militias and the civil administrations associated with some of the senior officials who stay with the government in Khartoum. The General Coordinator of IDP camps for displaced person described the government decision of collecting weapons as a disinformation for local and global public opinion. He stressed that all the weapons in Darfur are in the hands of militias linked to the regime through the security services directly or through the delegates in the executive authority in Khartoum and Darfur but not the victim, and citizens of Darfur. He stressed that the collection of arms from the hands of citizens depends on the National Congress Party (NCP) regime in Khartoum and the restoration of prestige of the state and reconciliation in Darfur and the enactment of clear and deterrent laws governing the state systems and bodies entrusted with the collection of weapons and arms carriers.

Other commentators on the aforementioned subject say that opportunity to investigate Darfur chemical weapon attacks must not be squandered and should take the priority now. Member states of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) must take this opportunity of weapon collection by the (GoS) to demand a proper investigation into alleged chemical attacks by Sudanese government forces in the Jebel Marra region of Darfur.

The decision of the ruling National Congress Party to collect arms from Sudanese citizens in Darfur is like the decision to hold a referendum to abolish the Darfur region and to keep only the five states, which was a random decision in the interest of the government of the genocidal fugitive from international justice Omar Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir.

Omar Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir plans by all his capabilities to be president of Sudan for life so as not to leave a gap or the scope for the International Criminal Court (ICC)  to be able to arrest him and take him to The Hague for the trial for the crimes he has  committed against the people of Sudan in the Darfur region. He believes strongly that his survival in power in the rule of the Sudan would protects him from the gripping hand of that fearful court. For this reason, his regime works tirelessly to create specialized projects to distract the Sudanese citizen and the Sudanese opposition together to keep them away from the basic issues of concern to the Sudanese people. He employs all the energies of his rule and his entrusted entourage for that end.

The Paradoxes in the (NCP) regime’s  arms collection in Darfur centres squarely around the fact that the supervisor of this task is a person who was at the top of the government officials who recruited and armed the notorious Janjaweed militias in their various names, including the current  infamous Rapid Support Forces (RSF). As the Sudanese popular proverb goes 😦 Its Guard is its Thief), So to speak!

Thus, the decision of the ruling regime of the National Congress Party (NCP) to collect weapons in Darfur is a project in the face of it seems good but in the midst of it carries evil Seeds of old sedition renewed.


Before the end of this article, we pray asking for the mercy of God on the spirit of the late First pioneer of the Sudanese women’s movement Fatima Ahmed Ibrahim, who moved to the Hereafter this morning Saturday the twelfth of August 2017 in London. The departure of the pioneer feminist movement activist Fatima Ahmed Ibrahim tells the long history of the struggle of the Sudanese women as well as the glorious history of the Sudanese people through Eras and Epochs. Fatima Ahmed Ibrahim represents a milestone in the Sudanese political history.

George S. Patton the senior officer of the United States Army who commanded the U.S. Seventh Army in the Mediterranean and European theaters of World War II, but is best known for his leadership of the U.S. Third Army in France and Germany following the Allied invasion of Normandy in June 1944 has been quoted as said: “Wars may be fought with weapons, but they are won by men. It is the spirit of men who follow and of the man who leads that gains the victory”.
Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/g/georgespa159768.html?src=t_weapons

Dr. Mahmoud A. Suleiman is an author, columnist and a blogger. His blog is https://thussudan.wordpress.com/


Permanent constitution for Sudan requires the Demise of the NCP regime

Permanent constitution for Sudan requires the Demise of the NCP regime

By Mahmoud A. Suleiman

This article comes against the backdrop of the decision of the Sudanese parliament to approve amendments in the 2005 Constitution and rejected by the components of the political opposition both civil and armed.  It is noteworthy that on Tuesday, April 25, 2017, the Sudanese parliament passed a resolution of constitutional amendments on public freedoms, forcing even the other Muslim Brotherhood Movement (MBM) faction in Sudan the Popular Congress Party (PCP), known for its positions in support of the national dialogue, to announce its acquittal. Moreover, the amendments, in general, have retained the powers of the security apparatus –the notorious so-called   National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS), which the opposition rejects in all its forms because they have exceeded the proposals made by political forces that participated in the ‘National Dialogue-Wathba Dialogue’ calling for reducing these powers and limiting the functions of the (NISS) in collecting and analyzing information. Here, reality thinking is in short supply in the (NCP) regime household chaired by the Génocidaires Omer Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir to the detriment of the Sudanese nation Victim of the rule of fools and reckless daredevils.

The foregoing call for the demise of the ruling National Congress Party (NCP) before consensus on the permanent constitution of Sudan did not come from a vacuum. It came because Omar al-Bashir’s assumption of power in Sudan does not foresee a democratic system which would represent a threat to Omar al-Bashir who is wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC). Thus, Bashir and his entourage work tirelessly Day and Night with all the strength for the continuation of the arbitrariness for the sake of lifelong rule for their genocidal Master of Grace, to avoid his arrest and trial in The Hague, as happened to his ilk other dictators such as Laurent Gbagbo of Republic of Côte d’Ivoire,  Hussein Habre of Chad, Germaine Katanga of  the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), former Yugoslavia Serbian war criminals leaders indicted and tried by the ICC such as Slobodan Milošević, Radovan Karadzic and Charles Taylor the first African president to be prosecuted at an international court where he has been found guilty of aiding and abetting war crimes and crimes against humanity for supporting rebels who carried out atrocities in Sierra Leone in return for “blood diamonds”. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2012/apr/26/charles-taylor-guilty-war-crimes

Thus, Omer al-Bashir’s whim for being in power of Sudan for life preoccupies his thinking day and night as a savior from the predicaments that await him at the prison cells at The Hague in the Netherlands and causing him panicky all the time. So, Bashir finds some reassurance and consolation from his presence in power to rule what remained of the land and people of Sudan.

The amendments to the Constitution, in general, have retained the powers of the security apparatus, which the opposition rejects in all its forms because they have exceeded the proposals made by political forces that participated in the national dialogue calling for reducing these powers and limiting the functions of the security apparatus i(NISS) n collecting and analyzing information.

The drafting of a Permanent Constitution for Sudan requires a plethora of important groundbreaking moves among the most important of which is achieving just, comprehensive and lasting peace that would bringing the criminals to justice to face the predicaments of the atrocious crimes they have perpetrated in the rights of the people of the country since the ill-fated coming into the helm through military coup d’ état three decades ago. Among other crucial requirements is unfettered return of the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), refugees and immigrants to their original homes and Hawakeer in the regions to participate in the development process. This obviously includes removal of the foreigners imported by the (NCP) regime to occupy the land of the native Sudanese citizens with a view to bring about groundbreaking demographic change of the Darfur region which the regime considers the indigenous population as its archenemies and supporters of the rebel movements.

Omer al-Bashir’s dictated orders of ‘permanent constitution is nothing more than his infamous Wathba dialogue that meant to distract the Sudanese people and the political opposition away from the basic issues that concern the citizen more. The Wathba Dialogue has contributed into extending the life of the ruling regime of the National Congress Party (NCP) for more than three years that have been added to the survival of Omar al-Bashir in the rule of Sudan for the lean 28 years l Noting that Omer Bashir’s neverending national dialogue- aka Wathba Dialogue – started since its inception on January 27, 2014 so far. As it is known globally that the International Criminal Court (ICC) has issued two arrest warrants in 2009 and 2010, against the Sudanese President Omar Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir for crimes against humanity, war crimes and the organization of “genocide and other atrocities” in the Darfur region, western Sudan.  Moreover, the successive visits to countries outside Sudan by Omar al-Bashir became a symbol of criminality and fugitiveness from the international justice. With all the foregoing degree of criminality, Omer al-Bashir in view to his lack of insight and foresight, dares to call on the Sudanese people to participate in drafting a permanent constitution, bearing in mind that he and his entourage undermined Sudan’s constitution and overthrew the democratically elected government in which the National Islamic Front (NIF) as a political party was part of that coalition government in 1989 during the military coup led by Omar al-Bashir. The most important and difficult question to answer is as to how confident the people of Sudan are and assured that the ruling regime of the NCP  would fulfill the promise that it will implement what is included in the permanent constitution to be drafted.

Questions continue to elicit reassuring answers, including how much the Sudanese political opposition parties and the armed movements have trusts on Omar al-Bashir’s commitment to covenants to fulfill what is agreed upon because previous experiences of the peace agreements were not met by the National Congress Party regime, led by Omar al-Bashir who is now unashamedly calling on the opposition forces to join his ranks for the Sudan’s New Permanent constitution draft agreement.

The US court has certified testimony from witnesses who said Sudan continued to provide support and shelter to Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaeda network, which carried out attacks on embassies in Nairobi, Kenya and Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, which killed 200 people, including 12 Americans, in 1998. Sudan pays an astronomical sum of $ 7.3 billion to the relatives of the American victims and others. Thus, the existence of the ruling regime of the National Congress Party in Sudan is a disaster for both citizens today and future generations. But the strange thing is that the Sudan stopped attending the hearings and completely ignored the case after that. The judge expressed his astonishment at the emergence of Sudan after a month of the sentences, and his surprise at the request of Sudan to repeal these provisions! Oh God, it is not the time for gloating, because the amount of the money required to pay for the victims of the al-Qaeda bombings will be deducted from the livelihood of the oppressed Sudanese citizen who suffer the woes of civil wars and injustice.

On the other side and as Ayesha al-Basri said Omar al-Bashir’s successive visits to countries despite his indictment by the (ICC) for the crimes he has perpetrated against the Sudanese citizens in Darfur are a blow to the victims and contempt for justice.

The NCP regime and the Darfuri armed movements, Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) and Sudan Liberation Movement of Minni Minnawi (SLM-MM) along with  the National Umma Party (NUP) in August 2016 signed the African Union brokered the Roadmap Agreement, a framework for a political process to end the war and achieve democratic reforms. As expected,  the NCP regime created obstacles to reach to an agreed  cessation of hostilities with a view to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian relief to Sudanese citizens in places of conflict and war zones. Instead, the regime as expected put forward its hidden agenda,  the so-called the outcome of an internal dialogue process and called it the ’National Document’. The armed opposition, as expected, dismissed this document and said it never meant anything to them and they stuck to the need to implement the Roadmap which Khartoum categorically dismissed.

The (NCP) regime Security apparatus, the National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) continues arbitrarily arresting opposition figures for expressing their opinion regarding the human rights violation that the entity commits against the legitimate rights of political opposition. The recent detention of Ibrahim al-Shiekh and his colleague Abubakr Yousif Babiker both from Sudanese Congress Party (SCoP) for their support for the Darfur Student who resigned from the University of Bakht aL Ruda which is a blatant violation of the transitional Constitution of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA)/ Naivasha Agreement of   the year 2005. Ironically, Omer al-Bashir has been tirelessly working to get rid of that constitution which addressed the freedoms and the democratic process for Sudan prior to the secession of the South Sudan State. His regime is now trying through his unelected parliament to convert the 2005 constitution into a (NCP) preferred so-called ‘Permanent Constitution to suit his one party rule under dictatorship.

The NCP regime chaired by Omer al-Bashir is no stranger to outrageous long lasting damaging decisions that would contravene the peaceful living of the people of Sudan through revocation of covenants and reneging negotiated, agreed and signed peace agreements with the parties in dispute. Furthermore, Omer al-Bashir and his regime cannot be relied on to reach a just and sustainable peace that will stop the Janjaweed waged proxy warfare and restore security and stability for the people of Sudan in Darfur, the Nuba Mountains, the Blue Nile, Eastern Sudan, and all the other parts of the country affected by the ravages of wars.

No to NCP Constitution

The Sudanese people remain opposed to any constitution approved by the National Congress Party (NCP) parliament backed by semi-parties formed by the ruling regime led by Omar al-Bashir.

Before the ending of this article, it is necessary and our duty to give a voice of thanks and praise to Sheikh Yaqut and the people of his village in the reception and hospitality of more than 1200 students from Darfur at the University of Bakht al-Ruda who have made mass resignations from the university for the treatment of racism by the University Administration. Moreover, the National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) of the Government of the National Congress Party (NCP) denied their entry to the National Capital of Sudan Khartoum. The Security elements passed threats to Sheikh Yaqut and the people of the Village for hosting the students. However, Sheikh Yaqut and the citizens of his village went ahead with the hospitality of the students, despite the threat from the security services. By doing so, they presented a rare form of devotion for patriotism and humanity. In conclusion, we have to chant, saying Long Live the struggle of the Sudanese people land Long Live the sincerity of Sheikh Yaqut and the struggles of the people of the village of Sheikh Yaqut!

There remains an important question that waits for an answer as to how we trust and be certain that those who had previously undermined the Constitution of Sudan after their coup against a democratic government would come up with a Permanent Constitution for Sudan? Here as if we were expecting the wolf and the hyena to take care of our goats and sheep or out of the frying pan into the fire!

Winona LaDuke the American environmentalist, economist, and writer, known for her work on tribal land claims and preservation, as well as sustainable development has been quoted as saying: (Mother Earth needs us to keep our covenant. We will do this in courts, we will do this on our radio station, and we will commit to our descendants to work hard to protect this land and water for them. Whether you have feet, wings, fins, or roots, we are all in it together).

Barbara Levy Boxer the American politician who served as a United States Senator from California 1993 to 2017. A member of the Democratic Party, she previously served in the U.S. House of Representatives 1983 to 1993 has been quoted as saying: (We know no document is perfect, but when we amend the Constitution, it would be to expand rights, not to take away rights from decent, loyal Americans. This great Constitution of ours should never be used to make a group of Americans permanent second-class citizens. )
Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/b/barbarabox167653.html?src=t_constitution

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