Marshall Omer al-Bashir Seems Poised to Stockpile Nuclear Arsenal as of the Year 2019

 Marshall Omer al-Bashir Seems Poised to Stockpile Nuclear Arsenal as of the Year 2019

By Mahmoud A. Suleiman


This article comes against the backdrop of the news on  March 17, 2018 (KHARTOUM)  and quoted Sudan’s Minister of Water Resources and Electricity Minister Muataz Musa as saying that his Ministry signed an agreement that Russia should start building infrastructure for a Peaceful Nuclear Power Plant and to Train Sudanese Cadres in this field. In other words, it is a programme for a nuclear power reactor, the energy released is used as heat to make steam to generate electricity. Continue reading Marshall Omer al-Bashir Seems Poised to Stockpile Nuclear Arsenal as of the Year 2019


The African Union played the Role of Juror and Judge at the same time in the Darfur case


The African Union played the Role of Juror and Judge at the same time in the Darfur case

By Mahmoud A. Suleimanimg_4903-1

The issue of the people of Sudan in the Darfur region has become outside the global radar because the crisis has begun long ago and has not been resolved since its outbreak in 2003.  Moreover, the ruling regime of the National Congress Party led by genocide criminal Omar Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir has managed to converge with major powers in the world, starting with US President Donald Trump and Russian Vladimir Putin, and lifting US economic and trade sanctions on Sudan.

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The Arrogant and Tyrant Omer Bashir of Sudan Remains Cruel and Beyond the Borders

The Arrogant and Tyrant Omer Bashir of Sudan Remains Cruel and Beyond the Borders

By Mahmoud A. Suleimanimg_4903-1

Omer al-Bashir Declares Jihad Warfare at Peaceful Sudanese Protesters who opposed the rise of prices of essential commodities that included Bread.:
The National Congress Party (NCP) President, the genocidal criminal and the fugitive from the International Justice Omer Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir declared in front of the Popular Defence Forces (PDF) Militia his war on protesters who  dissent against high commodity prices. Moreover, Bashir said that  the Protesters were targeting the Islamic religion.

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Crackdown on Peaceful Protests against bread subsidy cuts by the security force is deplorable and deserves strongest condemnation

Crackdown on Peaceful Protests against bread subsidy cuts by the security force is deplorable and deserves strongest condemnation
The Peaceful Sudanese Public Display of Discontent on Price Hikes has been suppressed by Excessive violence and arbitrary arrests

Civil Rights Denial and Suppression by Excessive Violence in the (NCP) ruled Sudan

By Mahmoud A Suleiman

The martyrs are more generous and greater than us. The detainees are nobler than us, and the demonstrators inside Sudan are greater than those who are abroad, but in each of them there is a lot of goodness and blessing. Their interest in the affairs of the homeland and their interest in patriotism are unquestionable! With these positive and enthusing statements which were echoed by Sudanese patriots one open this article which comes against the backdrop of the raging popular demonstrations that took place all over Sudan starting from the City of El Geneina in the far west of the Darfur region where there were angry dissents against the regime of the National Congress Party (NCP) which systematically planned to the daily living of the Sudanese citizen unbearable by depriving them of the basics of living, including the lifting subsidies on the loaf of bread and other goods and commodities. In the town of Geneina in the war-torn region of Darfur, a student was killed during a similar protest. It was unclear how he was killed. “In the incidents that occurred in Geneina, one student was killed and six other people were wounded,” Fadalelmola Al-Haj, Governor of West Darfur of which Geneina is the capital, said in a statement.

The demonstrations spread from the City of Wad Medani in the Central region of Sudan as far as Kordofan, Eastern Sudan, Northern region cities and towns and of course in the Three Towns Capital of Sudan Khartoum, the seat of the (NCP) regime.. In the Capital Khartoum, the genocidal criminal, fugitive from the international justice, Omer Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir unleashed his tools of repression and killing the infamous cloned former Janjaweed militias, the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), Border Guards Force and as well as the security elements in the so-called National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) and riot police who beat the unarmed peaceful protesters with batons and tear gas. Moreover, the regime arrested arbitrarily the Political Opposition Leaders among them the prominent figures in the Sudanese Congress Party, the Sudanese Communist Party, and a number of journalists, activists, University students and human rights organizations figures.

On its fierce crackdown the Sudanese security forces arrested the Secretary-General of the Sudanese Communist Party (SCP) Mohammed Khatib in the early hours of the day after the success of the opposition party in the organization of peaceful demonstrations in Khartoum, in conjunction with the continued calls for other demonstrations, in protest against the budget of 2018, and rejection of the wave of high prices. Khatib was expected to be among other political leaders to present a speech to the crowd called by the Sudanese opposition yesterday in the field of a private school in the City of Omdurman. The Communist Party leader Siddiqui Kaballow was also arrested from his home in Khartoum. Last week, the Sudanese security forces arrested Sudanese Congress Party (SCP) leader Omer al-Digair and former party leader Ibrahim al-Sheikh at the start of the protests, after the doubling the price of bread.

Furthermore, National Security and Intelligence Service (NISS) issued instructions to the newspaper editors not to publish any news or comments related to the demonstrations in Khartoum on Tuesday (April 16, 2018). Arrests and closure of major streets and panic in the middle of the security authorities continued. The gang of the ruling regime flooded the popular fields with sewage water to make holding rallies and the starting demonstrations from it difficult. However and despite the criminal practices of the ruling regime the raging demonstrations continued condemning the abject failures and corruption of the putschist dictatorial regime of the Hippocratic Muslim Brotherhood Movement and demanded its departure and leave Sudan to its patriotic people. Earlier on Sunday 14 January 2018, security agents seized the print runs of six newspapers after they criticised the government over the rising cost of bread. “No reason was given for confiscating copies of our newspaper, but I think it was due to our transparent coverage of the food price rise,” said Hanadi Al-Sidiq, editor of Akhbar Al-Watan which saw its entire run seized along with Al-Tayar, Al-Mustagilla, Al-Karar, Al-Midan and Al-Assayha newspapers.

The events of the Sudanese protests in Khartoum against rising bread prices and of other basic commodities have been addressed by local and the international media outlets. The Gulf Times and AFP in Khartoum made a statement that Protest in Sudan against rising bread prices. Anti-government protests erupted after the cost of a 50-kilo sack of flour jumped from 167 ($9) to 450 Sudanese pounds ($25).Moreover, the media also referred to previous similar events such as the protests that were held in late 2016 after the government cut fuel subsidies. As well the authorities cracked down on those protests to prevent a repeat of the deadly unrest that followed an earlier round of subsidy cuts in 2013. Dozens (more than 200 ) of people were killed in September 2013 when security forces crushed large street demonstrations, drawing international condemnation.

The Times of Israel’s Daily Edition said reporting on the September 2013 crackdown on demonstrators by the (NCP) regime in Khartoum : (The mood in the capital was tense and schools were closed as residents prepared for more potential violence and protests expected on Friday, particularly after worshippers flood out of mosques following weekly Islamic prayer.

Violent protests erupted in Sudan on Monday when President Omar al-Bashir’s government decided to lift subsidies, nearly doubling prices on fuel products.

A gallon (3.8 liters) of diesel sprang from eight Sudanese pounds ($1.81) to 14 pounds ($3.18) after subsidies were lifted this week. A gallon of gasoline that was 12 pounds rose to 21, while a canister of cooking gas that was 14 pounds is now 25. One US dollar is about 4.40 Sudanese pounds.

Hospital officials and activists said at least 30 have been killed since in street violence, mostly in Khartoum. They spoke on condition of anonymity as they were not authorized to talk to the media.

Protesters torched 20 gas stations in Khartoum and elsewhere, and set fire to several police stations. Stores were looted in several parts of the city. Police fired tear gas in some places.

The Change Now youth movement said security forces killed the demonstrators by firing randomly into crowds, including at two funerals of slain protesters in Khartoum Wednesday night.

“The government deployed large security forces to suppress the protests,” spokesman Amgad Farid said by telephone. “Whatever the scale of the crackdown, people will not stop,” he added.

Farid, also a member of an umbrella group called the Youth Union for Revolution, said protesters’ demands had once been purely political and economic but had escalated since the killings.

“The president must step down and the government must resign,” he said, referring to al-Bashir, who has ruled over Sudan for more than two decades. “Now, the demands are retribution for the killings and bloodshed.”

An activist in Khartoum’s flashpoint Omdurman district said it had been emptied of residents, who fled either out of fear or in preparation of Friday’s protests. Violence appeared to hit a lull on Thursday with no deaths immediately reported.

The activist said there were no attacks on gas stations where the army was deployed. He said people are hesitant to engage the military but see the police as their adversary. Long lines stretched outside gas stations and people are upset, but they are calling on the army to side with the protesters.

A resident in Khartoum said Internet had been restored by late afternoon in the capital. The US-based Renesys, a company that monitors the worldwide state of the Internet also said Thursday that the Internet had been restored after almost 24 hours of total blackout.

Last year, an attempt by the government to cut subsidies sparked similar protests but they were quelled by a heavy crackdown on protesters, activists and journalists.

Sudan lost most of its main oil-producing territory when South Sudan broke off and became an independent state in 2011.

The latest riots first began in the state of Gezira, south of Khartoum, and in some places turned into a call for the ouster of al-Bashir.

Al-Bashir is wanted by the International Criminal Court on allegations linked to the conflict in Sudan’s western region of Darfur where an estimated 300,000 people have died since 2003 due to fighting between government-backed tribes and rebels

Nevertheless, protests in Khartoum and Omdurman continued on Wednesday 17 January 2018 despite the fact reported above in which the Security authorities in their quest to preempt public crowd they drowned the public park (Maidan Ahliya) in Omdurman with sewage water, the resistance forces achieved a qualitative breakthrough in response to the implementation of the protests called for by the Sudanese Communist Party (SCP) in the state of Khartoum which was a success.

Tyrants during their arrogance and their state of drunkenness forget totally the fact that the public can erupt and rise up to put an end to their regime as it happened previously in October 21 1964 and in April 1985 ousting the military regimes of Generals Ibrahim Abboud and Jaffar Muhammad Nimeiri respectively in the case of Sudan. The National Congress Party (NCP)/National Islamic Front (NIF) regime in Khartoum is no exception. The diehard loyalists of the (NCP) regime have been quoted as saying boastfully that nobody can oust them and that they would continue ruling Sudan unabatedly and unchallenged as long as their coming in 1098 was through the barrel of the gun –aka military coup d’état. Worse than that statement, there are reports attributed to some of those hardliners of the ruling regime saying that they will only hand power over to Jesus the Christ, peace be upon him! Obviously, we distance ourselves from such unsayable saying and we ask Allah for forgiveness from those rumors. And seek refuge in Allah from the accursed Satan.

The Sudanese opposition, both civil and armed, such as the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM), has affirmed its total rejection the war budget provided by the ruling regime of the National Congress Party (NCP). Moreover, (JEM) full support for the peaceful protests and declares the presence of its members among the demonstrators at the heart of peaceful demonstrations in which the Sudanese people express their rejection of the insane rise of goods and basic services as a natural result of the failure of the regime to implement rule of law, justice and good governance. All the components of the opposition in the Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF) expressed their Condemnation of the ruthless policies of the regime that does not put the suffering of the Sudanese people into consideration and the necessities of their life as priority. These demonstrations also express the Sudanese people’s categorical rejection of the war budget on the people and starvation adopted by the regime.

On another development, the Umma National Party (UNP) issued a statement on the arrest of the Secretary-general of the Party, Sarah Nugdalla, by the security services of the corrupt regime. They arrested this afternoon the brave fighter Princess Sara Nugdalla, Secretary General of the National Umma Party from her home in Wad Nubawi neighbourhood in Omdurman, in an escalating step of the regime, to join the list of the detainees of the party and the Sudanese political forces and the revolutionaries and rebels from the masses of our great people. And In response to this unjustified arbitrary measure, the (NUP) emphasized the following and said:

First: The arrest of the activist Sara, confirms the fear of the (NCP) regime of this boldness and courageous positions in preserving the right and resist tyranny and arbitrariness. And

 Secondly the (NUP) condemned the targeting of Party leaders and cadres by the regime’s organs, and stresses that the march of struggle and resistance will not stop, but stirs more candles for freedom, dignity and steadfastness. Thirdly: The (UNP) warned the regime and its security apparatus against the consequences of this step. The party said they hold the responsibility of the safety of the Ustaz Sara Nugdalla and her comrades in the regime’s detention centers. They stressed the immediate release of all political prisoners. And fourthly the Party appealed to all its bases and the masses of the party and the Sudanese people to continue the struggle and resistance against this regime until it falls and is relegated to its final resting place. The (NUP) chanted their eternal slogan God is great and thankfully Praise is to Allah. Earlier, sayed al-Sadiq al-Mahdi appealed to the Sudanese regular forces not to attack demonstrators, and he also called on the Sudanese citizens to come out and demonstrate until the overthrow of the regime. Imam al-Sadiq al-Mahdi also launched a violent attack on the (NCP) government because of the repression of the peaceful demonstration at the public field – al-Ahliya Midan.

The members of the Syndicate of Sudanese Doctors appealed to their colleagues in the Syndicate of Sudanese Doctors to take the time of the initiative and call the original trade unions which include Sudanese Workers Union along with all the professional unions of engineers, lawyers, University professors, universities, teachers under the Slogan: Revolution until victory. We pay Salutation and support to the Sudanese Communist Party (SCP) in its leadership and membership along with thanks to the enthusiasm, in which all the political parties both civil and armed participated in the struggle against this repressive ailing regime.

Let our people live free in dignity, prosperity and honour. Revolution until victory, the fire of anger will not be extinguished.

Here, it is timely to quote the Revolutionary Tunisian Poet Abulgasim al-Shabby who said in his famous Poem (The will of life):

إذا الشعب يوماً أراد الحيـــــــاة فلا بد أن يستجيب القدر

و لا بد لليل أن ينجلى و لا بد للقيد أن ينكسر

و من لم يعانقه شوق الحياة تبخر فى جوها و اندثر

• “If, one day, a people desire to live, then fate will answer their call.

And their night will then begin to fade, and their chains break and fall.

For he who is not embraced by a passion for life will dissipate into thin air,

At least that is what all creation has told me and what its hidden spirits declare…”

Translated by Elliott Colla

• If the people will to live Providence is destined to Favourably respond

And night is destined to fold And the chains are certain to be broken

            And he who has not embraced the love of life will evaporate in its atmosphere and disappear.

Translated by As’ad Abu Khalil

• Should the people one day truly aspire to life / then fate must needs respond / the night must needs shine forth / and the shackles must needs break / Those who are not embraced by life’s yearning / shall evaporate in her air and vanish 

And, from over at Meedan, a translation from a contributor called “Yankee John”:

Three Translations of Abu al-Qasim al-Shabi’s ‘If the People Wanted Life One Day’

The ruling regime of the National Congress Party (NCP) in its resort to extremes of violence against peaceful demonstrators who are protesting the unlimited rise in the prices of essential commodities such Bread as an example of a situation that requires condemnation in the strongest terms. The slogans of citizens during their protest against the rise in prices of essential goods was “peaceful and peaceful demonstration against the haramiya which means in English is burglars/robbers or thieves.

Dr. Mahmoud A. Suleiman is an author, columnist and a blogger. His blog is

What will the Sudanese People in the Darfur Region Expect in the New Year 2018?

 What will the Sudanese People in the Darfur Region Expect in the New Year 2018?

By Mahmoud A. Suleiman

The Sudanese people are not sure of what is hidden in the New Year 2018 under the rule of the despotic regime of the National Congress Party (NCP), which is led by the tyrant, genocidal criminal and the fugitive from the international justice, Omer Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir who is seeking protection from the countries his National Islamic Front (NIF) used to call them the arrogant colonial Countries of Russia and America whose torment had neared. But without a doubt, the 62nd Anniversary of the independence of the Sudan from the Anglo-Egyptian Condominium colonization will pass on them on Monday, the First of January 2018. By then, the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) who are the survivors of the Holocaust of the twenty-first century in the Darfur region are still languishing under the fire of repression, poverty, disease, lack of basic public services of Education, health, drinking water, food and clothing, and above all of that the threat of forcible eviction from the camps of displacement into where they fled to while fleeing the killing after their homes, villages were burnt down and destroyed and their land and farms were occupied by the mercenaries and militias brought by Omer al-Bashir from the neighbouring African countries to change population demographics. Furthermore, Omer al-Bashir in order to cover up his past and the ongoing crimes in Darfur, he decided the dismantling the more than “51” Camps for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) spread over large swathes in the Five States in the Darfur Region of the Western Sudan. The reason underlying the disassembling the Fifteen-year old 51 or so IDPs Camps because they represent the biggest witness and the most authentic legal evidence for the atrocities committed by the Genocidal criminal Omer Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir through his proxy tools of the Janjaweed militias, now some of them have been cloned to be renamed the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), the Border Guard Forces or the Popular Defence Forces (PDF). On the other hand, Omer Bashir plans to rule Sudan forever because he thinks this would guarantee his protection against the grip of the International Criminal Court (ICC), which has been chasing him day and night, wherever he went. Following his indictment by the (ICC), Omer al-Bashir made his famous statement: (They will issue their decision tomorrow, and we are telling them to immerse it in water and drink it)!

To make the people of Sudan a laughingstock of the world, recently Omer al-Bashir tried rapprochement with the United States of America (USA) ruled by Donald Trump, Russia of Vladimir Putin, Iran of Ayatollah Khomeini and the De Facto Dictatorship of Turkey under the dictatorship of the New Ottoman Sultan / President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan beside the mercenary role of the Sudan Armed Force (SAF) in the war in Yemen known as the Operation Decisive Storm (ODS) for a refuge to protect himself from the most feared (ICC) in exchange for unprecedented concessions in the form of land, sea Ports, investments opportunities and the sale of agricultural projects and military bases without regard to the rights of the Sudanese people. Worse of all this is what goes on among the Sudanese political opposition who abjectly failed to come to minimum joint work on the unity of struggle to confront the NCP regime head on. Reaching to minimum agreement to collect the rows together along with the armed movements to move the street of Sudanese people to the uprising as had occurred against the Former military dictatorship regimes in 1964 and 1985 that overthrew the regimes of General Ibrahim Abboud and General Jaafar Mohamed Nimeiry in the October Revolution and the April Revolution, respectively. Now these revolutions have become dreams of the past history. Despite the above frustration, the hope is still remains great in the student’s and youth at the higher education institutions and universities as well as the rebellious Sudanese people despite the arbitrariness, repression, torture and inquisition courts. The injustice that is dominated by the infamous intelligence and security apparatus (NISS) and the police loyal to the criminal regime and the Sudanese army, which has become a supporter of the crimes of the Muslim Brotherhood regime and the global Masonic hypocrite tyranny in the name of the Islamic religion, which evades them all.

As it is clear is that Bashir’s regime which used to accuse continuous the civil and armed political opposition of trying to strengthen with the help of foreigners and global imperialism. Nevertheless, the opposite has become the true situation where Bashir shamelessly requesting the Russian President Putin to protect him against the US aggression!

Sadly, a lot of damage has already been done in Sudan by the three-decade oppressive reign of the National Islamic Front (NIF)/National Congress Party (NCP) regime and trust has been broken beyond repair as long as the genocidal criminal fugitive from the international justice, Omer Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir, remains on the helm by default because of his feelings of unsafely while unprotected by firmly gripping all the powers in the beleaguered, racist and corrupt entity that marred the remains of the former one million Square Miles sized Republic of Sudan.

Bashir sought for his protection through new Saviour from former alleged infidels foes from the arrogant colonization Countries. Furthermore, the calamity of Omer al-Bashir would continue haunting him despite all his mercenary work and concessions that he gave out, he remains restless and frightened of the possible demise of his rule and the consequent arrest of him to spend the rest of his life as a prisoner with his ilk such as Ratko Mladic, nicknamed “the butcher of Bosnia and other inmates charged with crimes of genocide, mass murder, persecution, torture, rape and mutilation at The Hague Hilton. Bashir’s other inmate companions include World War Lords who have been imprisoned at the Dutch dungeons used by the International Criminal Court (ICC), the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) and the Special Court for Sierra Leone, which convicted Charles Taylor for 50 years being convicted on 11 counts of war crimes, including terrorism, murder, rape and using child soldiers. They also include Radovan Karadzic for charges of genocide in relation to the 1995 Srebrenica massacre, the worst single atrocity on European soil since the Second World War. And among them others such as the Congolese warlord Thomas Lubanga, who the International Criminal Court (ICC) sentenced to 14 years, who may yet appeal. The former Ivory Coast President Laurent Gbagbo who faces four charges of crimes against humanity, including murder and rape, in the wake of disputed presidential elections in 2010 is also one of them. As you’d expect in the Netherlands, the jail that contains them is modern and the facilities excellent. Standard rooms are 15sq m in size and include a bed, a basin and toilet, satellite television – so that, perhaps ironically, they can keep up with news from their own countries – a radio, a coffee machine and a laptop, so they can work on their cases, though usually without an internet connection!

Inmates are locked in their cells from 9pm to 7.30am, when they are woken for breakfast. During the day they can use the library, work out in the gym, where a fitness instructor is on hand, have a massage, join occupational-therapy classes, including painting, gourmet cooking and guitar playing, take advantage of “spiritual guidance” or, for those with more worldly appetites, arrange some private time with a visitor in the “conjugal room”.

Meals are provided, but there’s also a prison shop, and detainees are allowed to order dishes that suit their cultural and dietary requirements.

One of the stories most frequently told about the detention unit is of a lawyer for Charles Taylor who passed on a complaint to the kitchens from the former president, saying that the menu on offer was “completely Eurocentric and not acceptable to the African palate”. There’s no record of the chef’s response!

After reading the foregoing paragraphs, President Omer Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir should not live in fear and sorrow because the prison hotel in The Hague in the Netherlands is full of associates, some from Africa and others from Europe where they live with them to spend the period of their sentences adopted by a fair international court which is by no means like the prisons of Sudan In which all kinds of torture are carried out including death, as happened to many prisoners of conscience during the lean years of his oppressive reign of the National Congress Party (NCP) regime. We should remind Bashir that some members of his entourage, including Abdel Rahim Mohamed Hussein, Ahmed Mohamed Haroun and Ali Abdulrahman Kushayb, will be with him to spend their respective term of sentences in the same Grand Hotel in The Hague so as not to feel the boredom of loneliness. The first warrant for arrest for Omer Hassan Ahmad Al Bashir was issued on 4 March 2009, the second on 12 July 2010. The suspect is still at large. As it is known, in March 2009, Omer Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir became the first sitting president to be indicted by the International Criminal Court (ICC), for allegedly directing a campaign of mass killing, rape, and pillage against civilians in the western Sudan region of Darfur. The Next step is Until Omer Al Bashir is arrested and transferred to the seat of the Court in The Hague, the case will remain in the Pre-Trial stage. The ICC does not try individuals unless they are present in the courtroom.

Benazir Bhutto the Pakistani politician who served as Prime Minister of Pakistan for two terms 1988 to 1990 and again from 1993 to 1996 has been quoted as saying: (Military dictatorship is born from the power of the gun, and so it undermines the concept of the rule of law and gives birth to a culture of might, a culture of weapons, violence and intolerance). 

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Putin’s Invitation for Sudan’s al-Bashir Coincided ICTY Trial of Balkan Butcher Mladic

Putin’s Invitation for Sudan’s al-Bashir Coincided ICTY Trial of Balkan Butcher Mladic  
By Mahmoud A. Suleiman

On Wednesday 22 November 2017, the Court sentenced the Bosnian Serb General Ratko Mladic to life imprisonment and convicted of involvement in genocide and other crimes during the Bosnian war. The verdict came after 20 years of the war that tore apart former Yugoslavia. The international judiciary finally handed down its verdict on the former military commander of the Bosnian Serbs known as the “Balkan butcher”, in a move that will turn a page of conflicts in that region. The war during the period 1992-1995 had left more than 100,000 people dead and displaced 2.2 million people. The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) has handed a life sentence to Ratko Mladic, who is accused of being the “mastermind behind the deaths of thousands of people” and on charges of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. 

On the other hand, the likes of Ratko Mladic of criminals such as Marshal Omer Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir of Sudan has been indicted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) at The Hague, the Netherlands, for crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide he has committed in the region of Darfur and remains fugitive from the international justice since 2009.

At this window of opportunity and In this context, I write about the trial of the Balkan butcher, Ratko Mladic, after 20 years later to add my voice, saying that the legitimate rights will neither go unheeded through longevity nor fall off by the passage of age of time and that justice will take its course no matter how long it takes and to say woe to those who committed the heinous crimes in Darfur and are still at large carrying the blood of the victims and survivors of the wars of attrition waged by Omer Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir and his oppressive National Congress Party (NCP) regime.

Russian President Vladimir Putin received the genocidal criminal Omer Hassan Ahmed Bashir in Moscow on Thursday 23 November 2017, one day after the sentence to life impoundment of the Balkan butcher Ratko Mladic at The Hague. Worse is that Russia is a Permanent Member of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and one of the Big FIVE who Monopolise the Right of the Mighty VETO which by Just raising the Index Finger and say either (Yes which in Russian is да Or No which in Russian is Нет) and the Resolution would become accepted or becomes null and void respectively! The Sudanese citizens in Darfur will shout “Shame on you the Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, former KGB counterintelligence Officer for your betrayal of the souls of the 300000 victims. It seems we live today in a world where interests prevail over all human values ​​and double standards are the Principles which determine the international politics. The unethical, inhumane ” the Doctrine of End Justifies the Means” attributed to Niccolò Machiavelli seem to have been driving the decisions of politician to the extent that a head of state like Russia receives a person who is indicted with 5 counts of crimes against humanity, 2 counts of war crimes and 3 counts of genocide against civilian Sudanese citizens in the Darfur region since 2009. Accordingly, what Putin has done by embracing the Génocidaire Omer Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir at the Kremlin, the former home of the Great Union, of the Soviet Socialist Republics, abbreviated USSR, is nothing but a travesty of international justice at the extreme. It is high time for the world to live to its pledges and slogans of NEVER AGAIN.

The “RT” Channel reported that the Sudanese President Omer al-Bashir said before his visit to Moscow, in an interview: “This visit will be a qualitative leap in the relations between Sudan and Russia.” Moreover, Bashir has added and said that Sudan highly valued the Russian role in the United Nations (UN) and in the Security Council (UNSC), stressing that this role saved Sudan from conspiracies. Omer al-Bashir to explain that his visit will be a new start in all areas which include economic and military pointing out that, despite the failure of the supply of Russian weapons in recent years for political reasons, but the weapon of the Sudanese army as a whole are Soviet and Russian made. Sudan has reached an agreement with the Russian Defense Ministry on assistance in upgrading its armed forces, President Omar al-Bashir said at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday in Sochi. Sudan finds the situation in the Red Sea worrisome, al-Bashir said, adding that “US interference in these affairs is also a problem,” TASS reports. The Sudanese president said that US intervention was “to blame for Sudan’s split” into two states. “As a result we need protection from aggressive actions by the US. We believe that what is happening in Syria now is an effect of US interference.

Sudanese President Omer al-Bashir said during a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the city of Sochi that his country’s position was consistent with Russia’s position on the Syrian issue. “Our positions in Syria are identical and we believe that peace is not possible without Assad,” Bashir said during a meeting with Putin. Bashir said in his speech that “what is happening in Syria is the result of American intervention there. “Source: RT quoted by the Sudanese electronic journal Sudanile.

It was surprisingly learnt that one of the outcomes of Bashir visit to Russia is that Russia will significantly increase its grains exports to Sudan, President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday during negotiations between the Russian Government and Sudan’s President Omer al-Bashir, according to the Russian Ministry of Agriculture. “By the end of this marketing year Russia will export to Sudan up to 1 million MT of grains,” Putin was quoted as saying. At the moment the main commodity exported to Sudan from Russia is wheat. The countries plan to increase wheat exports, as well as those of corn and barley. At the moment Sudan is one of the 10 biggest importers of Russian grains. In the 2017-18 marketing year Sudan imported around 635,000 MT of grains as of this Tuesday, up 282,000 MT in comparison with the 2016-17 marketing year.

Source:–Sofia Likhacheva,

Worse is the news that the Sudanese President Omer al-Bashir has been reported asking the Russian Putin for ‘protection’ from ‘aggressive’ US! The genocidal criminal Omer al-Bashir began to flatter in a humiliating manner when addressing his new master of grace, the President of the Republic of Russia, Vladimir Putin, in naive words in which he seeks protection from the United States of America (USA). In doing so, Omer al-Bashir as if he forgot that he is the head of state of Sudan at the moment when he was humbly begging Putin for help. What was surprising was that his entourage kept silent while Bashir was braying out his Expressions of praise and reverence for Putin. Omar al-Bashir’s delegation members accompanying him seemed as if they did not believe that the opportunity was given to them to meet a head of state such as Russia, which was once the Muslim Brotherhood Movement (MBM) in Khartoum in the 1990s saying in their slogans that the end and demise for Russia has arrived with condemnation. Apparently, they were not imagining that they were guests of Russia meeting with Putin in the Black Sea resort of Sochi! Bashir continued his praise for Putin but accusing the United States (US) of fomenting the conflict in Sudan and added saying: “We Need Protection from the U.S. aggressive Actions.’’! Bashir here seemed to have turned a blind eye to the services of the Administration of the New US President Donald Trump, who lifted the economic and trade sanctions imposed on Sudan since 1997 by former President Bill Clinton. 

The people of Sudan are facing a farce era of governance led by a miserable president who Lacks wisdom and knowledge of politics and the foundations of global diplomacy. The Sudanese people deserve to be governed by a fair and respected president from the countries of the world. Unfortunately, Omer al-Bashir remains a scandalous symbol of embarrassment for the people of Sudan in front of the eyes of all the peoples of the civilised world.

It seems clear that the timing of Omer al-Bashir’s visit to Russia coincides with the sentencing to life imprisonment of the Balkan butcher Ratko Mladic where there is a symbol meaning for what Bashir expects on one day a similar verdict by the Judges of the International Criminal Court (ICC) at The Hague in the Netherlands. However, the outcome of the Trial of Ratko Mladic restores hope to the victims and survivors of Omer Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir’s crimes against the Sudanese civilian citizens in the region of Darfur. Sadly, those Crimes are still ongoing in Internally Displaced Persons Camps (IDPs) by the notorious Janjaweed militias which have been cloned to become the so-called Rapid Support Forces (RSF), mercenaries and army of Omar al-Bashir since the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued an order to arrest Omer al-Bashir in 2009. Omer al-Bashir considers the IDP camps symbolise the crimes committed by him and his entourage as evidence and testimony before international justice. Furthermore, Omer al-Bashir has launched a campaign to collect arms from the citizens of Darfur as an excuse and a pretext to evacuate the internally displaced camps (IDPs) such as Kalma Camp, Zamzam camp and other camps spread across the wide swaths of the Five States in the war-torn region of Darfur in Western part of Sudan. A campaign to collect weapons and emptying the internally displaced persons’ (IDPs) camps in Darfur in a timely concurrent manner to prepare for the concealment of the heinous crimes of Omer al-Bashir against the people of Darfur.

Thus, the first warrant for arrest for Omer Hassan Ahmad Al Bashir was issued on 4 March 2009, the second on 12 July 2010. The suspect is still at large. The case was transferred to the seat of the Court in The Hague; the case will remain in the Pre-Trial stage. 

 Pre-Trial Chamber I found that there are reasonable grounds to believe that Omar Al Bashir acted with specific intent to destroy in part the Fur, Masalit and Zaghawa ethnic groups.

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC), whose Five Veto Wielding Permanent Members include the Russian Federation headed by Vladimir Putin, who welcomed the fugitive criminal of international justice Omer Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir on Thursday November 23, 2017, without feeling the political responsibility or embarrassment and the humanitarian responsibility of the lives of 300,000 victims in Darfur; Illustrates that the Personal Interests of the individual (UNSC) Members conflict with the human values ​​enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations. The Charter of the United Nations (UN) was signed on 26 June 1945, in San Francisco, at the conclusion of the United Nations Conference on International Organization, and came into force on Wednesday 24 October 1945.

Oscar Levant the American pianist, composer, author, comedian, and actor has been quoted as saying 😦 A politician is a man who will double cross that bridge when he comes to it.
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ذكرياتي عن ثورة ٢١ أكتوبر1964المجيدة الشعبية السودانية


ذكرياتي عن ثورة ٢١ أكتوبر1964المجيدة الشعبية السودانية

My memories of the October 21 1964 Glorious Sudanese Revolution

بقلم محمود أبكر سليمان


السبت 21 أكتوبر 2017 يصادف الذكرى ال 53 لثورة أكتوبر المجيدة في السودان بنعوتها المتعددة والتي أطلق عليها (ثورة

أكتوبر المجيدة)، و(أكتوبر الأخضر) وتغنى لها الفنانون بأناشيد منه

” هبت الخرطوم فى جنح الدجى ضمدت بالعزم هاتيك الجراح

وقفت للفجر حتى طلعا مشرق الجبهة مخضوب الجناح

والتقينا في طريق الجامعة مشهداً يا موطني ما اروعا “

كلمات الشاعر والسفير عبد المجيد حاج الامين غناء الفنان عبدالكريم الكابلى

وكما ألهمت شاعرنا الدبلوماسي “محمد المكي إبراهيم”، فكان ميلاد قصيدة (أكتوبر الأخضر) التي برع في تلحينها ومن ثم أدائها الموسيقار محمد عثمان وردي

باسمك الأخضر يا أكتوبر الأرضُ تغني

والحقول اشتعلت .. قمحاً ووعداً وتمنـي

والكنوز انفتحت .. في باطن الأرض تنادي

باسمك الشعب انتصر .. حائط السجن انكسر

والقيود انسدلت جدلة عـُرس في الأيادي

 وتغنى بها الفنان “محمد الأمين” ويقول مطلعها:

أكتوبر واحد وعشرين

يا صحو الشعب الجبار

يا لهب الثورة العملاقة

يا ملهم غضب الأحرار


و غيرها – وكما ألهمت الشعراء و كتاب أخر الذين كتبوا عنها كأمجد ثورة في تاريخ السودان الحديث ضد الدكتاتورية والاستبداد كما وصفها مفجروها أمثال الأستاذ الربيع حسن أحمد رئيس إتحاد طلاب جامعة الخرطوم الذى تولى مهمة رئاسة الاتحاد ضد نظام الجنرال الرئيس ابراهيم عبود بعد قوات الأمن إعتقلت جميع أعضاء اللجنة التنفيذية لإتحاد طلاب جامعة الخرطوم بما فيهم رئيس الإتحاد و أودعوا فى السجن. و فى هذه السانحة يمكننا أن نردد مقتبسين بيت شعر الشاعر الفذ و العنصرى المليئ بالسخط أبى الطيب المتنئ أحمد بن الحسين الذى قال يهجو كافورالإخشيدى بأهاجيه المرة الساخرة في يوم عرفة قبل مسيره من مصر بيوم واحد سنة خمسين وثلاثمئة متساءلاً: عيدٌ بأيّةِ حالٍ عُدتَ يا عيدُ, بمَا مَضَى أمْ بأمْرٍ فيكَ تجْديدُ؟ و إننى فى هذه السانحة لست فى وضع من يلوم ثورة أكتوبر المجيدة بأى حال من الأحوال و لكننى فى وضع من يتحسر و يلوم نفسه كفرد من شعب السودان حيث فشلنا كأجيال عبر تلك السنين حول تماسك بلدنا السودان الذى إنشطر الى دولتين فاشلتين جنوب و شمال بفعل النظام الدكتاتورى العسكرى الباطش الذى جاء عن طريق الانقلاب العسكرى و قوض الحكومة المنتخبة ديمقراطياً و ظل يحكم فجعل أهل السودان بين المطرقة والسندان ففصل الجزء الجنوبى من البلاد و أشعل الحروب الاستنذافية فى كل أنحاء ما تبقت من أرض السودان و ارتكب نظام حزب المؤتمر الوطنى جرائم ضد الانسانية و جرائم الحرب و جرائم الإبادة الجماعية فىإقليم دارفور و أصبح رئيسه مطلوباً للقبض عليه من قبل المحكمة الجنائية الدولية و هو معتبر هارباً من العدالة الدولية و ملفوظاً دولياً ليصبح أول رئيس دولة تقاضيه المحكمة الجنائية الدولية أثناء وجوده في السلطة. كما تم إشعال الحرب فى جنوب كردفان منطقة جبال النوبة ثم فى الانقسنا فى مناطق جنوب النيل الأزرق و قائمة الجرائم تطول ويضيق المجال لاحتوائها. و من المساخر المؤلمة أن النظام الذى يعرف بالإنقاذ و بأسمائه المتعددة الأخرى قد بدأ منذ الآن الإعداد لما تسمى إنتخابات عام 2020 و تحدث وزير الداخلية عن التصويت عبر الهاتف عن استخدام البطاقة الجديدة في انتخابات عام 2020 .. و أن بإمكان الناخب أن يدلي بصوته من منزله هاتفياً باستخدام رقم البطاقة عند التصويت! و هكذا ليستمبر النظام التعسفى من دون نهاية لضمان حماية رئيسها من قبضة المحكمة الجنائية الدولية و لصرف الانظار عن اخفاقاته و تغطية جرائمه المستمرة باستغلال الشائعات لالهاء الشعب بعيداً عن القضايا القضايا التي تهم الجمهور و للأسف أن المعارضة السياسية السودانية مدنية كانت أم مسلحة تظل منشقة متشاكسة فى تفاخر البعض منها حول من هو الأفضل ومن يمتلك الشرعية والقوة فيما جمهور شعب السودان يرزح تحت ويلات الحروب و الفقر و الامية و المرض و انعدام الأمن و السلام و فضلاً على هجرة الشباب الى أصقاع العالم تحت ظروف قاهرة عبر الصحراء الليبية أو عبر البحر الأبيض المتوسط ضحايا مافيا الاتجار بالبشر أو الغرق من على القوارب المطاطية. و مع هذا واجب على شعب السودان الا يتجاهل الشائعات التى يطلقها أجهزة أمن النظام فاقد الشرعية و المأزوم الآن بصراعات مراكز القوى و لكن على الرغم من ذلك كلنا أمل فى قوى التغييرو المقاومة الجادة فى العمل الجاد إلى زوال نظام الإبادة الجماعية هذا وإلى الأبد. 

بعد هذه الصورة القاتمة السابقة للحياة فىيما تبقى من السودان دعونا نتناول قصة ثورة أكتور 21 1964 المجيدة ثورة كل شعب السودان فى عيدها الثالث و الخمسين. 

ثورة اكتوبر ٢١ السودانية إندلعت عام ١٩٦٤ في عهد حكم الجنرال ابراهيم عبود العسكرية و كانت ثورة شعبية عارمة لا يمكن أن تدعي ملكيتها علي انفراد اي جهة محددة و لكن هنالك أسباب موضوعية و دوافع تزامنت و عجلت بقيامها.

من دون شك قد تناول الكثيرون من الكتاب موضوع ثورة اكتوبر من خلال زوايا متعددة ذاكرين الأسباب و ما لازمت الثورة من أحداث و التضحيات و فضلاً علي ذكر اسماء بعض الشخصيات و مؤسسات كانت لها حضور قبيل و أثناء الثورة و بعدها في تسلسل زمني تاريخي. و من أهم الأسباب المباشرة التي أدت الي إندلاع الثورة الشعبية السودانية في 21 أكتوبر ١٩٦٤ قضية جنوب السودان التي تفاقمت و ازدادت حدتها نتيجة إصرار حكومة الجنرال عبود حسمها عسكرياً و منع الجهود السياسية و أهمها ما كان يطلق عليها حوار المائدة المستديرة و فضلاً علي محاولات وزارة الداخلية منع الندوات السلمية حول قضية جنوب السودان عن طريق فرقة الشرطة الخاصة هذا بالإضافة الي السبب الاساسي الا و هو كراهية الشعب السوداني للنظام العسكري الشمولى القمعي الذي تسبب في الإطاحة في ١٧ نوفمبر ١٩٥٨ بالحكومة المنتخبة ديمقراطيا بعد إستقلال السودان من الحكم الاستعماري الثنائي.

أهم المبررات و الأسباب التى قادت الى اندلاع ثورة اكتور 21 المجيدة الشعبية السودانية حسب رأئى و قد كنت طالباً بكية الطب جامعة الخرطوم و مشاركاً فى كل مراحل الثورة:

أسباب عامة أو العوامل المهيئة لقيام الثورة Predisposing Factors 

1) يروز مشكلة جنوب السودان بصفة لافتة حيث قررت الحكومة طرد القساوسة الأوروبيين من الكنائس و استبدالهم بقساوسة جنوبيين و فضلاً على قرار تعريب المناهج الدراسة فى الجنوب

2) إزدياد تعسف الحكومة العسكرية فى وأد الحريات بحل الأحزاب السياسية و زج بعض قادتها السجون

3) سعى نظام عبود الى إلغاء إستقلالية جامعة الخرطوم و ضمها تحت إدارة وزراة المعارف و هنالك حدث مهم و هو مشاركة الرئيس إبراهيم عبود في حفل التخريج الذي أقامته جامعة الخرطوم لطلابها فما كان من الطلاب إلا وأن قاموا بهتافات ضد حكومة 17 نوفنبر 1958 فأحدثوا شغب الأمر الذى دمر الحدث بشكل جذرى. علماً أن إتحاد طلاب جامعة الخرطوم كان غير راض عن تعديل أحدثته إدارة الجامعة لإحدى بنود قانون الجامعة خاص بالإتحاد تحت مسمى البند التاسع فى النظام الأساسى Statute 9 و كان ذلك البند المشار إليه و الذى تريد إدارة الجامعة فرضهو تقول إن إتحاد طلاب جامعة الخرطوم ليس سياسياً و لا طائفياً.

4) الندوات حول مشكلة جنوب السودان وأول ندوة كانت فى قاعة إمتحانات جامعة الخرطوم و حضرها مجموعة من السياسيين و أساتذة الجامعة و على قائمتهم الدكتور حسن عبد الله الترابى فى يوم 30/ 9/ 1964م و كانت الخلاصة أن حل مشكلة الجنوب لن يتأتى إلا بحل مشكلة السودان الذي يحتاج الى الديمقراطية والحرية بزوال الحكم العسكرى الدكتاتورى.

أسباب مباشرة أو العوامل المعجلة لقيام الثورة Precipitating Factors 

1) قرار الحكومة منع قيام ندوة بمشاركة الأحزاب السياسية يدار إتحاد طلاب جامعة الخرطوم و لما تقدمت اللجنة التنفيذية للإتجاد بمذذكرة لوزرة الداخلية تم اعتقال أعضاء اللجنة التنفيذية لاتحاد طلاب جامعة الخرطوم كاملاً بقيادة حافظ الشيخ الزاكي فى يوم 10 /10/ 1964م

2) و لما كان طلاب الإتجاه الإسلامي – الإخوان المسلمين – لهم الأصوات الأعلى أسندت رئاسة اللجنة البديلة إلى الطالب بكلية القانون ربيع حسن أحمد. فقرر إتحاد الطلاب برئاسة ربيع حسن أحمد إقامة ندوة في دارر اتحاد طلاب جامعة الخرطوم مع عدم دعوة الأحزاب السياسية حرصاً على عدم تعرض قادتها الى الاعتقال وكانت الاتجاهات الممثلة في الندوة تشمل الأخوان المسلمين (الإتجاه الإسلامى) والجبهة الديمقراطية (الشيوعيون) والجبهة الاشتراكية واتجاهان آخران و طبعاً و الأهم جمهور طلاب جامعة الخرطوم من كل الكليات الوسط و الطرفية مثل شمبات و كلية الطب و كلية الصيدلة و لكن إدارة جامعة الخرطوم أغرقت ميادين اتحاد طلاب الجامعة بالماء الأمر الذى أدى إلى عدم إمكانية إقامة الندوة في دار الاتحاد محاولة لإلغاء الندوة بطريقتها الخاصة إلا أن إتحاد الطلاب برئيسه البديل ربيع حسن أحمد قرر تحويل موقع الندوة الى ميادين داخليات البركس وأقيمت الندوة الشهيرة فى ليلة الأربعاء 21 أكتوبر 1964 بين داخليتى كسلا و القاش وأول ما بدأ المتحدث الأول داهمت الشرطة ساحة الندوة و أمطرت الحضور بالقنابل المسيلة الدموع و الضرب الهراوات.

العوامل المساعدة Cofactors 

(1) إلتفاف الشعب السودانى فى كل قطاعاته و أطيافه السياسية حول مبادئ الحرية و الديمقراطية التى نادت بها ثورة أكتوبر المجيدة.

(2) من العوامل التي ساهمت في نجاح ثورة أكتوبر فى وقت مبكر أن نظام الجنرال إبراهيم عبود لم يكن متعطشاً للدماء مثل الأنظمة العسكرية العقائدية التي جاءت بعده. وتشمل الأنظمة الشائنة اثنين على وجه التحديد نظام 25 مايو 1969 بقيادة جعفر محمد نميري ونظام الجبهة الإسلامية القومية (حزب المؤتمر الوطني) بقيادة عمر حسن أحمد البشير منذ 30 يونيو 1989 حتى الآن.

و هكذا علي الرغم من استمرار القمع و التشديد علي الحريات العامة من قبل حكومة الجنرال عبود الا ان التحدي استمر بإقامة الندوات في نادي طلاب جامعة الخرطوم حيث تم تفريق الندوة و اعتقال اللجنة التنفيذية لاتحاد طلاب جامعة الخرطوم الذي كان يرأسها ة حافظ الشيخ الزاكى منذ العاشر من أكتوبر 1964 و عندئذ قرر الطلاب بإقامة ندوة تحدي موقعها داخليات الطلاب التي تسمي براكس و كان رئيس الاتحاد الربيع حسن أحمد و قد ألزمت لجنة الاتحاد جميع طلاب جامعة الخرطوم من جميع المجمعات السكنية حضور ندوة التحدي و تشمل التجمعات الوسط و شمبات و داخليات طلاب الطب و داخليات الطالبات و في نفس الوقت كان الشرطة الخاصة علي استعداد بمداهمة الندوة لأن مقر تلك الفرقة من الشرطة بالقرب من داخليات بركس.

و سرعان ما بدأت الندوة داهمت قوة من الشرطة مدججة بالسلاح و القنابل المسيلة للدموع لفض تجمع الطلاب و إيقاف استمرار الندوة فحدثت مواجهة حادة في شكل كر و فر بين مجموعات الطلاب و قوة الشرطة يتخللها غاز مسيلة الدموع و رمي الطلاب الشرطة بالحجارة. 

مساهمة الطالبات فى مواجهة الشرطة

كما ساهمت مجموعة من الطالبات علي الرغم من قلة عددهن في جامعة الخرطوم في تلك الحقبة و قد كانت الطالبات يرشن المكان بالماء مستعملين خراطيم الماء لتقليل اثر القنابل المسيلة للدموع علي الطلاب المتظاهرين ضد الشرطة.

إيواء الطالبات بداخلية مجمع كسلا

من خطط إتحاد طلاب جامعة الخرطوم عند ما داهمت قوة الشرطة ندوة ليلة ٢١ أكتوبر ١٩٦٤ إيواء الطالبات اللاتى اشتركن في الندوة في داخلية الطلاب التي تسمى مجمع كسلا في البراكس من اجل سلامتهن.

معركة الفر و الكر و القذف بالحجارة و قذف القنابل المسيلة للدموع

و استمرت معركة الكر و الفر و القذف بالحجارة و قنابل المسيلة للدموع حتي شعر الشرطة أنهم قد ارهقوا حيث قرر القاضي الذي كان برفقتهم و أمر بإطلاق النار لردع الطلاب و بالفعل وقفت مجموعة من الشرطة المدججين بالسلاح في طابور و أطلقوا النار و لكن الطلاب ظنوا إن الذخيرة كاذبة – فشتك – و لكن سرعان ما أصيب عدد من الطلاب بإصابات بالغة و كان من ضمن الطلاب الذين أصيبوا إصابة مميتة الشهيد أحمد القرشي طه. في تلك الليلة بجانب الشهيد القرشي أصيب إصابات بالغة بطلق ناري الطالب بابكر عبد الحفيظ من حي ود دورو بمدينة امدرمان و كما تم جرح الطالب خالد و عامل من عمال الجامعة و اسمه مبيور من ابناء جنوب السودان.

معركة الكر والفر بين الطلاب والشرطة استمرت حتى بعد منتصف الليل عندما انسحبت قوات الشرطة الخاصة وغادرت. وأعقب ذلك قرارتجمع الطلاب المشي على الأقدام إلى مستشفى الخرطوم التعليمي وقضاء بقية الليل في شارع المستشفى أمام المشرحة لحراسة جثمان الشهيد القرشي حتى لا يتم تهريبه من قبل السلطات الحكومية وإرساله إلى أسرة الشهيد أحمد القرشي في قريتهم التى تدعى آلقراصة في منطقة النيل الأبيض لتجنب احتمال الطلاب أخذ الجثمان كشرارة لاندلاع ثورة شعبية. كما تجدر الإشارة إلى حقيقة أن رجال الشرطة حاولوا تحريض و إقناع أسرة الشهيد وطلبوا منهم أن يحملوا الجثمان إلى القرية، وقالوا لهم ما معناه إن الطلاب غالباً سيتظاهرون فى الشوارع العامة حيث تكون العواقب غير معروفة للجثمان الذى ربما يلقى فى قارعة الطريق عند مداهمة الشرطة لهم ثم يهربوا! ولكن تمت طمأنة عم الشهيد وقيل له إنه سيكون هناك موكب منظم يشترك فيه اتحاد طلاب جامعة الخرطوم وكل الجامعات، بما في ذلك أساتذة الجامعات لتشييع جنازة الشهيد فاقتنعت أسرة الشهيد.

المثل الشعبي ييقول إن الشيئ بالشيئ يذكر و يؤدي إلى الشيء الآخر ذات الصلة. ففي هذا السياق، وأعتقد أنه من المناسب الإشارة إلى حقيقة أن الشهيد أحمد القرشي طه كان زميلاً لي في مدرسة الفاشر الثانوية. كل منا وزملاء آخرون قد نجحنا فى إمتحان الشهادة السودانية و الدخول فى كلية العلوم في جامعة الخرطوم.. و بعد أن أمضينا سنة واحدة بكلية العلوم و بعد الإمتحان النهائى بقى الشهيد أحمد القرشى في كلية العلوم بينما انتقلت أنا إلى كلية الطب بجامعة الخرطوم. و كثيراً ظل بعض الناس يتساءل عن هذه الحقيقة و يستفسرون عن كيفية إلتحاق الشهيد القرشي الذي أصله من منطقة النيل الأبيض ليصبح زميلاً لطلاب مدرسة الفاشر الثانوية في مديرية دارفور في غرب السودان.. والحقيقة هي أن والد الشهيد أحمد القرشى طه كان تاجرا فى مدينة الدلتج في جبال النوبة و لذلك درس في مدرسة دلنج الريفية الوسطي التابعة لمعهد تربية الدلنج و منها جلس لامتحان الشهادة للدخول للمدارس الثانوية فنجح و تم قبوله طالباً في مدرسة الفاشر الثانوية و بذلك أصبحنا زملاء دراسة في نفس الفصل ثم قضينا سنوات الدراسة الأربع معا و نجحنا في امتحان الشهادة السودانية لدخول جامعة الخرطوم و تم قبولنا في كلية العلوم..و تجدر الإشارة الى أن في العصر الذى أتحدث عنه، كان هناك عدد قليل جداً من المدارس الثانوية الحكومية في السودان. وكانت تعتبر كل تلك المدارس “اقومية “بالمعنى الحقيقي! و كانت المدارس الثانوية الحكومية حينئذ تشمل مدرسة الثانوية الفاشر في مديرية – دارفور و ا المدارس الثانوية الشقيقة الأخرى تشمل مدرسة خورطقت الثانوية في مديرية كردفان، و مدرسة حنتوب الثانوية في مديرية النيل الأزرق، و مدرسة وادي سيدنا الثانوية في مديرية الخرطوم ومدرسة بورسودان الثانوية في مديرية كسلا ومدرسة الخرطوم الثانوية في مديرية الخرطوم و كانت كل المدارس الثانوية الحكومية الرئيسية تعتبر قومية متاحة على قلتها لكل الناجحين من خريجي المدارس المتوسطة وفق التنافس الحر على دخولها مجاناً. أحمد القرشى طه كان معه مجموعة من الطلبة تنتمى أصولهم إلى منطقة جبال النوبة بصفة خاصة و مديرية كردفان بصفة عامة عند مجيئه الى مدرسة الفاشر الثانوية. و بذلك نقلوا معهم تراث جبال النوبة فى شكل أغانى و رقصات الكمبلة و المصارعة و ألعاب القوى كما تلقوا بالمقابل ثقافات اهل دارفور و حدث التعارف والانسجام و الوحدة القومية.

الطالب أحمد القرشى طه قد درس المرحلة الثانوية بمدرسة الفاشر الثانوية فى مديرية دارفور بغرب السودان.



صورة تذكارية أخذت لطلبة الصف الرابع بفصل أبوبكر فى مدرسة الفاشر الثانوية فى عام 1963 و يظهر فى الصورة الطالب أحمد القرشى طه و زملاؤه و ناظر المدرسة الأستاذ أحمد هاشم و مدرس اللغة الإنجليزية مستر رينويك و هو اسكتلندى بريطانى. 

ميدان عبد المنعم أو ميدان المولد

و عند صبيحة اليوم تم نقل جثمان الشهيد القرشي علي عربة الي ميدان المولد أو ميدان عبد المنعم الذي أصبح مقرا لما يسمي الآن نادي الأسرة في الخرطوم جنوب يتبعه جموع الطلاب في موكب حزين مهيب حيث وقف الحضور الكثيف في شكل دائري حول الميدان و نظراتهم متوجهة الي العربة التي تقل النعش. فتمت الصلاة علي جثمان الشهيد و قد أم صلاة الجنازة السيد الصادق صديق عبدالرحمن المهدي. و بعد الفراغ من الصلاة علي جثمان الشهيد القرشي بدأت مخاطبة الجمهور بساحة الميدان فابتدر الحديث الدكتور حسن عبدالله الترابي و في نهاية كلمته قال: (إنفضوا أيها الطلاب و سنقتص من القتلة )! و في الحال قاطعه رئيس إتحاد طلاب جامعة الخرطوم بالإنابة الطالب ربيع حسن أحمد لأن رئيس الإتحاد ما زال معتقلا مع طاقم اللجنة التنفيذية – قائلاً: ( لن نتفرق و نعلنها ثورة)! و عندئذ بدأت شرارة ثورة أكتوبر ٢١ الشعبية السودانية و اندلعت بمشاركة جمهور الطلاب و الحضور من مكونات الشعب السوداني متجهة صوب مركز مدينة الخرطوم حيث توجد الأسواق المختلفة السوق العربي و السوق الإفرنجي و مكاتب الدولة تتخلل المواكب الهتافات التي تندد بالطغمة العسكرية الدكتاتورية و تنادي بالحرية و الديمقراطية و زوال حكم العسكر و القصاص لأرواح الشهداء..

الأسطورة أن الشهيد قرشي كان متجهاً لحمام المساء عندما أطلقت الشرطة عليه النار

تضاربت الأقوال عن استشهاد القرشي أول شهداء ثورة أكتوبر، فمنهم من قال بأنه كان ذاهباً إلى استحمام مسائي حاملاً بشكيراً ومنهم من قال بأنه كان قريباً من الحمام وأصيب هناك فما هي الحقيقة؟

قصة أنه كان ذاهباً للحمام بحاملاً شكير غير صحيحة، لأن الوقت لم يكن وقت حمام، فهي مبالغة في الوصف، فهو أصيب بالقرب من الحمام ليس لأنه كان في الأصل هناك، ولكن عندما تفرق جموع الطلاب من الميدان و دخلوا وسط الداخليات، حيث توجد مباني مختلفة، والحمامات كانت أمام الداخليات وكانت هناك مطاردات، فتفرق الطلاب إلى مظاهرات فى مجموعات صغيرة ويبدو أنه في تلك المنطقة حاولت مجموعة من الشرطة أن تجعل الحدث حدثاً طبيعياً غير مقصود. – حسب تحليل ربيع حسن أحمد فى مقابلة مع صحيفة آخر لحظة على الرابط يقول البعض إنها كانت محاولة غير شريفة من بعض الحاقدين الغيورين الذين يريدون الا تكون شرف الشهادة للشهيد الأول لثورة اكتوبر المجيدة الشهيد احمد القرشى طه.

مساهمة طلاب المعهد الفنى فى الخرطوم إبان إندلاع ثورة أكتوبر

إنه جدير بالتنويه الي حقيقة أن لطلاب المعهد الفني في الخرطوم مساهمة و مشاركة مقدرة إبان إندلاع ثورة أكتوبر ٢١، ١٩٦٤ و لا سيما فعاليات الثورة أثناء و بعد تشييع جنازة الشهيد أحمد القرشي طه.

الي القصر حتى النصر

بعدما عمت مظاهرات الاحتجاج جميع أنحاء البلاد و المتزامنة مع تحرك جبهة الهيئآت و مكونات الأحزاب السياسية قرر الجنرال عبود حل المجلس الأعلي للقوات المسلحة و بقي هو رئيساً لإدارة شئؤن السودان. باتفاق مع القوي السياسية التي كانت تفاوضه نيابة عن الشعب. و لكن جموع الشعب لم تقبل بقاء عبود في السلطة و اعتبروه بمثابة رأس الحية يجب إستئصاله!

و استمرت المظاهرات الهادرة في مديرية الخرطوم و في باقي أنحاء السودان شارك فيها كل القطاعات الشعبية و في يوم الأربعاء ٢٨ أتوب ١٩٦٤ تحركت الجماهير من أمام نادي أساتذة جامعة الخرطوم بشارع الجامعة و اتجهت الي القصر الجمهوري للمطالبة بتنحي الجنرال ابراهيم عبود و حاشيته من العسكر يهتفون قائلين:(الي القصر حتي النصر) و حينما وصلت المظاهرة بالقرب من القصر الجمهوري أطلق الجيش الذي كان يرابط في مقدمة سور القصر اطلق النار الكثيف علي المتظاهرين فجرح أعداد كبيرة من المواطنين و توفي عدد من الشباب المشاركين في مقدمة المظاهرة فسقطوا في ما يسمي ساحة القصر حيث التقاء شارع القصر مع شارع الجامعة. و تم نقل للجرحي الي قسم حوادث مستشفي الخرطوم فيما نقلت جثامين الموتي الي مشرحة المستشفي.

ليلة المتاريس Night of barricades

و بعد تكوين حكومة ثورة اكتوبر و رئيس وزرائها سرالختم الخليفة الذي كان يعمل في وزارة التربية و التعليم و اشتملت الحكومة وزراء أعضاء في لجنة جبهة الهيئات النقابية و الاحزاب السياسية المعارضة راجت إشاعة بالليل عبر إذاعة الراديو أمدرمان علي لسان وزير الإعلام فاروق أبو عبسى بأن هنالك مؤامرة إمبريالية تحاك ضد مكتسات ثورة أكتوبر الشعبية بإنقلاب عسكري فخرجت الجماهير من كل أحياء مدن عاصمة السودان الخرطوم التي تشمل مدينة الخرطوم و امدرمان و الخرطوم بحري و ضواحيها و أقام المواطنون متاريس حول الكباري و الطرق المؤدية الي القصر الجمهوري و مباني مجلس الوزراء و كان مشهداً فريداً و استمر تلك المظاهرات طول الليل حتى صدر تصريح آخر يطمئن المواطنين أن الوضع تحت السيطرة فعادت جماهير الشعب الي منازلهم الا أن شوارع المدينة امتلأت بفروع الأشجار و غيرها من المتاريس.

و الي هنا أكتفي بهذه الذكريات التي إعتبرتها تكفي لإبراز أهم الأحداث التي لازمت ثورة أكتوبر ٢١ المجيدة الشعبية السودانية وأعتقد أن تلك الحقائق ستساعد الأجيال الجديدة الحالية و القادمة على فهم ثورة أكتوبر المجيدة مثل كيفية حدوثها وكيف كانت الوسائل و ما تلاها بعد ذلك من الأحداث السياسية التى تعد مسلسل ماراثوني ما لا نهاية له و هو التاريخ و ليس سوى تاريخ! ستبقى ثورة أكتوبر رمزاً للنضال من أجل الحرية والكرامة والديمقراطية ومفجرة لثورة الإبداع الوطني.

دكتور محمود أبكرسليمان هو مؤلف و كاتب أعمدة و مدون

و الرابط لمدونته كالآتى


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