What Will NCP Ruled Sudan Look Like in 2016?


What Will NCP Ruled Sudan Look Like in 2016?

By Mahmoud A. Suleiman
While one wishes a blessed New Year 2016 which marks the 60th Anniversary of the Independence of Sudan, the hegemony of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement (MBM) regime for past 26 lean long years reduces the hope for a bright future for the people of Sudan. The Sudanese people who have been living more than a quarter of a century under the rule of the tyrant genocidal criminal fugitive from international justice Omar Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir, see prospects of democracy very meagre. The question that imposes itself is what is in store for the Sudanese people in the New Year 2016, God willing?

We the Sudanese people lived and witnessed in bitterness the level of damage and deterioration caused to Sudan over the past Twenty-Six lean years by the Muslim Brotherhood Movement (MBM) regime, with its Multi-marathon nomenclature, the National Islamic Front (NIF), National Congress Party (NCP) and Popular Congress Party (PCP) using a Demolition Pick. Nevertheless, now it is time to look ahead for what the Sudanese homeland would look like in the year 2016, which marks the 60th Anniversary of Independence of Sudan from the Anglo-Egyptian Condominium on the First January 1956. It is a matter of Speculation, forecast and wishful thinking; because nobody knows the unseen but Allah, Almighty God.

Thus, we would like to see how much and what is in the Destiny store for the people of the State of Sudan, once referred to as the country of a million square miles.

Of the top wishes of the components of the people of Sudan amongst   many others is the demise of the regime of the National Congress Party (NCP). The successful attempts for the arrest of the fugitive from the international justice the genocidal criminal of the people of Darfur, Omar Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir to face the justice he deserves for the heinous atrocities he has perpetrated. The second is the return of freedom and democracy for our usurped country. The recovery of our beloved homeland of  Sudan that the authoritarian regime usurped and subjected its peaceful gallant people to all kinds of injustice and deprivation for too long remaining another priority. The Muslim Brotherhood Movement (MBM) led regime proved a failed corrupt criminal castaway, hateful hypocrite entity.

The people of Sudan appreciate and value the ingenious gesture of congratulation bestowed by the US President Barack Obama on them on the occasion of the sixtieth anniversary of the independence of Sudan by the first of January 2016.

The ruling regime of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement (MBM) in Sudan has been committing murderous crimes since the beginning of their ill-fated coming through the military coup on the thirtieth of June 1989. The (MBM) despots killed through a Death sentence each one of the pilot Girgis and Majdi Mahjoub who were accused of trafficking currency in US dollars. Furthermore, the MBM entity then decided the killing of the group of the Sudanese armed forces (SAF) officers for an alleged military coup attempt. The unrepentant hypocrites carried out a massacre of camp students in the locality of ai-Ailifoon. The blood thirsty (MBM) regime directed their heinous crimes to the people of Darfur in 2004 committing the crime of genocide. The killing of Sudanese citizens of the Beja in Port Sudan represented part of the war the bloodthirsty regime. The unabated civil warfare of the (MBM) continued to target the citizens protesting peacefully for their rights of compensation for their properties destroyed by the flood of the River Nile resulting from the construction of Dams. Those killings hit the people of the regions of Amry and Kajbar in Northern Nilotic region. The NIF regime carried out its atrocities of torture of opponents in the notorious Ghost houses. These series of atrocious crimes resulted into condemnation of Omar al-Bashir by the International Criminal Court (ICC). He remains on the run as a fugitive  from international justice.

Let us celebrate the festive seasons of the beginning of 2016.  The 2016 came across marking the Sixtieth Anniversary of the independence of Sudan and coincided with the holiday of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him (PBUH), and rejoicing the birth of Prophet Issa son of Mary, peace be upon him (PBUH).  The Anniversary of the martyrs of the Movement for Justice and Equality (JEM) and all the martyrs of Sudan bring hope, peace and prosperity for all the people around the Globe with the wishes of the demise of radicalism, extremism and terrorism in the name of the Peaceful Islamic religion in the world.

Ironically and sadly, while the governments of the world and its peoples share their congratulations cards for the festive holidays, we find the regime of the NCP provides death sentences as presents to scores of Sudanese citizens whose origins are descendants of the Darfur region. Furthermore, the NCP regime besides deciding  to lift the government subsidies on basic commodities and raising prices of oil, electricity, bread and water in spite of the suffering of the majority of citizens in extreme poverty, destitution and deprivation. In spite of the foregoing situation referred to the head of the ruling regime of the NCP and his entourage, continue abusing public money through corruption living luxurious lives inside the palaces and mansions in their own neighborhoods in the three towns Capital, Khartoum. At the same time the Muslim Brotherhood movement (MBM) and influential, leaders in the government lived in a state of luxury and opulence and extravagance with satiety and obviously, they do not feel the degree of suffering of the disenfranchised people of Sudan.

Satirical thinkers said that after the bankruptcy it sustained through corruption the ruling regime of the NCP has sold the professionalism of the Sudan armed forces (SAF) to the Janjaweed militia forces now called Rapid Support Force (RSF).  Moreover, when bankrupt escalated the regime sold the project, which is called Civilizational Project and Messianic Orientation when they got out the Islamic religion out from its contents and paid it in lieu for the debt of the services of the security apparatus, which is called the National Intelligence and security services (NISS)!

There are no solutions to the chronic crises of Sudan other than finishing off the criminal regime of the National Congress Party (NCP) by oust it through popular uprising. The establishment of the State of citizenship that does not isolate anyone based on ethnicity or religious belief, colour, gender, age, cultural background or regional affiliation or political party affiliation follows.


The  Muslim Brotherhood Movement (MBM) claimed that they  ruled the Sudan on behalf of the people falsely. In fact, they continued for 26 years  shedding the blood of innocent civilians, looting public money and committing all the taboos and claim to be Muslim Brotherhood, but they, in fact, corrupt hypocrites, racists and failures in managing diversity and masquerading on the State of citizenship. Furthermore, they wreaked havoc with the aid of Janjaweed militias and mercenaries to fight the Sudanese people at a time when neighboring states occupy a vast territories and swaths of the homeland of Sudan. It becomes more difficult to get rid of the regime easily, given the conflicting positions of the opposition component divide. Nevertheless, one would offer greetings and call for the opposition solidarity.

The Sudanese people miss the full moon of democracy and freedom in the darkness of arbitrary totalitarian era led by the Muslim Brotherhood movement (MBM) with its marathon of nomenclature  which include the National Congress Party (NCP), popular Congress Party (PCP) and to  the rest of the another hocus-pocus!

The achievement of democracy and public freedoms in Sudan under the regime of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement (MBM) rule is a distant dream. Nevertheless, the continuing struggle to overthrow regime is the first step and the last in the march and the million-mile journey, as they say in the adage.

Those who count on reforming the (MBM) regime of the current (NCP) regime seem living in Alice in Wonderland or in the coco’s land, and so to speak! As the proverb keeps wondering and saying as to whether a perfumer -perfume vender – perfume salesperson reform and repair what is marred by age?

In other words: Can a perfume seller (a perfumer) repair the devastation caused by the ages and destroyed by the systematic pick demolition of the regime of the NCP during the twenty-six years; a genuine and timely question that waiting for a satisfactory answers.

The destructive exploitation of economic resources through the failed policies and corruption for the benefit of the powerful members and privileged supporters of the regime of the National Congress Party (NCP) has been a phenomenon.

On the top of the list of corruption comes the sale of the historic house, called the House of Sudan in the Knights Bridge neighborhood of the City of London near the famous Harrods department store in lieu for a price of less than 5% of the real price. Moreover, the regime in its corruption spree went on selling airstrip at Heathrow Airport, which was dedicated to the airline Sudan Airways, AKA, Sudan-air to one of the brokers also in a value less than its worth and thus deprived the Sudan Airways plane landing rights at Heathrow Airport in London.

As the saying goes, without a critical event in the destruction and privatization of the sources of production,  the Government of Omar al-Bashir has also got rid of the fertile Agricultural irrigated Project of al-Gezira in the Central Region of Sudan lying between the Blue and White Niles. The Sudan Railways have also been a victim of cheap corrupt sale to the NCP cronies and associates. The sale of river transport to influential members of the government and their relatives remains similarly part of the endemic and epidemic corruption of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement (MBM) entity.

The corruption list is long, non-exhaustive and endless. It includes drying and privatization of the reference hospitals like the Old Khartoum Teaching Hospital, established in 1902، and so on!

The last question is what awaits the components of the Sudanese people from the unjust ruling party National Congress for the answer to this question is no good system of criminal plausible genocide So remove the duty of everyone!

The National Congress Party (NCP) regime led by Omer Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir has perpetrated crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide in the region of Darfur in western Sudan in the year 2004 and continues fugitive from the international justice.

In the wake of grinding poverty and continuing crumbling of educational and health and medical services and deprivation, the people of Sudan are left with no choice but the resorting to sorcery and the ilk. Nevertheless, the continuing struggle to overthrow the despotic regime is the first step and the last in the march and the million-mile journey, as they say in the adage.

There are no solutions to the crises of Sudan but the overthrow of the ruling regime of the National Congress Party (NCP).

People quoted the former Prime Minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto as saying that Extremism can flourish only in an environment where basic governmental social responsibility for the welfare of the people is neglected. Political dictatorship and social hopelessness create the desperation that fuels religious extremism.



Dr. Mahmoud A. Suleiman is an author, columnist and a blogger. His blog is https://thussudan.wordpress.com/


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