Reasons for the Spread of Charlatanism and Quackery in the Era of the NCP regime in Sudan

Reasons for the Spread of Charlatanism and Quackery in the Era of the NCP regime in Sudan

By Mahmoud A. Suleiman

As expected and not surprisingly, there had been spread in a huge proportion of socially negatives practices in the lean twenty-six years to the rule of the movement of political Islam led NCP regime. Thus, the reader will find out during this decadent era of the hegemony of the (NCP) putschists the extent charlatanism, quackery and magical practices became  endemic and have started threatening the lives of many citizens through blackmail and sometimes by the threat of liquidation while the National Congress Party (NCP) regime turning a blind eye for such heinous crimes.

The epidemic spread of charlatanism, magic and quackery in Sudan under the rule of the State of civilizational project and apostolic orientation, the so-called National Salvation Revolution (NSR), Ingaz for short, exceeded imagination. This phenomenon of spread of charlatanism, sorcery and magic is a demonic growth that found its way paved to wreak havoc and spread corruption in the land. Of the causes among many factors that contributed for spread of the epidemic of the phenomenon referred to is the NCP regime’s decision for drying of health services in the public sector

Of the factors that contributed to the promotion of the spread of charlatanism and quackery is the decision of the government of privatization of public medical services including emergency treatment. Furthermore,  the imposition of heavy taxes, loading royalties on the shoulders of the public members already impoverished and abandoning the provision of free health services, as well as closure of the national teaching hospitals on the pretext of transfer of medical services to the peripheral places! The drying up of the erstwhile Old Khartoum Teaching Hospital represents a clear example. Thus, the National Congress Party (NCP) regime has relinquished its responsibilities towards the citizens of providing basic services they are in dire need for.

The regime employed all the Sudanese people’s money for the war machine that killed civilians while the vast swath of land under the occupation of Sudan’s neighboring countries. The foregoing situation forced some sectors of the community look for what is available in front of them of the means to meet the health needs for themselves and their loved ones. Eventually, they found only in quacks, charlatans, and likeminded.

Worse of the matter is that most of the charlatans are those who the people referred to as sheikhs of the Islamic religion. They take the advantage of the naivety of the citizens and their adherence to their faith devoutly. Those hypocrites thus steal the money and health of the victims without scruples.


Not surprisingly, the NCP regime has turned a blind eye to what the quacks perpetrating of crimes against Sudanese citizens.  The reason is that alleged sheikhs are strong supporters of the ruling NCP regime. The religious clerics help in the process of   continuation of Omar al-Bashir in power and remain away from the grip of the International Criminal Court (ICC) which has been chasing him since 2009 and remaining a fugitive from international justice after committing genocide and other heinous crimes against the people of Darfur.

The balance of things in the NCP ruled Sudan turned upside down. In that, the Sudanese people              have become servants of the state while the state has become the master!    In other words, top and bottom reversed and everything became in complete disorder.

The average Sudanese person can be easily lured by religiously charged rhetoric which emirates from the mouths of the clerics and the so-called Sheikhs, the Satanic overgrowth that has spread in the community and has been  encouraged and offered recognition by the Muslim Brotherhood Movement (MBM)  in Khartoum and its branches across the country Sudan.

Therefore, those Quacks, charlatans, swindlers, witches and the demons Brothers found fertile ground favorable to deceive the public, without moral scruples or legal deterrence from the State devices which are essentially complicit with those criminals in therapists dresses who  work within communities to fool people in this bad time of era of decadence.

They rule the Sudan on behalf of the people falsely and shedding his blood loot his money and commit all the taboos and claim to be Muslim Brotherhood, but they, in fact, corrupt hypocrites, racists and failures in managing diversity and masquerading on the State of citizenship. And they wreaked havoc with the aid of the Janjaweed militias and mercenaries to fight the Sudanese people at a time when neighboring states occupy a vast territory of the land of Sudan.

In the wake of grinding poverty and crumbling medical services and deprivation, the Sudanese people are left with no choice but the resorting to sorcery and the ilk. Nevertheless, the continuing struggle to overthrow the despotic regime is the first step and the last in the march and the million-mile journey, as they say in the adage.

 Modes of Charlatanism, Quackery and Sorcery in the NCP ruled Sudan

Formally , Charlatanism, Quackery and Sorcery,  are referred to euphemistically as strange practices so as not to admit that kind of quackery, which is widely spread in Sudan and adversely affect the lives of people in the face of the Sudanese government’s failure to prevent it.

Prior to going to modes of Charlatanism, let us view the signs of a Charlatan as reported in the translated version of one of the Sheikhs description:

Translated version for Myth and Magic in Sudan

Sheikh Wahid Abdel Salam Bali says in his book strict forearm: If you find one sign of these signs in a therapists is of quacks, charlatans, soothsayers, and fortune-tellers, one of the witches without a doubt, and these signs are:


Sheikh Wahid Abdel Salam Bali says in his book (Arabic الصارم البتار strict forearm(: If you find one sign of these signs in a therapists is of the quacks, charlatans, soothsayers, and fortune-tellers, one of the witches without a doubt, and these signs are: If the so-called therapist:

(1) asks the patient about his name and his mother’s name .

(2) takes from the effects of the patient (dress bonnet napkin).

(3) Sometimes asks for an animal of certain qualities to slay does not mention God’s name on it.

(4) Writing hieroglyphs or recite the spells incomprehensible.

(5) gives the patient a veil contains the boxes inside letters or numbers.

(6) orders that people retire a certain period in a room does not enter Sun and public call sunscreens.

(7) Sometimes the patient is asked not to touch the water for certain.

(8) gives the patient things to  bury in the ground.

(9 ) gives the patient papers burn and Vaporize with it like an incense  .

(10) sometimes tells the patient his name and his mother’s name and his country and his problem.

(11) Requests the patient to humiliate, disrespect or insult religious teachings  to say do not affect the Koran, or do not read the Koran, or do not reach, but listen to music etc..

If you know that the man beware enchanting and go, and only applies to you words of the Prophet,).

Reference is:

Some Sudanese newspapers reported that the Sudanese consul in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that the most prominent Sudanese crimes are charlatanism and quackery. Moreover, the Consul General of Sudan in the UAE, Dr. Hamdi Hasab AlRasool said in an interview with the reporter of the “Tayar” newspaper that some Sudanese are active in the field of voodoo and some other crimes, such as drugs, fraud and theft. The Consul General  added saying that they succeeded in urging the UAE investors to invest in Sudan, making the President of the Republic to exempt UAE investors from visa to Sudan.

Examples of some types of Charlatanism and Quackery

  • fortune-telling using beads الودع
  • Zar ritual الزار    this is the Zar spirit possession and it’s bias towards women
  • Conjuring ritual/Spiritism تحضير الأرواح  It is the act of calling on or invoking a sacred name, supplication and solemn entreaty along with magical charm use!
  • Hypnosis التنويم المغنطيسى
  • open the book الإستخارة بفتح الكتاب
  • palmistry قراءة الكف
  • Coffee cup reading قراءة الفنجان
  • Open Card Gaming Community فتح المندل و الكوتشينة
  • Eraser and amulets for protection from weapons and other harmful events المحاية و الحجبات
  • The use of herbs and roots of plants and trees for the treatment of diseases and for blessing and protection from envious eye
  • And other forms of Voodoo and witchcraft in Sudan which the space does not allow to mention in detail

Furthermore, visiting of Sufi Sheikhs for blessing is a common phenomenon. Kneeling down, lamenting, and whipped to receive the blessings of Sheikh Mohammed Haj Hamad Aljali in Kadbas area is a common tradition in the Central Region of Sudan. Similarly, Sorcery associated with mysticism is something known across eras in Sudan. Moreover, newspaper reports indicated that a famous Sudanese family Exposed to fraud by a quack charlatan where the Family lost more than one billion dollars, the «News Today» monitored the trial of the person accused of the practice of quackery. The famous family from Khartoum North – has become involved in events closer to the drama – the strangest voodoo  quackery operations, which led the family to  lose  their inhabited  property of  three-story;  worth more than one billion pounds under the threat of death. The alleged accused claimed to offer treatment by the Qur’an and he is in custody pending court appearance for other similar fraudulent cases. It is noteworthy that the accused had previously stopped in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Sentenced to imprisonment in cases involving sorcery and charlatanism through deception and another charge of belonging to al-Qaeda.

The foregoing is a long stunning story in that the complainant who is a Sudanese medical doctor working in Saudi Arabia. She said that the accused claimed to treat her and her two brothers, where he alleged that she was in need of an urgent operation. The complainant made those statements before the Public Order Court. Furthermore, is that the accused has taken a room in the complainant’s home as a place for solitude what is known as being alone when the religious clerics under the pretext of carrying out their treatment of possession by demons and Jinn. The accused was reported to have allegedly told the complainant that the evil spirits and demons lived in her home and threaten the extinction of its inhabitant members!

Above narrative about the extent sorcery and charlatanism managed to break through the specifics and the private lives of the Sudanese citizens and their ability to blackmail them in broad daylight, as they say, as happened to the medical doctor and her family, the question is what happens to the rest of ordinary citizens? It is obvious that charlatanism, magical practices and quackery reached to the top of corruption in the land of the Sudan in these bad times, unchecked and without accountability. The question In such an appalling state of affairs who is expected to care if all the NCP regime did was the turning of a blind eye to that reprehensible crime?


Jarod Kintz, American writer of Humor, Literature & Fiction was quoted as saying “I got sick, so I went to see a doctor. He was less Dr. Seuss and more quack, so I skedazzled out of there. And I didn’t even pay my bill.”


Dr. Mahmoud A. Suleiman is an author, columnist and a blogger. His blog is


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