Bashir’s Darfur Referendum is fundamentally flawed

Bashir’s Darfur Referendum is fundamentally flawed

By Mahmoud A. Suleiman


Omar al-Bashir government’s justification for an administrative  referendum for the  Darfur region is void because peace agreements in Abuja and Doha under which decided  the referendum failed by a pick demolition of the ruling regime in Khartoum who failed to fulfill the peace agreements it signed with the rebel movements in Darfur. The (NCP) regime’s linking of the alleged Administrative Referendum for the region of Darfur to the abjectly failed conventions of Abuja in Nigeria, the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur (DDPD) is a cracked invalid argument that refuted by the results of those agreements that did not meet any of the items, particularly with respect to compensation of civilians affected by the scourge of war in Darfur and the survivors of the horrors of genocide. Moreover, no one of the millions of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and the refugees returned to their original homes which have been occupied by the mercenaries and Janjaweed militias recruited by the (NCP) regime from the neighbouring countries aimed at changing the demography of the population of the Darfur region. The Darfur armed  rebel movements  that include the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) and the two  Sudan Liberation Army/ Movements (SLA/M) reject the referendum unless Khartoum fulfills other demands including reaching a political agreement with the region’s armed groups and paying compensations for the people affected by the conflict. Thus, the (NCP) regime in Khartoum, led by the genocidal criminal, fugitive from the International Justice, Omer Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir aims vindictively revenging from the civilian population of Sudan in Darfur in the belief that they were the instigators of his indictment by the International Criminal Court (ICC) that issued arrest warrant to apprehend him for the c who are rime of war, crimes against humanity and genocide. That is why Omer al-Bashir hates the region of Darfur and its people who are always cohesive and dedicated towards their region, the homeland of their ancestors renowned for gallantry across the eras. Furthermore, the people of Darfur famed for their steadfast protests against unfair political decisions in their rights that were taken by the successive central governments in Khartoum.


As all know that Omer al-Bashir showed over the lean years of his oppressive rule complete lack of concern about the people of Darfur and he doesn’t give a fig, as long as he stays in power even if the whole region seceded as did the people of the former Southern Sudan. Omer Bashir for the sake of his survival  in power in Sudan protected from the grip of the International Criminal Court (ICC), brought and harboured all types of the international terrorist groups including the Somali Shahab, Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), Nigerian Boko Haram, Al-Qaeda in Maghreb and the West African mercenaries into Sudan. Furthermore, and what helped him in that regards is the unlimited biased support he receives from the African Union (AU) through the chief mediator, The head of the African Union High Level Implementation Panel (AUHUIP) Thabo Mbeki. To make matters worse, Thabo Mbeki signed the Roadmap in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa solo with the National Congress Party (NCP) regime delegation excluding the Darfur Armed rebel opposition whom he tried to bully and force them  to attend and participate in  the Khartoum Friendship Hall farcical Omer Bashir’s Wathba Dialogue. The so-called ‘National Dialogue’ is a prolonged chronic process designed for buying time by Omer al-Bashir on January 25, 2014 and did not reach to any tangible results.


Plan behind the Darfur Referendum

Dividing the Darfur region into five states along ethnic and tribal lead to the fragmentation of the social fabric and destroys the cohesion of regional and sense of belonging, which managed the Khartoum government of macro-control over the territory Darver to do it as many crimes without accountability and as well as the establishment of the hotbeds of terrorism previously created where the government brought the terrorists of Boko haram and al-Qaeda and the Islamic apostasy in Iraq and Syria, known (Daash)


As the people of the world know and witnessed that  the vast Darfur region in the western Sudan has suffered since the 2003 civil war of attrition that led to the deaths of 300 thousand people, according to the United Nations (UN) and 10 thousand, according to the Khartoum regime, and the displacement of 2.7 million as (IDPs) and refugees. However, over the past 13 years since the outbreak of the Darfur revolution, the (NCP) regime’s annihilation machine claimed around 400,000 lives and displaced over 3 million (IDPs) and around 600,000 additional people have been forced to cross borders into neighboring Chad and the Central African Republic (CAR) and unknown number into the Diaspora.



Goals of the NCP Regime for the administrative referendum scheduled for Darfur in April 11 2016 include:

  • Committing further genocidal crimes against unarmed civilians
  • Large operations of displacement of the indigenous populations
  • Further Fragmentation of the Darfur region to the states (three and five)
  • A new wave of violations for the displacement of more people
  • Dismantle the IDP camps to obliterate evidence of the magnitude of the crimes committed against the citizens
  • A referendum to embark on a new segmentation process, which leads into further divisions and extinguish the identity of the population of the region
  • Demographic change by the new division of the territory through displacement of the indigenous population and the replacement of the new comers formed of mercenaries and militias that fight proxy warfare In favor of the genocide regime of the (NCP).

Thus, the ruling regime of the NCP-led by the l genocidal criminal  is preparing to hold an alleged falsified administrative referendum the results are known in advance; the head of the regime  Omer al-Bashir is the judge and executioner at the same time. Omer al-Bashir regardless of waste of the large sums of money in this failed project, he takes no note of the people in need in the region for investing it in education, healthcare and compensation for the people affected by the relentless wars, 13 years on.

The determination of the NCP regime to hold a farcical  Administrative referendum for Darfur against all the odds is of known outcome results in advance is now just around the corner on April 11., 2016 as declared by Bashir in his Darfur visit on Friday 1 April 2016. Omer Bashir declared that the armed rebellion in the region of Darfur has ended and that the security in the region is stable. Omer Bashir is not a stranger in his usual vacuous statements. They represent his Old wine in new bottles, so to speak! Bashir planned touring the five states of Darfur, only few days ahead of his referendum. Nevertheless, the referendum boycotting campaign continues seizing momentum despite the portrait of injustice and oppression by the genocidal regime.  In the face of nearing the time for the implementation of the administrative referendum for Darfur, the Sudanese people in the region remain poised for boycotting the NCP farce by all the available means.
The alleged Administrative Referendum for Darfur comes under the insistence of the NCP regime without taking into account the security and humanitarian situation in region. Furthermore, the referendum has nothing to do the people of Darfur.  The alleged referendum in Darfur planned in a crisis of wars and displacement as well as the inappropriate of adequate time and climate.  The Sudanese people lined up for toppling the regime of the NCP and stopping the process of tampering homeland. The NCP regime aims for extending the life of Omar al-Bashir in power to be away from the grip by the hands of the court ICC, which has been chasing  al-Bashir to grab hold him as he is a genocidal criminal fugitive from international justice.

The (NCP) regime has lost its legitimacy and the political compass since the International Criminal Court (ICC) convicted Omer al-Bashir for the heinous crimes he perpetrated against the civilian noncombatant Sudanese citizens in the war-torn region of Darfur. The people of Darfur will remain in the homeland of the ancestors in spite of the wishes of the genocidal criminal Omer Bashir for the demise of the population of the region. Moreover, the people of Darfur call on Omer Bashir and his entourage to find a homeland that he claims belonging based on race or creed other than Sudan, that he hates the citizens in it.



Darfur Referendum is nothing but part of the Flouting with the law and the constitution by the NCP Regime when the means for survival became blocked in front of their grim faces. Ironically, Omer Bashir and handful of his entourage keep claiming affiliation to Arabic ancestry due to their Arabophilia and Afrophobia in spite of the obvious features of the African body in black colour, kinky hair,   thick lips, flat nose, as a sign of the incurable syndrome of the psychological defense mechanism of Inferiority Complex.



Omer Hassan Bashir kept reiterating the end of rebellion in Darfur during his visit of the Darfur Region on 1 April 2016, Fools Day and declared that his Referendum is poised for 11 April 2016, feeling rest assured.


Scorched earth

At a time the world attention has been diverted to other areas Darfur region and its civilian inhabitants became prey for the blood thirsty (NCP) regime. The scorched earth plans plotted by Omer al-Bashir

against the Darfur region and citizens included the massacre of Dar Masalit in El Geneina, his trial to dismantle the IDP camps, campaign of scorched earth in the Jebel Marra localities, targeting of the Darfur Students in the Sudanese universities, attempts of  the regime of the National Congress Party (NCP) to expel the joint mission of the United Nations  and the African Union for Darfur (UNAMID), administrative referendum for Darfur region that will begin on April 11, 2016 along with the  recruitment of the criminal  gangs of the  Janjaweed militias and mercenaries  for the Darfur region to become a colony. All those coordinates have connection with the rest of the former heinous crimes against unarmed civilians in the Darfur region. Moreover, they represent the biggest proof for the continuation of Omar al-Bashir in the commission of further ethnic cleansing and crimes of genocide.




The project of boycotting the alleged referendum has acquired momentum and overwhelming support. Moreover, the project has been immensely successful and received deluge of support from across the community. Nevertheless, Omer Bashir’s referendum for Darfur is a Done Deal exercise not at all different from its predecessor polls that suffered rigging in broad daylight and at nighttime seen by the crowds through the famous video footages where ballot cards unloaded from one box to another and the names of deceased people were counted in Bashir’s April 2015 elections! To say the least, the results of the referendum will be accomplished with the expected consequences.

The Obscurantist regime in Khartoum remains the reason for the impoverishment, calamities and tragedies caused to the Sudanese people in their all sectors in urban and rural areas during its twenty-six Lean years of oppression corruption. However, the Crimes of al-Bashir in Darfur will not go in vain and vanish under the dust of oblivion.


Era of Decadence

The people of Sudan unfortunately are living within their various communities in treacherous times and bad decadent eras  during which the meanings of things changed drastically where the bad became mingled with the good and treason and cynicism and opportunism as means for mercenary work o satisfy the ruling regime of the NCP legitimized in lieu of handfuls of the stolen money originally stolen from the public treasury in spite of the crimes committed by Omar al-Bashir in the right of the relatives of these servile obsequious traitors.

Who flock honor and labor to provide intelligence information to the ruling system devices for the destruction of the popular revolution and to become a counter-revolution.

It is inevitably that the will of the people of Sudan will triumph!  اlet us move on Our strength is in our unity!


The Sudanese Revolutionary Front  (STF) forces will remain committed to the principles of not bend and will not be deterred by the leaps of the defeatists who throwing themselves into the arms of the criminal assassin regime  of the corrupt National Congress Party (MCP) but they will work hard and tirelessly with the political opposition components of the Sudanese people to overthrow the genocidal criminal and fugitive from international justice Omar al-Bashir and his entourage of mercenaries and militias.


Shame on the corrupt NCP regime

The shame of the corrupt authoritarian regime of  the National Congress Party (NCP)  that has made health institutions and hospitals ruins and made them  owned by the parasitic capitalist cronies and besides other crimes of rampant corruption and  nepotism,. By all measures the

NCP regime remains a bastion of corruption in the poverty-stricken Sudan.

The corruption of the regime of the NCP is spearheaded by the genocidal criminal the fugitive from international justice Omar Bashir who is the underlying cause for the impoverishment of the people in Sudan.


Rights are taken by force and not granted by tyrants like the genocidal criminal, fugitive from international justice and the putschist Omar Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir.


English philosopher, jurist, and social reformer. Jeremy Bentham is quoted as saying “Tyranny and anarchy are never far apart”.


Dr. Mahmoud A. Suleiman is an author, columnist and a blogger. His blog is

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