US Administration Interests with the Sudan Regime Made the Darfur Issue Disappears from the Radar

US administration interests with the Sudan Regime made the Darfur issue disappears from the radar

By Mahmoud A. Suleiman

US only Cares for Interests

US Department of State Office of the Spokesperson, John Kirby, stated on September 20, 2016 that the United States welcomes cooperation with Sudan on Counterterrorism. Moreover, the statement added by saying that the US welcomes Sudan’s recent efforts to increase counterterrorism cooperation with the United States. The spokesperson added that in the recent months, Sudan has taken important steps to counter the Islamic State in Iraq and Levant (ISIL) and other terrorist groups and has sought to prevent their movement into and through Sudan. The rhetorical device went on describing Sudan’s cooperation that will bolster international efforts to combat terrorism in the broader region. The statement said a passing remark that human rights protection and resolving conflicts as of paramount importance for engaging Sudan!

Expectations of a US – Sudan Deal Statement on the sidelines of UN General Assembly

Diplomatic sources expect important decisions on Sudan by the United States on Thursday, September 22, 2016, and pointed to Dialogues between Sudanese and US officials on the sidelines of the participation of the Sudan delegation in the meetings of the General Assembly of the United Nations. The News reported that Sudan requested the removal of its name from the list of state sponsors of terrorism, but Washington has refused unless certain terms met by the Sudanese regime.

Reports added that the two parties exchanged requirements, but they did not come out with specified positions. Moreover, News confirmed that the Sudanese delegation refused to formation of national unity government or a compromise national government before the national parliamentary elections, which rejected by the American side. The sources also pointed out that the deal between the two sides may appear to the public during the day Thursday 22 September 2016. On the other hand, the news media said that the US officials told the Associated Press that the presence of President Omar al-Bashir in power puts him as a liability to the International Criminal Court (ICC) held back any steps that the United States take to normalize relations with Sudan.

The US administration looked like contradicting itself. The spokesperson of President Barak Obama Administration stated on September 20, 2016 indicated that it is asking the ruling regime of the National Congress Party (NCP) regime to fight terrorism. This convergence happens between US and the ruling regime in Sudan while the regime remained part of global terrorism and harboring world terrorists.  Moreover, one wonders of the US Administration, led by Barack Obama, the degree of running  behind the interests to restore cooperation with genocidal criminal and providing incentives to the (ICC) indicted Omer Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir at a  time he continues to ignite wars in wide parts of Sudan against unarmed civilians.

The US President Barack Obama has moved away from the principles for the immediate interests and forgetting the promises, he made in 2008 during the US Presidential elections. At the time, Obama promised to stand with the victims of genocide in Darfur. Quoting from Professor Eric Reeves article Darfur and U.S. Presidential Campaigns: Making Genocide Disappear (with a “Political Postscript”) – (In 2008 candidate Obama’s campaign made much of Darfur and the continuing rape, slaughter, and displacement of civilians belonging to Darfur’s African (non-Arab) tribal groups, a brutal counter-insurgency campaign conducted by Khartoum’s regular and militia forces. At one moment in his campaign, Obama declared that Darfur was a “stain on our souls,” and he vowed that as president, he did not “intend to abandon people or turn a blind eye to slaughter.” Nevertheless, the genocidal crimes continued unabatedly and new crimes committed by the Janjaweed militia, so-called  the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) loyal to the regime of the NCP and the Sudan Armed Force (SAF). The notorious merciless (RSF) has been wreaking havoc on different parts of the Sudan against civilians in Darfur, the Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile, and so on. The Rapid Support Forces (al-Quwat al-Da’m al-Sari’ in Arabic, or RSF) is a Sudanese government force under the command of the National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS). The (NCP) regime created the RSF in mid-2013 to militarily defeat rebel-armed groups throughout Sudan. The RSF led two counterinsurgency campaigns in the long-embattled region of Darfur in 2014 and 2015 in which its forces repeatedly attacked villages, burned and looted homes, beating, raping and executing villagers. The RSF received support in the air and on the ground from the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and other government-backed militia groups, including a variety of proxy militias, commonly known as Janjaweed.

The first campaign named “Operation Decisive Summer” took place primarily in South Darfur and North Darfur between late February and early May 2014. The second, “Operation Decisive Summer II,” took place primarily in and around Jebel Marra, the mountainous region located primarily in Central Darfur, between early January 2015 and the onset of the rainy season in June 2015.

In context, Human Rights Watch said that the government’s continuing attacks in Darfur show the need for effective and responsive international force that could help in the protection of civilians in Darfur.

The putschist (NCP) regime continued repression of public freedoms and setting aside the agreements signed with the opposition components both armed and civil and besides intimidation and killing of noncombatant unarmed citizens. The militias atrocious crimes continue leading to  further displacement and migration, and as well as sheltering terrorists fleeing from neighboring countries affiliated to the global organization of the Muslim Brotherhood  Movement and other terrorists.

Under the (NCP) regime while led by Omer al-Bashir, peace in Sudan will remain elusive because peace to him means the International Criminal Court (ICC) will have the opportunity apprehending him on the charges of the crimes perpetrated by his proxy Janjaweed militias and his army of Sudan Armed Force (SAF) against the people in the region of Darfur. It is noteworthy that the ruling regime’s army does not hesitate to commit the crime of mass rape as it carried out on three successive days beginning on  Thursday the tenth of October 2014 in the village of Tabet in the state of North Darfur, which included 201 women, among them more than fifty young girls. Until this moment the (NCP) regime in  Khartoum did not identify the perpetrators of the crime of mass gang rape against women and young girls of the village of  Tabet in North Darfur. When the commander admitted that his men committed the mass rape and apologized to the victims for the soldiers’ actions the villagers have rejected his apology. The commander of the garrison of the Sudan Armed Force (SAF) also acknowledged that his men had beaten and humiliated the men in Tabit.

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In September 2013, violent demonstrations across Sudan, sparked by the cancellation of state fuel subsidies, have culminated in calls for the removal of President Omar al-Bashir’s government by opposition groups. Amnesty International said that the National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS), killed least 50 demonstrators on Tuesday and Wednesday alone. The National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) used the principle of “shooting to kill”. Activist groups claim more than 200 protesters have died. At the time, the activist Girifna movement is calling for all Sudanese people to take to the streets, and for the armed forces to support the uprising. Those more than 200 peaceful demonstrators brutally killed by the (NISS) added to the victims of genocide in Darfur of 2004, while the perpetrators of the crimes remained at large enjoying impunity from Accountability.

The State Department of President Obama knows for fact well that the ruling regime of the National Congress Party (NCP) is beyond repair. Trying to cooperate with the genocidal criminal and fugitive from international justice is the move away from the principles announced by President Barack Obama at the time of race for the US presidential election in 2008 and is tantamount to perjury, so to speak.

Bolstering with and appeasement of the genocidal regime of the (NCP) led by the fugitive from the International Justice Omer Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir is nothing but dancing with the Devil. One does not expect President Barack Obama getting into trouble in the last days of his rule of the United States of America.

Obama account in Darfur

Review the outcome of the Barack Obama era Darfur account is zero or worse. Moreover, Review the outcome of the Barack Obama era Darfur account is zero or worse.

Omer al-Bashir with the glad tidings in the form of carrots and cookies he receives free from his master of grace, US President Barak Obama in his last leg of Presidency of the United States of America before leaving the White House in January 2017. The Génocidaire Omer Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir must felt rest assured to kill more people in Sudan. Furthermore, he enjoys impunity and remaining at large away from the apprehension of the International Criminal Court (ICC) at The Hague in the Netherlands.

By reviewing the accounts of Barak Obama in Darfur during his two sessions of his Presidency of the United States of America, we find it zero or less. Most of the failures of Obama resulted from the disastrous choice for the role of Special Envoy for Sudan, in particular retired Air Force Major-General Scott Gration and the abject failure of the task entrusted to his current envoy to Sudan and South Sudan Donald E. Booth.

The corrupt and bankrupt National Congress Party (NCP) regime is desperate for money for fueling the absurd proxy civil wars of attrition against the people of Sudan in Darfur, Nuba Mountains and Ingessana in South Blue Nile. The regime in Khartoum remains in desperate desire for removal from the list of the State Sponsoring Terrorism and the lifting of comprehensive economic sanctions imposed during the presidency of the former US President Bill Clinton in 1997. Clinton at the time issued an executive order that imposed a comprehensive trade embargo on Sudan and froze its government’s assets in the US. Furthermore, in 2006, Clinton’s successor, President George W Bush, issued another executive order targeting those involved in the conflict in Sudan’s Darfur region.

Expecting repentance from the genocidal regime of the (NCP) is nothing but ploughing in the sea. Just like venomous snakes cannot abandon their lethal poison. The people of Sudan in Darfur have afflicted with disappointment from the presidency of Barack Obama, which ran from 2008 to today’s date in 2016. The struggle of the Sudanese people should continue until victory, God willing.

The Fifty-Second Anniversary of the Glorious Sudanese Revolution October 21 of 1964 is only 29 days away might put the end to authoritarian rule, who knows.

Dr. Mahmoud A. Suleiman is an author, columnist and a blogger. His blog is



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