The Ember of the Darfur Revolution for the Just Issue will continue burning until Victory is achieved

The Ember of the Darfur Revolution for the Just Issue will continue burning until Victory is achieved

The Raging Just Revolution in Darfur will continue burning until Victory

جذوة الثورة العادلة فى دارفور ستظل متقدة حتى تحقيق  النصر

By Mahmoud A. Suleiman

Author Mahmoud Yusuf says that we live in a historical stage full of serious events that will affect the future of mankind on this planet, including what is related to peaceful coexistence such as religious differences and the escalation of religious political fundamentalism, and there are energy problems, it seems that producers can control the period of total depletion. And the extent to which the world is ready to find alternative and renewable energy. There are problems of environmental change, and the most conscious humanitarian groups have begun to realize their future risks to the continuity of life on this planet and to work together to avoid their complications.

With all those foregoing great challenges that need the solidarity of the peoples of the world to work together to ensure the continuity of life and to provide the means to help bring prosperity to all peoples, we find that there are those who have not reached the lowest level of awareness to recognize these risks, unfortunately helped them illegal acquisition of public capabilities to achieve the goals are not from Religious values, not to mention mainstream humanity. The Sudanese state today is in the wind as a result of the misappropriation of power, sovereignty and resources of the Sudanese people. To defend this false and looted position, some have demonstrated the possibility of carrying out all religious and humanitarian taboo to become stripped off from the human values in a world where science and technology have advanced.

The Revolution of the people of Sudan in the Darfur Region erupted on   26 February 2003 and continued up to today. The insurgency in the Darfur region in western Sudan began virtually unnoticed in February 2003. As of February 2017, it marked fourteen odd years. The Darfur cause represented the first great episode of genocidal destruction in the 21st century. The victims are the non-Arab or African tribal groups of Darfur, primarily the Fur, the Massaleit, and the Zaghawa, but also the Tunjur, the Birgid, the Dajo, and many others. These people have long been politically and economically marginalized. They had been denied their citizenship rights of sharing the wealth and power of their country Sudan. The culprit was  the National Islamic Front (NIF) regime that took over the power in Sudan through a military Coup d’état toppling a democratically elected government and stayed at the helm in Sudan’s capital of Khartoum, using the proxy the Aram militias which raid the villages in Darfur killing inhabitants, burning dwellings, looting properties and displacing the survivors into the middle of nowhere. The (NIF) –aka (Ingaz) has refused to control increasingly violent Arab militia raids of African villages in Darfur.  The genocidal criminal Omer Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir when the rebel groups approached him with the view to let him give it a thought of spreading some justice for the citizens of the region, he arrogantly said his famous statements of the he would not negotiate with unarmed persons because he came to power on the back of a military tank. That was the position of Omer al-Bashir regarding making any concessions with the people of Darfur. Moreover, he unleashed the Janjaweed militias to run havoc and applying the scorched earth policy. And the outcome of what Omer al-Bashir declared was chilling heinous atrocities. The National Islamic Front (NIF) government responded with a counter-insurgency campaign resulting into more than 300000 deaths, number of burned villages in Darfur reached more than 435 while the number of abandoned villages is more than 643 villages and displacement of more than 2.7 million people along with a million people crossing borders to the neighbouring Chad and Central African Republic (CAR) as refugees. Aerial bombardment of civilians continued unabated in Darfur.  Occupation and Resettlement of Darfuri Villages by Janjaweed militias and the mercenaries from the neighbouring countries was part of the (NIF) policy.

Thus, since the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army ( SLM/A) and Justice and Equality Movement (JEM)  attack on El Fasher in April 2003, and especially since the escalation of the conflict in mid-2003, the Sudanese government (NIF) has been pursuing a military strategy targeting civilians of the same ethnic groups as insurgents. The government and the Janjawid militias jointly targeted Fur, Masalit and Zaghawa tribal groups through deliberate and indiscriminate aerial bombardment, denial of access to humanitarian aid and the scorched earth policy that led to the migration of hundreds of thousands of civilians. The government also arbitrarily arrested and sometimes tortured students, political activists and other Fur, Zaghawa and Masalit from Darfur in the Sudanese Capital Khartoum who have no links with the rebel movements.

During that period, the Janjawid intensified their campaigns, from killing to citizens, burning villages and raping women, in a manner aimed at disposing of the largest population and in the shortest possible time

Darfur’s population of about 7.5 million is scattered over an area the size of France

Bashir, who is wanted by the International Criminal Court on charges of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide in Darfur.

In a Joint military statement on the losses of the enemy in the battles of North and South Darfur, on Friday, 20/05/2017, the joint force of the Sudan Liberation Army (SLA) led Minnawi and the transitional council of the Sudan Liberation Movement / Army (SLM / N) led by Nimir Abdulrahman that the enemy (RSF) militia has suffered heavy losses in the battles that spread from the far north of Darfur to South And East Darfur.

The mobile commander of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) charged with guarding the northern Darfur border Hamdan al-Samih was killed along with 214 persons of different military ranks led by Deputy of Hamedti and his cousin Colonel / Hamdan Samayh yesterday in the battles of Wadi Hawar and 340 wounded, 176 of them were transferred to the Armed Forces Hospital in Khartoum and the rest are receiving treatment in the hospitals of El Fasher, Nyala and El Dain. The statement continued saying that in addition, our valiant forces took over 51 Land Cruiser vehicles from the two fighting fronts loaded with various heavy and light weapons, ammunition and supplies. The enemy forces fled and our forces are still chasing what is left of them. The SLM/A Command Statement continued saying. Furthermore, numerous reports and eyewitnesses, especially from the medical corps in Nyala, have noted that there is clear confusion and exchange of accusations between the army commanders and the leaders of the Rapid Support Militia, some of whom have threatened not to deal with the army in the future even if this led to the declaration of disobedience, not only because of providing them with misleading information about the enemy’s places and strength, but it came to the accusation of some army leaders in collusion with the (enemy)!

The SLM/A Statement said in conclusion that they have just received news of the arrival of Mohammed Hamdan (Hamedti), commander of the government-backed “Rapid Support Forces” militias, admitted yesterday the loss of his forces in the battles and the killing of Hamdan al-Samih, commander-in-chief of his forces in Darfur. Hamitti and the Governor –Wali- of North Darfur State Abdul Wahid to El-Fasher Airport by a helicopter to receive the wounded people of Wadi Hawar battle yesterday. Glory and eternity to our martyrs and sooner healing for the wounded brave!

Where 214 people of different ranks belonging to the enemy killed led by Deputy of Mohammed Hamdan Hamedti and his cousin Colonel / Hamdan Samayh

The Sudan Liberation Army (SLA) announces that it has killed the deputy commander of rapid support Force (RSF) / Hamdan al-Samih, a mobile commander in Darfur.

The Justice of the Darfur Issue will remain alive and raging despite the insistence of the enemies on injustice. The justice of the Darfur issue that broke out in 2003 and the will of the revolutionaries, their steadfast sincerity and their impartiality will inevitably triumph as victorious.

This article comes against the backdrop of the battles of North and East Darfur on May 20, 2017 during which the National Congress Party (NCP) proxy cloned Janjaweed militias, aka Rapid Support Forces (RSF) attacked the SLM –Minni Minnawi forces in a blatant violation of the so-called six months ceasefire earlier declared by the genocidal criminal, fugitive from the international justice, Omer Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir. The ICC indicted Bashir  used to continuously making false statements that he has put an end to insurgency in Darfur and that Darfur rebel movement no longer have any forces on the region of Darfur in Western Sudan. These fierce battles have confirmed that the genocidal regime in Khartoum insists on military solutions and the closure of its political horizon. The NCP regime in Khartoum violated the declared cease-fire, which was repeated every now again to impress the international community, hoping to get Kudos but contrary to the declared intention. The real tactics and the policies of the regime in Khartoum are centred on eliminating the causes of life in the regions of Darfur. To add to his disappointing failures his militias attacked the Courageous SLM forces led by Minni Minnawi. The brave and gallant forces of SLM/A Minni Minnawi crushed the Bashir’s proxy militias which have suffered defeat. The SLM forces taught the attackers a lesson in the extent to which the revolutionaries clung to their cause and their political awareness.

This violation of the cease-fire by the ruling regime in Khartoum confirms its insistence on military solutions and does not have a political solution to the Sudanese crisis that is not solved by the security mind and the military solution. .

This blatant and flagrant attack confirmed to everyone the extent of the lies of the regime, especially the dictator indicted by the (ICC) Omar al-Bashir, who filled the world at the local, regional and international levels, and in every conference or opportunity to speak, but falsely and bluntly stating that he had eliminated the armed movements in Darfur and they no longer exist. The entourage, which is under the command of this dictator, has been working on marketing this propaganda story to the international community by all means. At the same time, the genocidal criminal Bashir has given absolute power of oppressing the basic freedoms to his infamous security machine of the National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS). Shamelessly, Bashir taking it for granted that the new US President Donald Trump to finally lifting trade and economic sanctions on Sudan as of the 14th July 2017, the date which the former US President Barak Obama mentioned in his last minute Executive Order (EO) of betrayal of his pledges and promises to the people of Sudan in Darfur he made in 2008. President Donald Trump is unlikely follow suit his predecessor’s footsteps, political analysts say.  The evidence of the political observers and analysts centred on the facts that Omer Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir is an indictee of the International Criminal Court (ICC), a persona non grata who has to be excluded from attending the American Islamic Conference in which more than 50 Islamic countries attended in Saudi Arabia. The Conference was attended by the guest of honor American President Donald Trump and his family and received by King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz on Sunday, 21 May 2017. Thus, Bashir continues a pariah of the free world who respects human humanity and human rights. Unfortunately, Omar al-Bashir remains calculated and woe to Sudan and its people and a stumbling block in the progress of the country.

Based on the foregoing, and in this context, we call on all the Sudanese people to stand against the mobilization of militias, which are mainly aimed at silencing the people’s voice, suppressing and terrorizing them, killing the citizens and displacing the survivors  of the genocide while the  holocaust continue to protect the fugitive and his criminal gang.

These battles have revealed to the international and regional community, the African Union (AU) and the Troika the lies of the (NCP) regime in its desire for peace and commitment to the ceasefire as well as the lie of ending the insurgency. The regime and its wage-earning militias have not yet learned that the popular revolutions cannot be suppressed by force of the brutal state weapon, no matter how powerful, but only through a comprehensive political solution that responds to the aspirations of the people in a dignified life and the restoration of democracy and the right of the Sudanese people to decide in their political and economic life. This can only be achieved In a free and fair political system based on freedom, integrity, transparency, justice, equality, good governance and the rule of law. Victory will come, God willing, and those who have wronged should know what awaiting them will be commensurate with the crimes they committed against the citizens of Sudan in the Darfur region.

The Ember of the Darfur Revolution for the Just Issue will continue burning until Victory is achieved; The Wadi Howar Valley epic is the best witness.

Nelson Mandela, the South African Revolutionary has been quoted as saying: “When a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw.”

Dr. Mahmoud A. Suleiman is an author, columnist and a blogger. His blog is


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